Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 06, 2015

Molex TermiMate™ One-Circuit Terminal-Style Connector Minimizes LED Shadowing

Molex Incorporated introduces the new TermiMate™ one-circuit terminal-style connector system. Designed to minimize the shadowing effect in LED lights and TV backlighting applications, the ultra-low profile TermiMate coplanar board-to-board and wire-to-board connector reduces component and assembly costs for manufacturers.

“In LED applications, standard higher profile components are prone to create unwanted shadowing that negatively impacts the light quality,” said Goji Tanabe, regional product manager, Molex. TermiMate connectors provide the lowest profile possible to most effectively prevent shadowing, coupled with space savings to address downsizing trends in LED lighting designs.”

Delivering a 3.0A rated current, the 1.20mm height TermiMate connector system provides an economical alternative to higher profile two-piece style LED housing components.  A simple plug and receptacle terminal makes TermiMate connectors ideal for wire-to-board and coplanar board-to-board LED lighting configurations.  The TermiMate system requires no direct wire soldering, which reduces assembly cost and eliminates risks associated with weak solder joints that can cause performance problems in LED performance.

Unlike soldered components, the TermiMate connector allows for easy mating and unmating.  Designed with built-in floating tolerances, the TermiMate board-to-board connection supports proper insertion to help prevent terminal damage during assembly and maintenance.  The wire-to-board receptacle mates with the PCB crimp facing to reduce risk of signal conductors making contact with board circuitry.  A friction lock assures secure mating and connectivity.

“The brilliance of eliminating the housing means Molex customers gain design flexibility, improve LED reliability, and save money with new TermiMate connectors when compared with a traditional two-piece connector housing,” adds Tanabe.

By combining best-in-class electrical, thermal and optical expertise with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, Molex creates LED light modules and connectivity solutions designed to overcome challenges unique to LED lighting.  

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