Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 07, 2015

Nector M Power System Provides a New Standard for Connecting Various Lighting and Power Requirements

TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity, announces its newly enhanced Nector M power system. In addition to meeting IEC 61535 standards, the power system solution is designed to meet the UL 1977 guidelines and just debuted a 5-position splitter that provides power, signal and control connections options for multiple lighting and electrical devices.

TE’s Nector M power system solution is a fully pluggable, modular wiring conNector and cabling system for lighting and permanent indoor electrical installations in the construction industry. It’s round design drastically reduced installation time especially compared to rectangular conNector systems in nearly any indoor installation. The enhanced systems allow electrical contract manufacturers the ability to engineer, design and build power distribution units, electrical devices and cable assemblies off-site that result in reduced on-site labor costs, increased efficiency and improved reliability for permanent electrical installations.

“There is a greater demand for convenience and comfort that is driving the change of how a building’s power and lighting are wired within the walls, ceilings and floors,” said Alex Hunt III, product manager, TE Intelligent Buildings. “The Nector M power system provides the construction industry with increased design flexibility that seamlessly integrates into existing and new construction designs.”

The state-of-the-art multi-pole, keyed, modular wiring system is ideal for lighting designers, contractors and OEMs that require more flexibility in distributing power to various lighting systems and other common electrical devices within buildings. The availability of junction boxes and splitters makes it easy to configure the system during installation but also to reconfigure the system during refurbishment or upgrade the lighting fixtures. The multiple branch circuit capability simplifies cabling in the premises and its circular form factor simplifies routing during installation when compared with the rectangular electrical connection systems in the market.
The Nector M power system offers various lighting luminaire design options. The 3 Pole power systems are ideal for use in ceiling, wall, pendant, and furniture lighting fixtures that require a ground connection in residential or commercial retail spaces. The multi-phase, 5 Pole power systems provide the power and signal connections required in horticultural and lighting control applications. The multi-phase, 7 Pole systems provide additional power and signal connections for use in emergency lighting systems and for color control lighting capability.

The power system conNectors have operating temperatures between minus 40 degrees Celsius and up to 70 degrees Celsius and provide an IP20 seal rating. The conNectors are available with an IEC 61535 rating of 7 A up to 20 A at 400 VAC and a UL 1977 rating of 10 A up to 20 A at 600 VAC making the conNectors suitable for use almost anywhere in the world.

Nector M power system conNectors have closed barrel pin and socket crimped wire termination terminals. The conNectors are available in white and UV resistant black with multiple keying options available to provide error-free assembly.

For more information on Nector M power systems, contact the Product Information Center at 1-800-522-6752 or visit the product webpage.

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