Featured | Electromechanics | Tracks | Indoor Applications | May 11, 2017

New Low Voltage Track with Magnetic Installation System

The new A.A.G. Stucchi low voltage track (up to 48V) is designed for minimal and elegant light applications. With its compact design, magnetic installation system for the lighting fixtures, and integrated databus for light control, this new product provides maximum freedom and flexibility, in designing and creating innovative lighting projects.

The product range includes different types of profiles, for suspended, treamless application and even indirect light. Different adapters are available: standard, double and built for linear lighting. The development of different end-feeds and connections allows maximum flexibility in projects that run along walls, ceilings, or a combination of both.

For more info please send an email to: sales@aagstucchi.it or see our website www.aagstucchi.it


A.A.G. Stucchi is a leader in the lighting components industry with "Made in Italy" production. The company has a great know-how in the design, production and marketing of lighting components. From March 2014 it is part of GRUPPOSTUCCHI. Hence the developed of new product families:

  • ONETRACK: components for track lighting and smart lighting systems.
  • CRYSTAL heat sinks
  • LUMIAL extrusions for the lighting field

In 2016 the company completed its connectors product range by including EPC products.