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TE Connectivity Introduces Corcom MRI LED Lighting Filters

In medical applications very often strict EMI suppression and clean power is required. One especially critical application is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Unfortunately standard LED drivers and LED lighting products don't provide sufficient EMI suppression. Even LED lights outside the MRI room may influnce the MRI equipment. Especially designed filters can eliminate this problem. TE Connectivity’s new Corcom MRI LED lighting filters is such a product.

•    Available options are scalable and price sensitive conductor termination
•    Offers both differential and common mode noise filtering
•    Compatible with 40V, 3A drivers
•    Attenuates EMI in a wide frequency range
•    Filter is protected against radiated noise
•    Excellent choice for high noise drivers

•    MRI rooms

•    Class II output 100W
•    3A / up to 40VDC

•    Steel enclosure
•    Steel threaded pipe
•    Easy connect terminal blocks

Main Specifications:
•    Insertion Loss (typical): -100dB between 10Khz – 1Ghz
•    Operating temperature rating: -10°C to +60°C

TE Connectivity’s (TE) Corcom MRI LED lighting filters target MRI Rooms that are using Class II LED drivers to power the LED lights in an MRI room. MRI LED lighting filters will be located outside the shielded MRI room and will clean up conducted Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise between 10KHz and 1GHz with a powerful 3 stage attenuation circuit that will bring insertion loss to 100dB.

The electrical power within the MRI room needs to be supplied by clean power, allowing OEM light fixture manufacturers to comply with the low noise levels required by MRI equipment manufacturers.

MRI LED lighting filters are also available to installers for drop-in replacements and come in 2, 3, and 4 channel versions providing the scalability needed in developing fixtures for their customers. This also allows contractors the flexibility to choose the correct number of circuits to accommodate a specific installation.

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