Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 01, 2012

TE Expands Solderless LED Socket Offering to Direct Attach Sharp Mini ZenigataLEDs

TE Connectivity has expanded its solderless LED socket offering to include a version for SHARP's new Mini Zenigata LED. The SMIZ socket is precision engineered and designed specifically for the Mini Zenigata LED and offers customers a reliable “plug and play” complete solution. This new socket adds to TE’s extensive portfolio of solderless LED sockets for a wide range of lighting applications. It underlines TE’s commitment to the future of solid state lighting by providing solutions that add value for the customer.

Product Features:
• Solderless termination to Sharp Mini Zenigata LED array series (GW5B)
• Locator posts on housing aid in positioning connector on heat sink
• Two-screw attachment to heat sink using M2 screws instead of soldering

• LED replacement lamp for indoor and outdoor lighting
• Architectural illumination
• Spotlights
• Area and object lighting

“Today’s world is becoming increasingly efficient and connected, and advanced energy-efficient lighting systems are one of the primary focus markets of our Intelligent Buildings team.  At TE, we strive to bring innovation and customer benefit to the lighting industry as we work to provide solutions that solve next-generation connectivity challenges,” said Peter Lieffrig, General Manager of TE’s Intelligent Buildings business unit.

TE’s SMIZ two-piece socket provides a mechanical  and solderless electrical connection to the LED. Solderless connecting is not only very easy, but also very quick. Not soldering to chip-on-board LEDs enables uniformity and a reliable connection that can be made without special skills. It also reduces the risk of damaging the LED by the heat of the solder process or with solder flux spatters on the light emitting area. The socket holds the LED mechanically and firmly to the heat sink using M2 screws and locator posts on the housing to aid correct positioning.

The SMIZ socket is RoHS compliant and suitable for various applications such as:
•LED replacement lamp for indoor and outdoor lighting retrofit applications
• Architectural illumination
• Reading lamps
• Spotlights
• Pendant lights
• Mobile lighting
• Area and object lighting

Termination to the Mini Zenigata LED is simplified with locating features that position the LED into the socket during the assembly process. This socket allows the LED to be directly attached to the heatsink using two standard (M2) screws.

For additional information please visit TE's SMIZ microsite