Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 20, 2012

WAGO's 2060 Series PCB Terminal Block for LED Lighting

When the focus is on ease of use and compact design: WAGO is going forward with the transition of lighting technology to LED systems with its 2060 Series PCB terminal block.

Screw base, glass bulb, filament – and an efficiency level of less than 10%. The classic light bulb has, at least from an energy perspective, long since become obsolete. Alternative technologies are making rapid advances, halogen, and energy-saving lights are steadily replacing the technology that established itself at the onset of the 20th century. These alternative technologies are now also faced with a competitor that profits from ongoing technological advances and that is becoming more and more popular both in private households and in industry: the LED.



As a partner to the lighting industry over many years, WAGO has also developed the fitting product for this current lighting trend. The physical dimensions of the resulting product are extremely small - which makes its impact all the greater: the 2060 Series push-button-equipped PCB terminal block. This product has set the new standard on the market when it comes to quick and reliable connection and installation of LED modules and industrial SMD electronics components.

No bigger than a small fingernail, the 2060 still has all the standard connection features for which WAGO is so famous around the world: CAGE CLAMP® S connection, for example, enables direct, easy push-in of solid conductors, which saves a great deal of time during installation. Integrated push-buttons simplify connection of fine-stranded conductors and disconnection of all types of conductors – even for cross sections of 0.2 mm² to 0.75 mm². Lateral conductor entry combined with push-button action from the top means easy, convenient handling for manual wiring tasks. This series is also suitable for use in future, automatic lighting fixture wiring tasks.

With a height of just 4.5 mm and its light color housing, this module minimizes on-board LED shadowing. WAGO offers the 2060 Series in tape-and-reel packaging, meaning it can be fully integrated into automatic production processes. Any number of poles can be obtained by combining 1-, 2- and 3-pole terminal blocks, as they can be positioned adjacent to one another without loss of any poles. This provides full flexibility with less versions for lighting fixture and LED module manufacturers, ordering parties and industrial end customers.

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