Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 09, 2016

WAGO Launches New 297 Series to Simplify LED Module Wiring at LpS 2016

Launching in October, WAGO’s all-new 297 Series is a through-board SMD PCB terminal block for conductor cross-sections of 0.5 mm² (20 AWG) that represents a significant departure from traditional designs.

297 Series SMD PCB Terminal Block Advantages:
•    Extremely compact design – 3.9 mm high
•    Conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm² (AWG 20) “sol.”
•    PUSH-WIRE® connection – push-in termination of solid conductors
•    Simply “twist and pull” to remove solid conductors
•    Compact design minimizes on-board LED shadowing
•    Suction area for automated pick-and-place assembly
•    Larger surface for uniform light distribution

The Signature Element of This New Series:

Conductors are connected on the back of the LED modules – vertically to the PCB. Both wiring on the back and a compact, housing-free design maximize space on the front side of the PCB for uniform light distribution and minimize on-board LED shadowing. The new design makes WAGO’s 297 Series ideal for both linear and square LED modules, as well as spotlights. Integrated PUSH-WIRE® connection technology provides tool-free, push-in termination of solid conductors and simple “twist-and-pull” conductor removal. The 297 Series also features a suction area for automated pick-and-place assembly.

In addition to its new connection capability, the 297-381 Terminal Block accommodates solid conductors with a cross-section of 0.5 mm² (AWG 20) and offers an extremely compact, housing-free design that's just 3.9 mm high.

This new design not only minimizes on-board LED shadowing and maximizes space on the front side of the PCB for uniform light distribution, it makes WAGO's 297 Series ideal for linear and square LED modules, as well as spotlights.

For the first time worldwide, the new WAGO 297 Series will be officially demonstrated at the LpS 2016 in Bregenz from September 20th to 22nd.
Meanwhile, a first information can be found on WAGO's 297 Series product page.

About WAGO:

WAGO was founded in 1951 in Minden, Germany. Today WAGO is the world market leader in the field of spring clamp technology and ranks among the leading suppliers of connection technology and automation technology. The products are used worldwide in industry, in vehicle construction, in building services and in many more demanding applications.
WAGO has a workforce of more than 6300 around the globe, of which about 3000 are based in Germany. Revenues last posted were more than EUR600 million.