Lighting Applications | Aug 17, 2010

Enfis to Light up Asian Games NBA Stadium in Guangzhou, China

Enfis Group has secured the contract to supply LED arrays and drivers for the NBA Stadium under construction in Guangzhou, China for this November’s Asian games.

A stunning new lighting design for the exterior of the NBA stadium will be brought to life by over 900 high-power, smart LED light engines from Enfis.

The requirement is for the exterior surfaces of the stadium to be lit with a powerful, consistent white light, and also complex patterns of subtle colour-changing effects - all from remote lighting columns up to 45m away from the building.

The striking effect was conceived by Qinghua University Department of Architecture in Beijing.  The task of putting together the lighting solution went to the Lampower lighting company, also based in Beijing. The lighting fixtures are being supplied by DMS Technology Limited of Hong Kong, and the lighting control system will be provided by e-cue. E-cue supplied the lighting control system used to control the Enfis LED Light Engines for the Yas Island Marina Hotel in Abu Dhabi. 

With demanding requirements for quality, consistency and reliability as well as the ability to deliver the desired unique effect, the choice of Enfis for the project was influenced by the following key technical requirements:
• High quality, consistent white light, together with full RGB capability
• Compact, high-power spot source and optics with excellent colour-mixing, enabling quality, efficient, long-throw lighting
• Smart LED array/electronics working in a sophisticated DMX Remote Device Management (RDM) environment, enabling monitoring and control of each LED Array from a central control point, reducing risk during installation and in ongoing system support
• Flexible, scalable system enabling the lighting designer to put exactly the right amount of light where required

Enfis CEO Ceri Jones commented: “Enfis is very pleased to be chosen as a key partner in this prestigious project. As a result, Enfis light engine technology will be showcased to the whole of Asia during the November Games, and the project should act as a lighting flagship for Enfis and its partners.”

About Enfis:
Enfis is the UK-based leader in specialist compact, high-power colour tunable LED arrays and light engines for integration into demanding applications in architectural, entertainment and medical lighting. We also specialise in LED arrays for demanding industrial applications such as UV curing of inks and epoxies.
Our expertise covers all aspects of LED array, driver and optics design, including LED packaging, thermal management and electronics design. Enfis looks to partner with companies wanting an expert, responsive, low-risk and cost-effective LED lighting partner for the long term. Enfis Limited operates in accordance with ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003.
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