Lighting Applications | Aug 18, 2010

Spacecannon´s LED Custom Fixtures Make Helix Bridge Gleam in Beautiful Light

The futuristic Helix Bridge marks an important step in the development of Marina Bay and has become a milestone for Singapore, both from an engineering and architectural point of view, as the first example of using a double helix structural solution for a bridge. At present, nothing compares to this structure.

The special spiral design of the bridge takes its inspiration from the structure of DNA: the element at the root of life, which in fact symbolises life, renewal and growth.

The Helix pedestrian bridge, officially inaugurated on 24 April 2010 at 9 p.m., links Marina Centre and Marina South in the Marina Bay sea promenade area in Singapore.

The 280 metre long Helix Bridge also functions as a display gallery and has five observation platforms in strategic positions which offer a splendid view of the Singapore skyline and the events taking place within Marina Bay.

The project is the result of cooperation of an international group including architects from the Cox Group, engineers from Arup as well as Architects 61, Powerlite Engineering, Technolite and Spacecannon, a member of the Zumtobel Group.

Spacecannon, with Technolite and the Arup lighting designers, produced the lighting system for the bridge, exclusively using products equipped with the latest LED technology, involving almost 10,000 High Efficiency LEDs.

The creativity and versatility of Spacecannon enabled it to study, design and supply approximately 1400 custom products, the result of the development of two existing Spacecannon units, Nike and Maya, to create products customised for the client’s special needs.

Almost all the fixtures are in RGB, managed via a DMX512 control system and RDM protocol, with dedicated hardware and software. The LED technology and the dynamic RGB colour change system enable a virtually limitless variety of colour shades to be obtained, with incredibly harmonious and soft chromatic shifts, as well as creating plays of light and polyhedral light displays.

The lighting of the bridge was meant to highlight the ultra-modern design inspired by DNA via a series of dynamic and multicoloured LED light units installed on the helix structure. The outwardly turned fixtures light up the steel and the ample curves of the spiral, while other lights illuminate the glass and steel interior, creating a special visual experience for visitors like a sort of dynamic light membrane. Other white light fixtures illuminate the path for the pedestrians.

Marina Bay has become known as a lively centre for commerce and has enjoyed constant growth to become a leading city in Asia at a global level. Singapore is also preparing to host the Youth Olympic Games in August:

About Spacecannon:
Space Cannon vH S.r.l. specialises in architectural lighting and lighting for events with high professional standards and highly innovative solutions deploying all lighting technologies for executing high-status projects.
The design, manufacture and sale of electronic equipment for lighting in architecture as part of major events, in civil and military sectors and in entertainment.


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