Lighting Applications | Aug 11, 2009

Insta Shown in a Favourable Light

Entering the luminous lobby, the visitor immediately understands that Insta knows how to deal with light. With its removal into the new development centre Hohe Steinert in Lüdenscheid, Insta has extended the modern production building of 2002.

The entrance area is laid out very generously. While the huge glass façade makes the lobby bright and appealing, opposite the entrance door an impressing luminous wall of 3.20 x 4.80 m attracts the eyes of the visitors. Here, Insta installed its own LED technology with instalight® 2022, a luminous tile of 80 x 80 cm. 24 pieces of this tile were installed in the wall and covered with a diffusing foil. The instalight® 2022 have a VGA connection so that the different contents can be displayed. From a quite colour sequence, via passing clouds and artificially designed colour scenes through to films. Welcoming and informative texts can also be displayed.
From this central entrance hall you easily reach the meeting and training rooms with service area, the offices and laboratories of the whole development centre on a total of 4 floors and, of course, also the new showroom. Here Insta presents new developments in function. The new building is linked with the production hall via a 27 m long glass bridge. This new axis provides short ways between development and production.

The Features of the Instalight® 2022:
• Surface-mounted wall luminaire with 324 individually controllable special RGB LED
• Control and series technology integrated in the luminaire
• Horizontal and vertical frameless composition to form a luminous wall (video wall)
• Different diffusers are available
• Energy and maintenance-efficient LED lighting
• Light colour: RGB (instalight® 2022 control)
• All colours, mixed colours, colour sequences, colour changes and dynamic light scenes can be displayed
• Control: different possibilities: from user-friendly small applications up to complex integration in all building automation systems.
• Electrical connection of the supply and control lead from luminaire to luminaire by standard Ethernet cabling system (RJ45 with Cat. 5e, 6, 7)
• Playing of video contents or texts in high quality
• Easy commissioning with instalight® 2022 control
• Integration of »Interactive Shop Module«

About INSTA:
Innovations in electronics for more than 30 years. In 1970 Insta was founded by three well-known companies of the installation sector, the companies Berker, Gira and Jung. As electronics technology centre Insta with 550 employees develops and fabricates modules, components and systems for the lighting industry, for intelligent electric installation of buildings and other fields.

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