Lighting Applications | Jun 01, 2011

Marni’s Eclectic Style Shines Through Thanks to MEGAMAN

Sybarite, an architecture and design practice which has a diverse portfolio of clients within the retail sector, has worked with Italian fashion house Marni over the past decade to create interior identities for the company’s stores worldwide. As part of Marni’s design philosophy, each of its retail outlets is unique. Rather than replicating the same interior in all of its stores across the globe, the company prefers to adapt its design concept to reflect the style of each location and introduce a different colour theme and feel to each installation. As a result, Marni’s Sybarite designed flagship Sloane Street store differs dramatically in feel from the warmer, more earthy design concept of Marni’s Harvey Nichols interior.

Recreating the look and feel:
Torquil McIntosh, Director for Sybarite comments: “Having been created in 2008, the original interior and lighting concept that we developed within Marni at Harvey Nichols contrasted shade and light, whilst still bringing warmth and intimacy to the scheme. The colour temperature of the lights was of particular importance, as it ensured that the store’s warm, grey, lacquered walls, wood floors and leather seating were as inviting as possible and the clothing looked at its best when tried on by potential purchasers.” 

Originally installed with PAR30 70W lamps, the lighting needed refreshing to reduce heat output and improve energy efficiencies. Not only did the new light sources have to work with existing light fittings, but they needed to recreate the warmth of the original lighting solution, whilst meeting Harvey Nichols restrictions on the total amount of power used within the space. In consultation with MEGAMAN, Sybarite chose to use MEGAMAN’s LED PAR30 15w light sources to recreate the original lighting scheme’s warmth and drama, whilst reducing heat and energy consumption.

Part of MEGAMAN’s LED Reflector Series, the LED PAR30 delivers low energy, wattage and maintenance cost advantages, combined with high quality lighting performance and negligible UV.  In addition, with low heat output, an excellent colour rendering of Ra92 and over 90% lumen maintenance at 30,000 hours (or three years in retail terms), the MEGAMAN LED PAR30 lamps were the ideal solution for Marni’s heat, energy and colour rendering requirements. 

New light source testing:
Due to Sybarite’s concerns regarding colour consistency, temperature and energy consumption, MEGAMAN set up a mock-up of the new light sources in the store.  Lux levels were measured and calculations on overall energy consumption were developed, so that Sybarite and the Marni team could be reassured that the required light levels were being obtained from this low energy solution.  Following a positive response from staff and customers alike to the new light source, 42 MEGAMAN’s LED PAR30 lamps were fitted into the existing luminaires throughout the store, with only slight modifications required.

Torquil McIntosh concludes: “We are very pleased with the recent improvements to the lighting at our Harvey Nichols store.  Not only is the end result a scheme that is welcoming and flattering, but on a practical note, less heat production has meant a reduction in the store’s air-conditioning consumption as well.  Thanks to MEGAMAN lamp technology, we now have a lighting solution which is not only highly energy efficient, but of a quality that we would be happy to use in any of our future retail schemes”.

Reflector technology:
Providing a true eco-replacement lighting solution for traditional halogen, metal halide and incandescent applications is the driving force behind MEGAMAN’s product development. Unlike many LED lamp manufacturers, MEGAMAN uses reflectors instead of lens technology to offer the most efficient LED lighting solution. The LED reflector lamps mimic the design of traditional light sources, delivering excellent distribution of light and providing energy saving compared with conventional lamps of the same output.

Using Thermal Conductive HighwayTM Technology (TCH), the MEGAMAN patented LED lamp design results in longer-lasting lamps with high lumen maintenance, resulting in up to 90% of initial lumens being available at the end of the lamp life.

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