Lighting Applications | Apr 01, 2011

Lumenal Brings New Sparkle to Christopher Evans Goldsmiths

Lumenal have fitted out jewellers, Christopher Evans Goldsmiths in Poynton, Cheshire, with their premium quality LED lighting solutions to enhance the shelf appeal of merchandise on display. The company’s Sirius strip lights and ceiling recessed Sol lamps were chosen as a more effective, durable and longer lasting alternative to conventional display lighting options.

The flexible nature of LED lighting allowed Lumenal’s expert engineers to manipulate the colour of light emitted by their strip lights to ensure optimum illumination of the various metals and gemstones on display within each of the store’s wall recessed and counter unit display cases. Warm white light was incorporated to make gold items appear lustrous, as well as neutral white light, which optimises the appearance of silver and diamonds.

The superior diodes used within Lumenal’s products will guarantee the consistency of the specially designed light colours, as well as brightness, throughout the lifetime of the fittings, which is expected to be in excess of 50,000 hours constant use. This remarkable lifespan, which is roughly equivalent to 10 years, assuming 85 hours trading per week, is a result of the fittings’ expert design combined with their inherent resistance to shocks and vibrations. Their robustness eliminates the maintenance costs of replacing blown bulbs as well as the inconvenience of less effectively merchandised displays because of poorly illuminated cabinets.
Lumenal’s lighting produces little heat, removing the problem of an uncomfortably warm store environment, often experienced with conventional lighting, which usually emits a much larger amount of heat. This also means that the store’s jewellery will stay cool to the touch, making it more appealing to customers when handled. Lumenal’s LED lights also remove the risk of the fading of packaging and display materials caused by ultra-violet light, which is emitted by conventional sources, but not LED lighting.

A further advantage offered by Lumenal’s lamps is their energy efficiency. They typically require 30-40% less energy than conventional fittings to provide the same, or improved, quality of light, resulting in considerable savings in energy costs, which, in combination with the loss of maintenance costs, will provide Christopher Evans Goldsmiths a return on investment within 24-30 months.

Proprietor and chief goldsmith, Christopher Evans, comments on the success of the fit out: “There are two benefits in particular that have come from installing Lumenal’s LED lighting. One is the quality of the light emitted by the fittings. They are far brighter than the conventional lights we had previously, and certainly bring our diamonds to life.”

“Second, our main problem with the previous lighting was the amount of heat they emitted, which made the closed shop environment very uncomfortable for staff and customers, and incurred considerable running costs due to air conditioning requirements. As Lumenal’s LED lighting emits significantly less heat, these problems no longer exist for us.”

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About Lumenal:
Lumenal design and manufacture LED lighting solutions for within a number of sectors, including retail, exhibition, museums and heritage. They specialise in cost-effective, energy efficient and aesthetically appealing lighting solutions uniquely designed to meet customers’ individual requirements.