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Lighting Applications | Oct 20, 2010

SPAR Opens First LED-only Lighting Supermarkets in Vienna and Murau

With its new shop concept, SPAR Austria has set an example: almost at the same time, SPAR’s first climate-protection supermarkets were opened in Murau and on Vienna’s Engerthstrasse, featuring a lighting solution by Zumtobel that is completely based on LEDs. For these supermarkets, Zumtobel had developed a uniform lighting concept based on LED luminaires only: general lighting in the two supermarkets is ensured by the Tecton LED continuous-row lighting system, which was presented for the first time at Light+Building 2010. The LED version of this tried-and-tested product by Zumtobel offers high lighting quality combined with efficient light sources that are nearly maintenance-free. Even the shelves, the side rooms and the outdoor areas are illuminated by LED products only. In combination with other innovative structural measures, the branches will save 50% of energy and up to 80 t of CO2.

Being the first climate-protection supermarket in the Austrian capital, the Engerthstrasse SPAR supermarket represents a milestone in terms of sustainability: built into a hill, with a large green space on the ground-level roof, the supermarket with a floor space of 684 m² is a particularly good example of excellent climate protection, landscape architecture and energy efficiency. The supermarket, constructed as a passive building and fitted with energy-efficient state-of-the-art building services, ranging from lighting control and building management to service and technical equipment, was gold certified by the Austrian Association for Sustainable Real Estate Management (ÖGNI). In addition to structural criteria, the internationally renowned award also involves a number of other aspects of sustainability. Thus, Zumtobel’s LED-only lighting solution was able to impress with its high efficiency, very good lighting quality and the pleasant and gentle lighting effects created by the products. “Zumtobel’s innovative lighting solution covers all aspects required for an attractive retail space: optimum lighting for our customers as well as maximum energy savings for increased climate and environmental protection”, reports Gerald Geiger, Head of Construction/Energy/Technology, from the SPAR headquarters in Salzburg.
It was the first time that the Tecton continuous-row lighting system used for general lighting had been fitted with LEDs, resulting in numerous benefits for the client: good thermal management inside the luminaire ensures a long service life of the light-emitting diodes, thus dramatically reducing maintenance efforts and costs. In addition, the LEDs’ IR- and UV-free radiation is gentle on foodstuffs. In compliance with vertical and horizontal illuminance requirements and providing very good lighting quality, the Tecton LED continuous-row lighting system fulfils all demands placed on uniform and efficient ambient lighting. Tecton LED’s visual appearance, a consistent narrow light line uninterrupted by dark zones at the luminaire ends, is also quite impressive.   

In order to highlight shelves and products, LED spotlights were installed in the multi-functional Tecton trunking unit, resulting in a consistent and uniform appearance of the lighting solution in the retail area. High-performance LED spotlights are an energy-efficient alternative to high-pressure discharge lamps. Moreover, the cooling system integrated into the spotlight head ensures a maintenance-free service life of 50,000 hours at 70% of luminous flux. Swivelling spotlights enable staff members to flexibly illuminate product displays subject to seasonal changes.
The cash point areas are additionally illuminated by square LED luminaires. Arranged consistently above the individual aisles, they facilitate orientation. Even for side rooms and emergency lighting, LED luminaires were chosen. The Panos Infinity LED downlight is over 70% more efficient than downlights fitted with conventional compact fluorescent lamps. As to the Resclite LED emergency luminaire, the client benefits from its low installed load.

The interior lighting concept implemented in the new climate-protection supermarket in Murau, Styria, the same as in Vienna, is also based on LED luminaires only. “In this supermarket, Zumtobel has managed to perfectly implement an overall lighting solution, based on LEDs only, boasting a high level of lighting quality. In the future, there will be no way around LED lighting solutions, since this technology’s potential is extremely high and its efficiency is increasing”, explains Robert Lesiack, electrical consultant in charge T Mayr Technical Consultants. With its façade made of stone and wood, the ÖGNI gold-certified supermarket with a floor space of 743 m² harmoniously blends into the Murtal region. In contrast to Vienna, the outside façade too is illuminated in Murau: the LED lighting modules installed below the canopy roof put the supermarket into the right light even after sunset.

Project Description: SPAR, Vienna, Murau/AT
SPAR, Austria
Vienna: 3D, Design.Development-Display, Vienna/A
Murau: Veider Röthl Kaltenbrunner, Leoben/A
Electrical designer:
Murau: TB Mayr, Bruck a. d. Mur/A
Electrical installations:
Vienna: EMC, Böheimkirchen/A
Murau: Klampfer, Leonding/A
Lighting solutions:
Tecton LED continuous-row lighting system, SL 1000 LED spotlights, Careena LED surface-mounted luminaires, Crayon LED downlights, Resclite LED emergency lighting, Panos Infinity LED downlights, Tubilux LED tubular luminaires, 2 Light Mini LED downlights, (just Murau) Hedera LED luminaires