Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 24, 2011

"Fatty" from Mike Stoane Lighting

Affectionately known as "Fatty" Mike Stoane Lighting's new supersized Xicato track fitting is designed to take larger diameter reflectors, so we can now achieve a 10° spot. The larger size and big heat sink also allow Fatty to be run at increased drive currents to achieve 2000lm at 55lm/W while remaining surprisingly cool. A full range of reflectors for Fatty are due for release soon.

Xicato's modules have been leaping forwards in efficiency of late; the 1300lm module run at 700mA will give you 1000lm at 68lm/W and the 2000lm module can be run at 700mA in all our Xicato based products to achieve 1500lm at 60lm/W. New higher output modules are due for release soon and Fatty is ready and waiting.