Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 25, 2013

Forge Europa Releases Most Powerful GU10 and MR16 Replacement Lamps

Forge Europa is revolutionising the LED lamp replacement market by developing a true and proven LED based replacement for a 50 Watt GU10 and MR16 Halogen. The company identified a key opportunity to push the boundaries of LED technology and deliver true 50 Watt replacements for the halogen MR16 and GU10. Identifying the key performance criteria; flux, intensity, beam angle, life, CCT, efficacy and form factor optimisation – the development team produced a specification to create an industry first.

The results are ground breaking; revolutionising industry highs for flux and associated efficacy. With the high performance GU10 LED lamp achieving typically 670 Lumens; this brilliant and compact 9.5 W GU10 LED lamp has a market leading efficacy of 70.5 lm/W, CRI of 80 and 1,091 Cd from the 36 degree beam. The 7.5 W MR16 also packs a powerful performance punch with 590 Lumens, efficacy of 78.7 lm/W, CRI of 80 and intensity of 962 Cd for the 36 degree beam.

Forge Europa has distilled over 20 years of expertise and award winning innovation in to the development of the lamps, ensuring all aspects are intelligently and optimally engineered from thermal management through to electronic design. Forge Europa’s status of Cree Solutions Provider enabled the integration of cutting edge LED technology maximising lumen output whilst minimising power consumption: essential criteria in delivering this industry first and future proofing the design.

Grant Huck, Business Development Leader adds: “There exists a trend of considerable disparity between actual 50W Halogen flux and the flux of claimed 50W LED equivalents. Our challenge was not insignificant, especially considering the size and market position of our competition. We aimed to raise the bar well above the levels set by strong leading brands and demonstrate our capability as a leading LED technology provider. We succeeded.”

Two specific versions of the GU10 have been engineered to maximise compatibility with recessed / Fire-can luminaires and also track / surface mount spot light fittings.

The MR16’s unique and proprietary electronic design maximises compatibility with electronic low voltage transformers, so much so that a specific ‘compatibility list’ is no longer required! This is one lamp designed for hassle free retrofit and new installations.

Mark McIntosh, Projects Leader and LIA Technical Lamp Committee Member adds: “Such performance levels present significant benefits to all customer demographics; from lighting designers through to facility managers - these lamps offer a superior drop-in replacement without having to worry about diminished light levels”

Forge Europa is ISO 14001 accredited and is driven to support customers with easy to use, reliable, green, cost and energy saving LED lighting solutions.

For more information on how Forge Europa achieved this industry first visit us online at
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