Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 26, 2014

Lextar to Unveil Novel LED Point-Light Candle Lamp at Light+Building

Lextar Electronics Corp. announces its LED point-light candle lamp based on its significant advances made recently in light source design. This new candle lamp illuminates objects from a small pointed light source. It spreads outward in all directions as wide as nearly 360 degree, giving identically glowing effects to the starlight. The Company will debut this new product at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” from March 30th through April 4th. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 26, 2014

Light Efficient Design Introduces Compact Lamp LED Retrofit Solution

Light Efficient Design's new LED-8039 is available in 3000 K, 4200 K, and 5700 K Light Efficient Design introduces the LED-8039, a compact LED retrofit lamp that replaces 70W HID lamps. Measuring less than 6 inches tall and less than 3 inches wide, the LED-8039 is suitable for applications such as walkways and steps, and can squeeze into spots that other lamps can’t. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 25, 2014

Verbatim Release Innovative Optics for Improved LED Lamp Performance

Some of Verbatim's new optics are the Mirageball (right) used in A lamps (left) and the dichroic-effect optics of the new MR16 lamps (center) With just under a week to go before the start of the trade show Light+Building, Verbatim announce they will unveil a number of LED lamp innovations from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation: a dichroic-effect MR16 LED lamp; advanced omnidirectional optics for Classic A lamps; and the development of a range of true-colour flame candle lamps utilizing VxRGB technology. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 19, 2014

New Green Creative Universal Voltage PAR38 19 W LED Lamp

Green Creative recommends the PAR38 19 W 277 V as a HID retrofit solution, also for wet locations Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer is proud to announce the launch of the PAR38 19 W 277 V directional lamp. Part of Green Creative’s PAR Series, this UL classified lamp runs on 120-277 VAC, making it one of the few universal voltage PAR38s available today. This 19 W energy-efficient LED lamp replaces a 120W halogen, allowing end users to save more than 85% on electricity costs. The PAR38 19 W 277 V also makes a great HID retrofit solution by turning on instantly, lasting 40,000 hours and requiring no ballast upkeep or maintenance costs. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 18, 2014

Lextar Next-Generation Ultra-Slim Direct-Lit LED Panel Light - Just 28 mm Thick

Lextar's new direct-lit LED panel light is ultra slim. - Just 28 mm thick, a 40% slimmer than other comparable products Lextar Electronics Corp. will release an ultra slim direct-lit panel light. Only 28 mm in thickness, this new product is free from the stereotypically bulky exterior of its comparable products. Besides, it minimized the number of LED thanks to Lextar’s state-of-the-art direct-lit backlighting technology. Lextar’s new ultra-slim direct-lit panel light features low glare, creating a new alternative for customers who value both aesthetics and light quality. The Company will debut this new product at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” from March 30th through April 4th ,2014. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 14, 2014

Cree Introduces 100 W,1600 lm LED Replacement Bulb Smashing $20 Price Barrier

Cree's new 100-watt LED Bulb delivers 1600 lumens while consuming just 18 watts In just one year, the Cree® LED Bulb has become the best-selling LED bulb in America, enabling more than $1 billion* in lifetime energy savings for consumers. Cree, Inc. and The Home Depot® are continuing the successful formula of delivering innovative products at a price that gives consumers more reasons to replace their energy-wasting incandescent bulbs by lowering the prices of the Cree LED Bulb product line by as much as 23 percent. To further drive adoption and expand the market, Cree is also introducing the first 100-watt replacement LED bulb to look and light like a light bulb. The new 100-watt Cree LED Bulb delivers no-compromise LED light at a breakthrough price of just $19.97—the lowest-priced 100-watt LED replacement bulb. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 07, 2014

UGetLight to Introduce New Liquid Cooled Led Bulbs at Light+Building 2014 in Germany

UGetLight's latest liquid-cooled LED bulbs to be relased at Light+Building cover 6, 8 and 12 W A19 lamps of different CCTs from 3000 K to 6500 K Beijing UgetLight Co.,Ltd (Ugetlight) is taking advantage of led replacement trends under worldwide incandescent lamps bans by introducing its new generation of led-“UGL” liquid-colored led bulbs at Light +Building 2014 (Booth #10.1-G61) which will be held during March 30 to April 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Adopted liquid cooling patent technology, liquid cold LED light is now considered as the best replacement of traditional incandescent lamps. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 21, 2014

Cree Extends Breakthrough XSP Series Street Light Performance to Outdoor Area Lighting

Cree XSP Series Area LED luminaire and XSPW Wall Pack LED luminaires said to reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to MH-luminaires Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) is expanding its outdoor lighting portfolio with the new XSP Series Area LED luminaire and the XSPW™ Wall Pack LED luminaire, which cut energy consumption by 65 percent* and nearly eliminate maintenance costs to easily replace the millions of outdated HID luminaires currently installed in North America. Leveraging the breakthrough innovations from the industry-changing Cree® XSP Series LED street light, the Cree XSP Series Area LED luminaire and the XSPW Wall Pack LED luminaire provide unmatched performance at an affordable price that makes the switch to LED lighting the clear choice. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 19, 2014

ALTLED® T8 Tubes New Option - Linear Fresnel Lens

Beside the traditional clear, semi-frosted and frosted versions (see image), ALTLED now also offers a linear fresnel version of its T8 LED replacement tubes To better serve ALT’s customers, ALT has adopted the use of linear Fresnel lens for the ALTLED® T8 tube series. Fresnel lens has the ability to effectively collect and concentrate a significant portion of the lamp's overall light output and direct it as a tight beam. Alternatively they can be used to collimate a linear lightsource (such as a strip of LEDs). Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 17, 2014

Optotech Launches a Patented Indoor P3 LED Display

Optotech has been awarded a patent for the new P3 LED display product technology With the rapid pace of change in technology, consumers are constantly becoming more demanding when it comes to product quality and efficiency. The LED market has seen the development of a wide range of different product types, including the LED display which can be seen in shop windows, shining brightly in the night and making the busy streets seem even more lively and bustling. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 12, 2014

Soraa Introduces 4000 K & 5000 K CCT Full Visible Spectrum Vivid 2 MR16 LED Lamps

Soraa's new Vivid 2 MR16 lamps are based on the same outstanding technology like their 2700 K CCT siblings Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, launched today the world’s first high color temperature (CCT), high color rendering MR16 LED lamps—a brilliant choice for gemstone jewelry and high-end retail displays. The new 4000K and 5000K CCT, full visible spectrum Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16 renders colors and whites exactly as they would appear in natural light; without the high heat/UV emissions associated with CMH/halogen lamps and beam striations, artifacts or multiple shadows visible in other manufacturer’s LED products. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 04, 2014

TDE-Lighttech Introduces Moodspot Tunable White

TDE-Lighttech's Moodspot is color tunable from neutral white (4000 K) to very warm white (1400 K) In response to the increasing demand for atmospheric LED illumination, TDE-lighttech created the innovative Moodspot. The latest LED technology is applied to ensure optimal efficiency and the possibility to create warm colors. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 28, 2014

Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Product Family for North American Maket

Soitec's LED tubes produce glare-free, high-quality light with a beam spread of either 120 or 170 degrees Soitec Lighting, a division of Soitec (Euronext) serving the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors by selling efficient LED lighting solutions, has unveiled its new T8 LED tube product family for the North American market. This line of solid-state replacement products for fluorescent T8 tubes compliments Soitec’s existing European tube series. With illuminating power above 110 lumens per watt in neutral white (4,000 degrees K), resulting in energy savings of more than 60 percent compared to fluorescent tubes, Soitec’s LED tube is a highly efficient LED lighting solution. In addition, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours – more than four times longer than the fluorescent tubes that it is designed to replace. This long-life solution reduces maintenance costs and, together with its high energy efficiency, offers a return on investment (ROI) of less than two years in typical applications. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 13, 2014

ALTLED T500 Floodlights

Aeon Lighting Technology’s recently announced 500 watts floodlight reaches 58,000 lm and replaces HID floodlights with over 1000 watts ALT, Aeon Lighting Technology recently announced the new 500 watts floodlight prototype. The high wattage LED lights, reaching 58,000 lumens are expected to replace traditional HIDs that are over 1000 watts. They can also be customized for specialized applications, including extreme environments that reach -65℃. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Dec 10, 2013

Green Creative's Crisp Series 7W High CRI Lamp Is the First LEDA Tier 2 Qualified MR16 Lamp

Green Creative’s new  LEDA certified MR16 7W High CRI lamp has exceptional R9-R14 values Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces its MR16 7W High CRI lamp as being the only Tier 2 qualified MR16 lamp in the Energy Solutions LED Accelerator Program in California. Read more »


Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market

Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market In August 2018, Nationstar set up the Non-visual Light Source Business Division, focusing on IR LED, UV LED, animal and plant lighting. Nationstar has been fully laid out on UVA/UVB/UVC. Since 2016, Nationstar has launched near-ultraviolet LED, deep-ultraviolet LED and modules, with wide wavelength ... Read more »


High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll ... Read more »