IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 28, 2010

DoE Publishes New SSL Research and Development - Multi-Year Program Plan

DoE recently finished a report on SSL research and development status and the new multi- year program plan for 2009 to 2014.

The SSL research program was started in 2000. The goal of the SSL program is to develop by 2025, advanced solid state lighting technologies that, compared to conventional lighting technologies, are much more energy efficient, longer lasting, and cost-competitive by targeting a product system efficiency of 50 percent with lighting that accurately reproduces sunlight spectrum.

The original document can be downloaded  here or  at http://www.netl.doe.gov/ssl/.

Research Highlights since 2000:
DOE partners with leading researchers from industry, academia, and national laboratories to accelerate advances in solid-state lighting (SSL). These researchers have made dramatic progress in just a few years, achieving several world records as well as national recognition.

Since DOE began funding SSL research projects in 2000, a total of 64 patents have been applied for or awarded.  For more information, see the SSL Patents fact sheet (PDF 50KB) in the Publications section of this website.

Collaborative, cost-shared DOE R&D projects combine the technical resources of premier research institutions and national laboratories with the product development, manufacturing, and commercialization expertise of industry leaders. DOE invests in research projects that target the needed improvements in price, performance, and manufacturability to speed SSL technologies to market.

For a complete listing of current DOE SSL R&D projects, see the Project Portfolio .