Resources | Reports | DoE | Market | OLEDs | Jul 14, 2016

DoE Releases OLED Market Report for 2016

The latest DoE market report for OLEDs sounds much more modest than some older market reports when DoE concludes in the management summary: With rapid advances in these areas, this technology could become the complementary solid-state counterpart to LEDs, a dynamic and softly luminous luminaire element and building material. On the positive side, DoE states that while OLEDs are struggling through a similar set of difficulties like LEDs did in the early years, OLED manufacturers have the advantage of having watched and learned from the LED industry’s working through these problems.

DoE recognizes that it is still a lot of work to make OLEDs competitive, especially to bring it within the necessary range of cost and energy performance. According to the report, also reaching high color quality, dimming performance, optical performance, and standardized, interchangeable components are necessary factors to improve to make OLEDs a viable and desired product.

The report, "OLED Lighting Products: Capabilities, Challenges, Potential", focuses on the potential for architectural OLED lighting – describing currently available OLED products as well as promised improvements, and addresses the technology and market hurdles that have thus far prevented wider use of OLEDs. The report can be downloaded from the DoE website or directly  at