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Overview of the Data and Development of Solid State Lighting Industry in China in 2014

Driven by technology progress and market demands, the Solid State Lighting industry will enter another new round of rapid growth, towards the direction of higher efficacy, lower cost, higher reliability and wider applications. Cross-field integration is emerging, which will deliver products with advanced technology and added value. In 2015, the industry is expected to continue rapid growth, with the overall growth rate more than 35%.

Provided by ISA Member: China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) December 2014


  1. Good overall growth momentum and continuous improvement of prosperity index

  2. Technical progress exceeds expectation and new techniques lead the market

  3. Performance of the listed companies is outstanding and profits are improving

  4. The market is comprehensively started and the price is reduced to the acceptable point

  5. Active investment and integration, resources further concentrated

  6. Rapid export growth and the emerging market rises

VII. 2015 industry development forecast