Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 29, 2017

Lambda Research Corporation Announces the Release of TracePro 7.2

TracePro 7.2 is the latest release of Lambda¡¦s award-winning illumination and optical analysis software. This release features the first fully interactive 3D optimizer specifically designed to increase productivity by giving the user complete control of the optimization process. The new 3D optimizer features a sketch utility to quickly create any 3D symmetric or asymmetric CAD geometry, interactive ray tracing for design verification, and digitization of target functions. This new optimizer drastically reduces design time, increases productivity, while at the same time giving the user complete control of the optimization process.

TracePro 7.2 also features a new DMD RepTileR geometry to simulate DMD chips to design projection TVs and digital cinema projectors. Each mirror segment can be oriented individually to simulate scenes using this new feature. This release also features new material property catalogs from several different vendors (Kopp, Umicore, Vitron) and added exotic materials in our Crystals, Metals, Liquids, and Plastic catalogs.

About Lambda Research Corp.:
Based in Littleton, Mass., Lambda Research Corporation was founded in 1992 and is a privately held company. Lambda is an industry leader in stray light analysis, illumination system design and analysis, and custom software development. Lambda Research Corporation publishes TraceProÆÊ software for optomechanical modeling, The TracePro Bridge. for interoperability with Solidworks and OSLOÆÊ software for optical design. The company¡¦s mission statement is to establish a technology bridge between optical engineers and mechanical engineers by providing state-of-the-art optomechanical design and analysis software, services and technical support to the optics industry worldwide. For more information, please visit the company¡¦s web site at