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WHITE PAPER - The Calibration Traceability Chain of a Photometric LED Test System

FluxGage is a LED luminaire tester and provides a small and cost-effective solution for testing LED luminaires in 2π geometry. The black measurement surface and the lack of multiple reflections make the system much more predictable and allow using information about the DUT such as size, beam angle and surface reflectivity, to calculate correction factors.

This testing system (FluxGage) is based on a novel combination of photometric detectors and the measurements and calculations within this whitepaper proof the reliability of the measurement device. It opens new ways to easily proof the quality of LED luminaires.

This whitepaper discusses the key considerations of LED test systems:

  • Calibration
  • Calibration uncertainty
  • Uncertainty over working conditions
  • Luminaire size and angle
  • Reflection from the luminaire
  • Experimental verification


The Calibration Traceability Chain of a Photometric LED Test System"


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