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Rich document Minimalism and Magic - New Members of the Nimbus Q Four Family: Q Four TT, Q Four IN and Q Four Track
The new members of the Nimbus Q Four family of luminaires – Q Four TT, Q Four IN and Q Four Track – display an excellent, almost "magical" lighting effect. Nimbus's core idea with the Q ONE and Q Four ceiling luminaires was to create a lighting kit for high-quality, focused light. The first Q One and Q Four models were launched two years ago. Now three further versions have been added to the Q Four family of luminaires: the tilting and turning Q Four TT spotlight, the Q Four IN for flush mounting on the ceiling and the Q Four Track, which is mounted on a conductor rail. One reason for their excellent light quality is the Bartenbach LFO lens, which focuses light on the surface to be illuminated in a targeted manner. As Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, CEO of the Nimbus Group, stated: "A light from an invisible source that immediately lends the illuminated object a certain magic.
Rich document New LCP Compound Permits Micro-Components with Delicate Conductor Path Structures
Plastics specialist Ensinger is presenting a new compound for laser direct structuring (LDS): TECACOMP LCP LDS 1049426 black, based on a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), is designed for thin-walled 3D MID components with very fine conductor paths. The innovative material is particularly suitable for high-frequency applications in the fields of industry automation, electronics (consumer, networks) and the automotive sector.
Rich document Integrating Sphere Meets Light Engine: Gamma Scientific Presents New Uniform Tunable LED Light Source
Gamma Scientific has expanded their family of SpectralLED® Tunable LED Light Sources for camera and image sensor calibration. Specifically, the SpectralLED RS-7-2-IS500-2X combines two LED light source engines together with a half meter sphere that includes a 150 mm output port (other sphere and port sizes are available, as well).
Rich document Epistar and Lextar to Jointly Establish A New Holding Company
Epistar Corporation ("Epistar" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2448) and Lextar Electronics Corp. ("Lextar" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 3698) announce the two companies will jointly establish a holding company A (tentative name) via share conversion, which was approved in the board of directors' meetings of Epistar and Lextar respectively today.
Rich document VCS/ICS calendar Repro-light Consortium Deliver Intelligent Optics
Bartenbach's interdisciplinary team this week announced the successful engineering of two unparalleled optic designs. Driven by the scope of the Repro-light project, "To successfully initiate transformation in the European LED lighting industry, by creating the 'Luminaire of the Future'." Bartenbach was tasked to deliver a novel optical system, and is pleased to present two new "LED Light Tile Optics (LLT)".
Rich document Upowertek Released New Generation NFC Programmable DALI-2 LED Drivers
Today Upowertek released new generation BLD and TLD series 40W to 800W NFC programmable DALI-2 LED driver. The new products meet the latest DALI-2 standard whose compatibility was improved a lot when compared with DALI-1 drivers. NFC programming function is also available on this new series, and users could program the output current plus other functions by NFC programmer or smartphone with NFC communication.
Rich document D source code DALI Alliance Achieves Landmark 
of 1,000 DALI-2 Products Certified
The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organization for DALI lighting control, announces its DALI-2 certification program has passed another milestone with the addition of the thousandth DALI-2 certified product to the organization's online product database.
Rich document Printed Perovskite LEDs – An Innovative Technique Towards a New Standard Process of Electronics Manufacturing
A team of researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has succeeded for the first time in producing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from a hybrid perovskite semiconductor material using inkjet printing. This opens the door to broad application of these materials in manufacturing many different kinds of electronic components. The scientists achieved the breakthrough with the help of a trick: "inoculating" (or seeding) the surface with specific crystals.
Rich document GL Optic Presents New Dedicated Imaging Luminance Measurement System for Road Lighting Quality Control
GL Opticam 3.0 4K TEC is an imaging luminance measurement system that has been fully adapted for the reliable evaluation of road lighting according to EN 12301. Street lighting is an extremely important part of our environment. Its quality translates into the comfort of residents and traffic participants and, above all, increases the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
Rich document Panasonic Lighting Americas and Pointr Join Forces to Offer End-to-End Connected Deep Location Lighting Solutions
Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc., recently announced a strategic solution partnership with Pointr, a leader in deep location platforms. The new partnership enables an offering of end-to-end connected lighting solutions, paired with real-time location-based services, to address the convergence of physical spaces with the virtual world.

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever-increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy. Typical performance is now 675 lm with 172 lm/W in ... Read more »


Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability

Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability The XLamp® XM-L3 LED delivers a massive 55% upgrade in maximum light output over the XM L2 LED, providing a single-die LED point source for precise optical control. The XM-L3 LED shares the same mechanical and optical footprint as the original XM-L® and XM-L2 LEDs, providing a seamless upgrade path ... Read more »


Ledvance Extends Its BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms

Ledvance Extends Its  BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms Ledvance have launched a new range of BIOLUX HCL products which are tailored to the specific demands of healthcare environments. The new products provide biologically optimized day-night lighting which reflects natural circadian rhythms to benefit both patients and medical staff, improving sleep ... Read more »