Technology | Aug 24, 2011

R&D of Printoptical Innovator LUXeXceL Made Enormous Progress

LUXeXceL's R&D department managed to print concave lenses for light diverging. The research process to control the inward gradient shape of a typical concave lens is finished successfully, resulting that the printing of concave lenses is now in the final development stage and commercially available.

The technical characteristics are vigorous; the lenses have good imaging abilities and are very transparent, available in all different sizes from very small to large and from simple to Fresnel and/or in arrays. The graphic design process offers possibilities to combine graphics with such concave lenses and generates new possibilities to customize lenses or optical structures for specialized LED lighting solutions, for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.

Kurt Blessing, CTO of LUXeXceL: "With these results, LUXeXceL contributes to eXXelarate the product development of the LED Lighting industry. I am convinced that sooner or later most R&D lighting specialists will design their optics with Printoptical Technology"

More information you can find at: or please do not hesitate to call Mr. Kurt Blessing (+31 622915989) for technical info or undersigned (+31 113 224400) for PR support.


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