Technologies | Optics | Manufacturing | Displays | Feb 23, 2018

VTT and Neonelektro Have Made LED Advertising Boards Light, Flexible and Energy-Efficient

VTT and Neonelektro Have Made LED Advertising Boards Light, Flexible and Energy-Efficient Through a European project, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Neonelektro have developed new types of LED displays that combine the flexibility, low cost and high technical performance enabled by roll-to-roll mass manufacturing technology. Read more »

Augmented Reality | Technologies | Nov 14, 2017

NEC Improves Workplace Efficiency with AR Solution Utilizing Smart Glasses

NEC Improves Workplace Efficiency with AR Solution Utilizing Smart Glasses Tokyo, November 7, 2017 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the development of an Augmented Reality (AR) solution to assist users with the selection of items through the use of smart glasses, a smart watch and new "ARmKeypad" functions. This solution enables users to perform tasks without having to look away from objects, making it ideal for use in manufacturing, logistics and other industries. Currently, NEC is carrying out demonstration tests at a hospital pharmacy and a manufacturing floor, where it has confirmed a reduction in workplace errors and working time thanks to the assistance of the new solution. Read more »

Technologies | Optics | Waveguides | Apr 18, 2017

Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides A team of Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Applied Physics Assistant Professor Nanfang Yu, has invented a method to control light propagating in confined pathways, or waveguides, with high efficiency by using nano-antennas. To demonstrate this technique, they built photonic integrated devices that not only had record-small footprints but were also able to maintain optimal performance over an unprecedented broad wavelength range. Read more »

Technologies | Optics | Material Science | May 12, 2015

ORNL Superhydrophobic Glass Coating Offers Clear Benefits - Maybe Also for Lighting Optics

Schematic representation of the coated product and applications. The properties could also be useful in different lighting applications lke outdoor lighting, street lighting or for automotive headlights A moth’s eye and lotus leaf were the inspirations for an antireflective water-repelling, or superhydrophobic, glass coating that holds significant potential for solar panels, lenses, detectors, windows, weapons systems and many other products. The discovery by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, detailed in a paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C, is based on a mechanically robust nanostructured layer of porous glass film. The coating can be customized to be superhydrophobic, fog-resistant and antireflective. Read more »

Technologies | Optics | Material Science | Jul 04, 2014

Novel Nanoparticle Production Method Could Lead to Better LED Lights, Lenses and Solar Cells

Sandia National Laboratories researchers Dale Huber, left, and Todd Monson have come up with an inexpensive way to synthesize titanium-dioxide nanoparticles, which could be used in everything from solar cells to light-emitting diodes. (Photo by Randy Montoya) Sandia National Laboratories has come up with an inexpensive way to synthesize titanium-dioxide nanoparticles and is seeking partners who can demonstrate the process at industrial scale for everything from solar cells to LEDs. Titanium-dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles show great promise as fillers to tune the refractive index of anti-reflective coatings on signs and optical encapsulants for LEDs, solar cells and other optical devices. Read more »

White Paper | Technology | May 22, 2013

SCHOTT Developers Manufacture Ceramics for Use in Advanced Lens Systems and LED Technology

SCHOTT developers have produced transparent and translucent ceramics that pave the way for advanced photographic and other types of imaging systems as well as highly efficient LED systems. Photo: SCHOTT Transparent and translucent ceramics are on the verge of being put to industrial use as new optical materials that offer great potential. As part of the publicly funded research project OptokeraMat, SCHOTT Research and Development has laid important foundations on manufacturing them in a reproducible manner. Read more »

Technology | Aug 24, 2011

R&D of Printoptical Innovator LUXeXceL Made Enormous Progress

LUXeXceL managed to 3D print concave lens with Printoptical Technology LUXeXceL's R&D department managed to print concave lenses for light diverging. The research process to control the inward gradient shape of a typical concave lens is finished successfully, resulting that the printing of concave lenses is now in the final development stage and commercially available. Read more »

Technology | Aug 28, 2008

Snell's Law - Part I + II

A quick tutorial of rays and waves, the law of reflection and Snell's Law made to support the course "Engineering Optics" at Oklahoma State University. Read more »

Technology | Nov 16, 2007

Novel semiconductor structure bends light 'wrong' way - the right direction for many applications

Negative refraction: An opportunity for new applications - also for LED lighting? Hilary Parker, Princeton University - A Princeton-led research team has created an easy-to-produce material from the stuff of computer chips that has the rare ability to bend light in the opposite direction from all naturally occurring materials. Read more »


Microstructured Optics for LED Applications

Figure 1: Common types of optics. Optics for use with Light Emitting Diodes are described. Microstructured optics are available and customizable for a wide variety of applications. A few of these will be touched on. A methodology of designing these optics and the photometrics of the typical technology is overviewed. Read more »


J Series 5050 New P Class Versions Deliver Industry-Leading Efficacy at 1W

J Series 5050 New P Class Versions Deliver Industry-Leading Efficacy at 1W J Series™ LEDs extend Cree’s industry-leading portfolio of lighting-class LEDs to a broader set of applications. The J Series 5050 LEDs combine high efficacy and excellent value in a reliable package. Read more »