Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 27, 2012

Electrolube Launch LED Thermal Management Materials in India

The global materials manufacturer, Electrolube, has announced plans to launch an extensive range of thermal management interface solutions to the LED industry in India, following record sales of the company’s newest LED silicone materials in China, Europe and Australia. Electrolube’s thermal management range provides the latest advancements in materials technology for LED heat transfer solutions and features thermal pastes, silicone RTVs, epoxy adhesives and epoxy/polyurethane-based potting compounds.

The SC silicone range has produced one of Electrolube’s most successful silicone resin products, SC3001. Developed specifically for the needs of the LED industry where clarity is essential, SC3001 is an optically clear and flexible two-part encapsulation compound that features a number of benefits over its competitors, including low viscosity and exceptional electrical properties. It also exhibits excellent resistance to water and a wide variety of chemicals, providing the highest protection in a range of environments. The "2000" series of silicone resin products enables high continuous operating temperatures and provides an excellent barrier against a number of extreme conditions. Silicone resins in the “2000” series include SC2001, a general potting and encapsulating compound, SC2001FD a fast cure compound and SC2003, a thixotropic compound.

With offices in Brazil, China, Australia, North America, Germany and France, the chemicals manufacturer has recently expanded into India with new offices in Bangalore where they expect to see continued growth of products developed exclusively for LED applications. These include the high performance polyurethane resin UR5562, an optically clear, semi-rigid resin for potting LEDs, as well as heat transfer compounds HTS, HTSP and HTC, available in both non-silicone or silicone thermal pastes and the Acrylic Protective Lacquer, APL, a flexible, transparent acrylic conformal coating that provides excellent protection against harmful environments and features a UV trace for inspection. Further products included in the LED thermal management range that will also be launched to the Indian market include the TCOR solvent free, low odour RTV, which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture and offers a high degree of thermal conductivity, and the two part epoxy resin, ER 2183, a thermally conductive potting compound.

Ron Jakeman, Group Managing Director of H K Wentworth said, ”It is a very dynamic time for Electrolube and indeed for materials innovation. India is a large and growing market for the LED industry and launching Electrolube’s range of thermal interface solutions is a great opportunity, particularly as we have a direct presence in the country now, which will allow us to improve contact with the market and provide first rate technical support.”

Renowned for its chemistry expertise, approachable people and eco-friendly ethos, Electrolube aims to strengthen the company’s presence in India and stimulate interest in their long established and innovative new products. The LED Thermal Management range will be launched in India at the LED Expo 2012 in New Delhi on Electrolube’s Stand: 23 / Hall 7C.

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About Electrolube:
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