Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 07, 2009

Avago Technologies Announces New Energy Efficient 1-Watt High-Power LED Emitter for SSL Applications

Avago’s new, energy efficient ASMT-Ax00 LEDs Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced a new competitively priced 1-Watt high power LED emitter for use in solid-state lighting applications. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Dec 02, 2008

Edison Opto Announced Compact, Powerful Edixeon® Federal Series

edi_federal_sm-jpg To stand out from the diversified range of LED products currently available on the market, a LED product now not only has to offer higher brightness, but also meets designers’ needs for a reliable and flexible product. Edison Opto has introduced Federal series, an ultra-compact small sized high power LED offering efficient performance and design flexibility. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 24, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor Launched Ultra-Slim Z-Power LED 'Z1' for Lighting

The new 1.4W ultra slim Z-power LED series 'Z1' from Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductor, a leading LED manufacturer, ranking 6th worldwide and 1st in Korea, announced it released a 1.4W ultra slim Z-power LED series 'Z1'; Warm White (part # : NZ10150) and Pure White (part # : WZ10150). Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 24, 2008

With the Zenigata Line-Up, Sharp Introduces a New Series of High-Power LED

sharp_zenigata-jpg Sharp, at Electronica 2008, sets new standards for LEDs for lighting purposes. Right on time for electronica, the Japanese company introduces a new series of high-power LED modules for lighting purposes. Read more »

| Nov 18, 2008

Dow Corning Helping To Improve Performance and Reliability of LED Technology and Applications

Silicon technology from Dow Corning is helping usher in a new generation of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that since their introduction in the 1960s have held the energy-saving promise of replacing incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 17, 2008

Lumex Now Offers High Power LED Solutions in an RGB Package

lumex_rgb-jpg Lumex is proud to introduce the all-new AstraLED™ RGB (SML-LX1610RGBW/A). This leading-edge technology provides ultra-bright, full-color output in a 3-Watt high power package. Lumex's AstraLED RGB can deliver light intensity of 8/25/20 lumens at 300mA (red), 350mA (green), 350mA (blue) of current, with an operating temperature of -30ºC ~ +85ºC. These sophisticated new LEDs are ideal for use in any application ranging from communications equipment and medical devices to automotive and appliance. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 14, 2008

Avago Technologies Extends Power LEDs Range for Solid-State Lighting with the 3-Watt Moonstone Cool-White and Warm-White

avago_moonstone_series-jpg At the Electronica - Munich, Avago Technologies announced the addition of new 3-Watt high power Cool-White (ASMT-Mx20) and Warm-White (ASMT-Mx22) low-profile LEDs to its Moonstone family. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 05, 2008

Intematix Combines Blue Chips with Amber Phosphor to Give LED System Efficiency a Leap Forward

Intematix Corp., a leading innovator in phosphors, LED components and solid state lighting modules has added an amber-color LED family to its growing line of packaged device solutions. Its new amber-color product line leverages Intematix' patented phosphor technologies in combination with InGaN blue LED chips to create the breakthrough product family. Blue-excited amber LEDs offer substantial increases in efficiency and temperature stability compared to traditional AlInGaP-based amber LED technologies. Follow-on blue-excited color LED families are also under development. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Oct 29, 2008

Cree Introduces New Generation of High-Brightness Oval LEDs

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announces the release of its new-generation high-brightness 4-mm and 5-mm oval LEDS in blue, green and red. These new oval LEDs feature optically-matched radiation patterns in blue, green and red, resulting in superior image quality for digital billboard and full-color sign applications. In Cree’s unique matched-radiation pattern, the red pattern is inside the blue and green—resulting in a blended cool-white light, compared to the pink that results when unmatched LEDs are used. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Oct 03, 2008

Toshiba Announces Availability of 90 lumen White LED

tosh_tl12w02d_sm-jpg Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced the availability of a new high-power, high-brightness white LED for commercial, residential and industrial lighting applications. The TL12W02-D device can provide a typical flux of 90 lumens from a driving current of only 250mA. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Oct 01, 2008

Cree Announces Commercial Availability of XLamp MC-E LED

cree_xlamp_mce_sm-jpg Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announces the commercial availability of the XLamp(R) MC-E LED, the highest-lumen LED in the award-winning XLamp family. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 26, 2008

LedEngin, Inc. Announces Production Release of Its 5 and 10 Watt Deep Red High Power LED Products

led_engine_deepred_sm-jpg LedEngin, Inc. today announced the addition of Deep Red products to its high power product portfolio. Product availability includes 5 and 10 watt emitters. Typical 10 watt package performance of up to 2 watts of radiant power and sets new records for Deep Red products and enables high radiant power density for the horticulture market. LedEngin's ultra-small, surface mount LEDs feature a footprint measuring only 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm for 5 watt products and 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm for 10 watt products. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 17, 2008

Evident Technologies Launches Nanotechnology-Based LED Products

tabelle3-bmp Evident Technologies Inc. announced the commercial availability of its evidot LED products based on semiconductor nanocrystal technology. Whereas traditional LEDs are available in a limited set of standard colors (blue, green, red, etc.), Evident’s new products enables LEDs to emit any color, including high-quality white light. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 29, 2008

Tri-O-Light Offers New Casting Resins Technology: Freedom to Sculpture

trio_casting_sm-jpg The light line in the street in front of the entrance to the Gelredome stadium (Arnhem, The Netherlands) is one of the projects which have been realized with the LED Light Strip RGB of Tri-O-Light and the polyurethane casting resin technique of Multicol casting adhesives trading: a new expertise within Tri-O-Light. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 28, 2008

DOMINANT Primax - A New Era of High Intensity Illumination in LED

dominant_primax-jpg DOMINANT's newest LED product series, Primax, is designed to provide high intensity light output in a very small package. It completes our high-power product portfolio by covering the range between our Power DomiLED and the high power SPNovaLED. Read more »


Nichia UV LED Technology Supports Evolving Markets

Nichia UV LED Technology Supports Evolving Markets Nichia, a leading global specialist in LED technology, is now aiming to extend its dominance to the UV market following its impressive showcase at the recent RadTech 2020 conference and exhibition in Orlando, Florida, USA. The company's latest solutions remain ideal for curing applications, but an ... Read more »


TLCI + CRI 90-95 LEDs for Broadcast Illumination

TLCI + CRI 90-95 LEDs for Broadcast Illumination Optimize sports lighting for broadcast videography with the best possible illumination for eyes and cameras. Cree XLamp XP-L2 and XHP50.2 LEDs provide a natural "daylight" experience to indoor & night events while reducing the lighting intensity and manual color correction needed for excellent ... Read more »


Ecosense Enters Replacement LED Lamp Business by Buying Soraa Shares

Ecosense Enters Replacement LED Lamp Business by Buying Soraa Shares Ecosense®, a leading LED technology company, announced today that it has acquired assets from Soraa, a designer and manufacturer of full-spectrum LED lamps based in Fremont, California. Under the terms of the deal, Ecosense acquires the Soraa name, intellectual property and lamps, including the ... Read more »


WEBINAR (May 14th): How to Achieve Better Products to the Eye Through Virtual Prototyping?

WEBINAR (May 14th): How to Achieve Better Products to the Eye Through Virtual Prototyping? In the CADFEM webinar on May, 14, 2020 you will learn, how physics-based simulations - virtual prototyping - contribute to develop better lighting products. The live presentation pictures the whole process - from editing the geometric model to the definition of light sources and sensors to the use ... Read more »