Lighting Applications | Jun 12, 2009

Perpignan Fountain Lighting: A Spectacular Display of Light, Sound and Movement

phil_perpignan_fountain_sm-jpg This summer, the residents and tourists in Perpignan, located in the south of France can enjoy a unique, dramatic fountain that uses computer controlled luminaires with LUXEON LEDs to create a light and water show without compare. Read more »

Lighting Applications | May 19, 2009

Beauty Store with 100 Percent LED Lighting

B1 LEDs set the lighting stage in the Douglas branch in Frankenthal, creating a lasting attraction for customers. With its new store in Frankenthal, Douglas, Europe’s leading beauty store chain, has set standards in terms of resource efficiency. Following thorough analysis of the store’s power consumers and the supply of primary energy used to operate these, Douglas has chosen a highly innovative, holistic and future-oriented approach to set up an energy management system for the 300 m2 store. Read more »

Lighting Applications | May 14, 2009

Lediko LED Modules Used in Spectacular RGB Fountain Illumination at the Wroclaw Continental Hall

The spectacular RGB fountain illumination at the Wroclaw Continental Hall On the 4th of June 2009 at the Wroclaw Continental Hall (Poland) there was an opening show of one of the greatest multimedia fountains in the world. In cooperation with the Polish fountain constructor - the company Gutkowski , LEDIKO designed and produced the majority of LED RGB modules which have been used for spectacular illuminations. Read more »

Lighting Applications | May 14, 2009

First LED Models Installed in Berlin, Replicating Golden Glow of Gas Originals

future_led_gaslamp_sm-jpg Historic gas street lamps in cities like Berlin, Prague and Warsaw can now be upgraded to energy-saving LED technology, thanks to a solid-state retrofit designed by Berlin-based Braun Schaltgeräte & Service with assistance from LED solutions provider Future Lighting Solutions. Read more »

Lighting Applications | May 06, 2009

Optek's Custom LED Solution for Restaurant Lighting Application

Model of TT electronics Optek Technology's 4.5W Halogen lamp replacement for restaurants. Providing lighting designers with a low power consumption, long lasting solid-state lighting solution, TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a custom design for a restaurant lighting fixture that replaces a 20-watt halogen bulb with a 4.5-watt LED light engine. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Apr 28, 2009

Seoul Semiconductor, Lighting the Chinese Ancient Works of Art at Da An Art Gallery

Seoul Semiconductor’s LEDs lighted the Chinese ancient works of art. Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a global LED maker, announced that their Z-Power LED P4 series products were used to the spotlights for the exhibits at Da An Art Gallery in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Apr 27, 2009

Multifunctional Lighting for any Mood: OSRAM Equips Hotel Conference Room with LED Light

Linear modules equipped with Golden Dragon LEDs in red, green and blue provide light in whatever color is required. The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Regensburg now has another attraction. In the newly refurbished conference room known as the “Light” room, linear modules with Golden Dragon LEDs are used to create any lighting of any mood, color and intensity. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Apr 23, 2009

World Premiere LED Illumination of Sports Field in Eindhoven

LEDExpert expects that Dynamic LED sport field illumination will be available commercially by April 2010. In the week of World Earth day, the city of Eindhoven, LEDExpert and Heijmans had a World premiere: The first dynamically illumination of sport fields. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Feb 16, 2009

Seoul Semiconductor Acriche Decorat the Night View of Saint Petersburg in Russia

ssc_stpetersburg_acriche_sm-jpg The historic center, Senator, is located in St. Petersburg is the second large city of Russia. Recently, the building has been transformed with new lightings reproducing thunder-shape of 3,000 of Seoul Semiconductor's Acriche. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Feb 09, 2009

First Test installation for LED-Streetlighting from LEDworx in Vienna

lwx_hawkeye_sm-jpg The actual assets of Streetlights in Austria originate from the Sixties and Seventies of the last century. The spirit of innovation and the commitment to energy efficiency and LED-Technology of all parties concerned enabled a first test installation. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Jan 20, 2009

Two Shining Examples – LED Technology in Dwellings Saves Energy

nimb_sylt_buildings_sm-jpg From the basement to the roof: Two exclusive semi-detached holiday homes are lit exclusively with LED luminaires from Nimbus. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Jan 20, 2009

Zumtobel Realizes Cool Lighting for Hot Boards

zum_moreboards_sm-jpg Only LED luminaires from Zumtobel are used for lighting the Moreboards store in Kufstein to provide brilliant light, with high flexibility in the choice of colours. Read more »


Blue High-Power Laser Diodes from Osram for Show, Point and Line Lasers

Blue High-Power Laser Diodes from Osram for Show, Point and Line Lasers Multi Mode in the InGaN portfolio: The blue multi-mode laser diodes PLPT5 447KA and 450KA from Osram Opto Se- miconductors are available as 1.6 and 2.2 Watt versions with a wavelength of 447 nm. The indium-gallium-nitride diodes are edge emitters, which are built into a hermetically sealed TO ... Read more »


UV-C Disinfection Technologies Must be Integrated in EU Renovation Plans

UV-C Disinfection Technologies Must be Integrated in EU Renovation Plans LightingEurope launches an UV-C expert group that promotes the benefits of UV-C disinfection technologies and stimulates market demand and fair market access in Europe. The technology has been proven to deactivate, without exception, all viruses against which it has been tested. LightingEurope is ... Read more »