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Rich document Violumas improved output for their UVA 320– 410nm LEDs
Violumas recently announced a 30% increase in optical output for all UVA SMDs. This increase can be attributed to their "Index Match" technology. The standard product line has a default radiant angle of 60°, and custom optics can be fitted for angles of 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, and flat. Violumas first revealed its surface-mount-device (SMD) product lineup with a focus on thermal dissipation at RadTech 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.
Rich document chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Plasma Metallisation: Lumitronix Utilises Paper and PET as Printed Circuit Board
In cooperation with its technology partners, the Swabian LED company Lumitronix succeeded in equipping plasma-metallised flexible printed circuit boards with electronic components. This is based on the one-of-a-kind process of plasma metallisation. The novel technology from the field of medical engineering turns a plurality of materials into electrically conducting and solderable printed circuit boards that were not suitable for an assembly with electronic components up to this point in time.
Rich document ERP Power - World's Smallest DALI-2 Driver for Indoor LED Lighting Applications
ERP Power LLC ("ERP"), a leading provider of small, smart and connected LED drivers for the lighting industry, today announced the world's smallest programmable output drivers with DALI-2 digital controls for indoor lighting applications will be demonstrated May 21-23 at LIGHTFAIR® International 2019 in Philadelphia. ERP Power programmable LED drivers certified to support the DALI-2 standard are expected to appear in the DiiA product database in the next 90 days.
Rich document Tridonic's New LED Modules Display Food, Clothing and Art in Fithful Colors
When it comes to the presentation of goods, merchandise and works of art, the right lighting helps to create a special atmosphere and to delight viewers. However, different products, materials and colors require specific lighting moods. Tridonic offers a wide range of products for special lighting tasks, with the new LED modules in the seventh-generation SLE excite (EXC) series meeting the criteria for demanding applications in food, fashion and art.
Rich document Signify Launches Trulifi High-Speed Commercial LiFi System for Their Luminaires
The worlds of lighting and telecommunications converged today. Signify, the world leader in lighting, launched a new range of LiFi systems that includes the world's fastest and most reliable LiFi systems commercially available. The range, branded Trulifi, leverages existing and future professional luminaires. Instead of using radio signals (such as WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, etc.), Trulifi uses light waves to enable highly reliable, secure two-way wireless communications at speeds far above most conventional workplace wireless technologies.
Rich document chemical/x-gaussian-log Zumtobel Group Opens New Software Competence Centre for Lighting Technologies in Portugal
The international lighting company Zumtobel Group officially opened its new group-wide software competence centre for lighting technologies in Porto, Portugal. Tridonic, the lighting technology company of the Zumtobel Group, operates the new software competence centre.
Rich document New Low Profile, High Output Flood One EO from Acclaim Lighting
Acclaim Lighting, a leader in innovative and advanced lighting technology, introduces Flood One EO™, its newest high output, outdoor rated white LED floodlight in a very low-profile design to fit into small spaces for façade lighting applications.
Rich document G&G Industrial Lighting Introduces VPX Industrial Vaporsealed LED Linear
G&G Industrial Lighting announces the release of the new VPX Industrial Vaporsealed LED Linear, a low-profile, waterproof solution for harsh environments. The VPX is driverless, seamless and IP68 rated. It’s compact 1” round housing is permanently sealed and requires no assembly. This premium vaportight reduces the risk of failure by more than 80% in comparison to traditional models.
Rich document D source code Get Your Thermals Sorted
Long-lasting LED solutions require superb thermal design – Forge ensures the thermal design is a fundamental design process for every LED solution they manufacture.
Rich document Simultaneous Measurement of Several Wavelength Ranges
Instrument Systems offers smart high-end solutions for complex spectral measurements that are to be made simultaneously over an extremely broad wavelength range, or over several samples. A group of spectroradiometers of the CAS series can be controlled in parallel by a trigger box.

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