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Rich document chemical/x-pdb Osram Quantum Dots Make LEDs Even More Efficient
Quantum Dots (QD), an innovative, tunable light conversion technology is now being used for the first time in the Osconiq S 3030 QD mid-power LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors. It marks the first step towards new LED components for the general lighting market. Osram's new mid-power LED Osconiq S 3030 QD was specially developed for area lighting and downlight applications and will empower customers to realize luminaires with high efficacy and excellent color rendering.
Rich document Soraa VIVID™ Warm Dim Lamps: Achieving New Light Quality Levels
Soraa Inc., the world leader in full spectrum color technology and optical expertise, today announced its highly anticipated SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps, designed to equip lighting professionals with a specification-grade dimmable lamp that integrates Soraa Point Source Optics™ and industry-leading color rendering capabilities.
Rich document Bridgelux Vesta® Flex - Interoperable Lighting and Controls Solution
Bridgelux today announced Vesta® Flex, an innovative family of dual channel LED drivers and control modules designed to simplify and reduce the cost of connected tunable white luminaires. Immediately compatible with industry standard wired and wireless lighting control protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and 0-10V, the Vesta Flex system enables simplified, future-ready design flexibility for OEM luminaire manufactures to meet the needs of their end customers without requiring redesign or recertification.
Rich document Implications for Human-Centric Lighting Design in Tropical Nursing Homes: A Pilot Study
Light synchronizes our physiological and psychological rhythms to the 24-hour rhythm of the ambient changes. For the elderly, adequate environments to compensate for increasing frailty and sensory loss are crucial. Dr. Szu-Cheng Chien, Assistant Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology reports from a pilot study that aimed to explore HCL design strategies in nursing homes in Singapore. Pre-/post implementation user surveys and quantitative evaluations were conducted.
Rich document Kinglumi Unveils TUV ENEC LED Independent Control Gear - LEDGear™ Including DALI-2
The LEDGear™ new ECGs pack state-of-the-art technology and all the functions of the premium performance into the compact spaces. Designed as a family of independent and quick installation compact constant current LED ECGs, LEDGear™ is qualified by TUV ENEC, CE, CB, SAA, C-tick RoSH and DALI-2. They provide you great value.
Rich document Nichia's Vitasolis Enables Breakthrough Human Centric Lighting
Nichia Corporation will unveil a state-of-the-art LED spectrum technology, called Vitasolis at LIGHTFAIR International (USA, May 21 -23). This technology, which will be first incorporated in Nichia's market leading 757 platform, will help control human circadian rhythm via a unique spectrum meant to stimulate activity. While Nichia previously presented the technology at The Phosphor Global Summit 2019 as well as the 2019 Department of Energy SSL R&D Workshop, Vitasolis will be on display at LIGHTFAIR International within Nichia's Booth #1119.
Rich document LensVector Expands Dynamic Beam Shaping Lens Portfolio at LFI 2019
LensVector is expanding its lens portfolio with the LensVector S2F Series that enables Dynamic Beam Shaping between a 15-degree spot and a 35-degree flood. The company's first offering, with a beam angle range of 5 to 50 degrees, is now the LensVector M2M Series. Additionally, LensVector now offers all lenses in a smaller, 35 mm, option that complements the current 48 mm and 65 mm lenses.
Rich document Pascal source code Scientific Study Demonstrates Positive Effects of Daylight LED on Visual Comfort, Melatonin, Mood, Waking Performance, and Sleep
There has been an increase in research activity on the relationship between light and human bio-function, including a recent scientific study focusing on the effects of light spectrum on sleep quality, visual comfort, well-being and daytime alertness conducted by Prof. Christian Cajochen and his team at the University of Basel in Switzerland, entitled: "Effect of Daylight LED on Visual Comfort, Melatonin, Mood, Waking Performance, and Sleep."
Rich document RealAudio document Zhaga and DiiA Unveil Joint Zhaga-D4i Certification Program
The Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga) and the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) have unveiled their joint Zhaga-D4i certification program, indicating plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires, sensors and communication nodes.
Rich document LumenRadio Presents An Unique Multi Standard Wireless Lighting Control Solution at LightFair
LumenRadio, the world's leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, will exhibit at LightFair and present their new AirGlow product – a multi standard wireless lighting control solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor light control. AirGlow is unique in that it can scale from individual light group control to be used for large scale light control systems with IoT connectivity.

WHITE PAPER - Protection Materials To Improve LED Device Lifetime And Performance

WHITE PAPER - Protection Materials To Improve LED Device Lifetime And Performance With the rapid growth of the LED market, correct product selection is imperative to ensure LED performance and lifetime. Jade Bridges, Electrolube’s Global Technical Support Manager, will highlight the use of LEDs in various environments and introduce how to specify appropriate protection under ... Read more »


High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll ... Read more »