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Rich document Myers Emergency Power Systems Introduces Smart IoT Connectivity Solution for Inverters
Myers Emergency Power Systems (Myers EPS), a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power solutions, today announced the introduction of its IoT Inverter Connect technology, a secure and innovative communication platform that conveniently monitors and logs data from the company's central emergency lighting inverters to save time and enhance building safety.
Rich document C source code Precision Test Solution for Blue Light Hazard Evaluation from Gamma Scientific
Gamma Scientific announces the release of its Blue Light Hazard testing system. The system utilizes the RadOMA GS-1220 spectroradiometer coupled with an aperture or integrating sphere depending on customer measurement requirements, offering evaluation and classification of displays and luminaires according to IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62778.
Rich document RealAudio document EU Commisson Clears AMS' Acquisition of OSRAM
The European Commission has approved unconditionally, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of OSRAM by AMS. The Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in the European Economic Area (‘EEA').
Rich document LumenFocus Launches UVFocus Line of Germicidal Luminaires
Ultraviolet technology has been used for disinfection for many years now, but COVID-19 is shining a new light on its potential for disinfection applications. It is because of this unfortunate situation that we are looking at different ways that lighting technology can be used to help beyond just illuminating a space.
Rich document Inventronics Introduces Completely New Line of IP66/IP67 LED Drivers
Inventronics has introduced an entirely new series of IP66/IP67 LED drivers leveraging their latest enhanced platform allowing for reduced inventory SKUs and increased design flexibility. The new EUM-Lx family is equipped with even more features providing OEMs the ability to monitor crucial driver information, reduce maintenance costs and streamline production. They also allow OEMs simplify installation by achieving various output current configurations from 700-5600 mA, adapt existing luminaires to different individual requirements and provide extreme design versatility.
Rich document object code EnOcean Adds New IoT Starter Kit to Product Portfolio
EnOcean, a pioneer of energy harvesting and wireless IoT communications, today released a starter kit that simplifies the integration of EnOcean wireless sensors with Aruba Wi-Fi access points. Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and EnOcean have partnered to facilitate the integration of IoT sensors into existing IT infrastructure, levering IT security mechanisms to protect IoT data and devices. Used in conjunction with a separately purchased Aruba access point, the new IoT starter kit named EISKA for the European market and EISKU for the North American market includes an EnOcean EMSIx multisensor, an Easyfit wireless switch, an EnOcean USB stick, and demonstration software. All devices support the EnOcean radio standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10/11).
Rich document LumiTop 4000: Comprehensive Optical Wafer Testing for μLEDs
Instrument Systems offers a unique camera-based measurement solution for μLED wafer testing that generates 2-dimensional, pixel-resolved optical analyses within given cycle times. The LumiTop 4000 has a resolution of 12 MP and can detect the smallest of defects and inhomogeneities on the wafer. Thanks to a 100 mm macro lens, the camera enables fast parallel inline analysis of all μLEDs on a wafer at a single test station.
Rich document Lumileds Combines Record-breaking Efficiency with Impeccable Light Quality in Proven 3030 LED Package
Lumileds today revealed its complete line of LUXEON 3030 HE LEDs that enable best-in-class fixtures for a wide variety of applications including architectural, office, high-impact retail, and indoor area illumination. "The LUXEON 3030 HE is built to achieve outstanding efficiency and productivity, superior quality of light with 2 and 3 SDCM options, while simplifying design and production of new fixtures," said Mei Yi, Product Marketing Manager of Mid Power Products at Lumileds. "The LUXEON 3030 HE LEDs were engineered for exacting control of forward voltage within 0.1 volt and enable easy driver design and uniform power output."
Rich document LSI Industries - AirLink Blue™ Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Network Solution for Outdoor Lighting
LSI Industries said today that it has launched its new AirLink Blue wireless outdoor lighting control system. This simple, highly-configurable product uses Bluetooth mesh technology to manage designated zones of outdoor illumination on commercial property – helping customers enhance safety, reduce energy costs and comply with applicable regulations.
Rich document Refined Lighting Adjustment to Promote an Optimized Circadian Rhythm
Samsung’s Human-centric Lighting Solutions utilize precisely designed light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan to accommodate lighting needs to the extent desired at any given point in time: the LM302N DAY improves alertness and the LM302N NITE enhances relaxation. The DAY and NITE packages can also be combined into a single luminaire to help people maintain their natural circadian rhythm 24 hours a day. This duo-lighting option is optimal for those who spend most of their time indoors and struggle with confused body clocks.

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever-increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy. Typical performance is now 675 lm with 172 lm/W in ... Read more »


Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability

Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability The XLamp® XM-L3 LED delivers a massive 55% upgrade in maximum light output over the XM L2 LED, providing a single-die LED point source for precise optical control. The XM-L3 LED shares the same mechanical and optical footprint as the original XM-L® and XM-L2 LEDs, providing a seamless upgrade path ... Read more »


Ledvance Extends Its BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms

Ledvance Extends Its  BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms Ledvance have launched a new range of BIOLUX HCL products which are tailored to the specific demands of healthcare environments. The new products provide biologically optimized day-night lighting which reflects natural circadian rhythms to benefit both patients and medical staff, improving sleep ... Read more »