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Rich document Red XLamp LEDs Delivers Best-in-Class Horticulture Efficiency
Cree, Inc. announces the next-generation XLamp® XP-E2 Photo Red (660 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) LEDs, delivering breakthrough performance for horticulture applications. The new Red XP-E2 LEDs provide a drop-in upgrade for the previous generation that outperforms competing LEDs by up to 68 percent. These higher-performance horticulture LEDs increase the efficiency of LED luminaires and shorten their payback periods, making it more affordable to grow food under optimized lighting.
Rich document One Part Epoxy Adhesive Has Ultra Low Thermal Resistance
Master Bond Supreme 18TC is a single component smooth paste epoxy adhesive. Formulated with a blend of special thermally conductive fillers, this system can be applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns. It offers an exceptionally low thermal resistance of 5-7 x 10-6 K•m2/W and a thermal conductivity of 22-25 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [3.17-3.61 W/(m•K)]. Heat transfer capabilities are outstanding. It passes NASA low outgassing requirements and can be used in applications in the aerospace, electronic, optical, specialty OEM and cryogenic industries.
Rich document application/x-troff-ms MIT Researchers Developed New Heat Conducting Polymer Films
Polymers are usually the go-to material for thermal insulation. Think of a silicone oven mitt, or a Styrofoam coffee cup, both manufactured from polymer materials that are excellent at trapping heat. Now MIT engineers have flipped the picture of the standard polymer insulator, by fabricating thin polymer films that conduct heat — an ability normally associated with metals. In experiments, they found the films, which are thinner than plastic wrap, conduct heat better than many metals, including steel and ceramic.
Rich document D source code Nichia Launches a 280nm Deep UV LED
Nichia Corporation is proud to introduce a new Deep UV LED, Part Number NCSU334A. Nichia has already had significant success over the years with UVA LEDs, specifically in convention resin curing applications. Nichia's new 280 nm UVC NCSU334A will be able to address mass market goals for water purification and air sterilization using Solid-State Lighting. With its small size (6.8x6.8 mm) and strong performance (55 mW typical optical power at 350 mA), the NCSU334A allows for system miniaturization and long-life solutions where previous technologies could not.
Rich document Luminus Adds Eleven High-Intensity IR LEDs
Luminus Devices has significantly expanded its portfolio of high-power infrared (IR) LEDs with eleven emitters designed to address the rapid expansion of automotive, consumer, machine vision, medical, and security applications. The Luminus IR SST LEDs are now offered in three wavelengths – 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm – and six beam angle options ranging from 40° to 130°. The high radiometric power output and low thermal resistance allow system designers to reduce the number of emitters and overall footprint for a broad range of infrared applications.
Rich document Energy-Saving New Red LED Phosphor Developed at University of Innsbruck
The human eye is particularly sensitive to green, but less sensitive to blue and red. Chemists led by Hubert Huppertz have now developed a new red phosphor whose light is well perceived by the eye. This increases the light yield of white LEDs by around one sixth, which can significantly improve the energy efficiency of lighting systems.
Rich document chemical/x-mdl-rdfile CIE Publishes Position Statement on the Blue Light Hazard
Today, CIE announced that CIE has published a Position Statement on the Blue Light Hazard which is approved by the CIE Board of Administration, which includes the Directors of all the CIE Divisions.
Rich document Kinglumi Launches New Downlight Solution - Milo™, Infinite Possibilities
Kinglumi(K&L), a design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today it has launched Milo™ downlight, a new line of high performance portfolio dedicated to architectural lighting segment. With complete modular design concept and equipped with the latest MultiCCT and MultiPower technology innovation, it simply configure multiply of combination to satisfy diversified customer's requirement. This system unveils a special combination of unobtrusive light sourcing with various mounting capabilities, superior performance, high-quality materials and best in class LED technology and drivers.
Rich document VCS/ICS calendar Visual Appearance: Perception, Measurement and Metrics
Visual appearance is one of the most critical parameters affecting customer choice and needs in products. We use the response from our visual sense to process the complex patterns of light around us into objects, space, location and movement, and from that information, we make judgments leading to a particular course of action. For example, how we perceive the visual appearance of a product may cause us to buy it, reject it or even write to complain about it. We may choose to buy a particular food because its appearance suggests freshness. Our choice of car may have been influenced because its glossy appearance made us think of quality and prestige. Alternatively, we may reject a particular surface finish because its appearance suggested poor quality and the presence of defects. All of these examples represent judgments made on appearance.
Rich document Nedap Introduces Luxon IoT Node for Outdoor Lighting
Nedap is extending its Luxon IoT Node portfolio with a version developed for smart and wireless outdoor lighting control: The Luxon IoT Node Outdoor. The compact Luxon IoT Node Outdoor fits inside all LED fixtures using a standardised Zhaga/NEMA connector. This makes it very simple to unlock the full savings potential of LED technology.

WHITE PAPER - Protection Materials To Improve LED Device Lifetime And Performance

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High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll ... Read more »