News-Spot | Business News | Oct 09, 2012

MSC Announces Availability of the New XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs for More Power and Efficiency

Cree's new XLamp® XP-E2 is also built on the SC3 Technology™ and pronmises a clearly increased performance compared to its predecessor The new XLamp ® XP-E 2 by Cree is characterized by a particularly high luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) and efficiency (lumens per euro) and is now available from MSC. Developers who have designed lighting solutions based on LED series Cree XLamp XP-E and XP-G benefit from this fact. The XLamp XP-E 2 gives the opportunity to develop more efficient and cheaper LED lighting systems. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | May 11, 2015

Plus Opto Announces Launch of LG Chem OLED Lighting Range

Plus Opto now distributes LG Chem's product range; one example is the DIY Kit that contains all what is necessary to create smart, flexible designs in minutes Plus Opto Ltd, The Optoelectronics Specialist, has signed the first agreement to distribute the OLED Lighting product range from market leader LG Chem, in the UK. The range includes the world’s largest commercially-available panel at 320x320 mm and – an industry first – a flexible OLED panel on plastic substrate with a bend radius of 30 mm. Panels are available in 3000 K and 4000 K colour temperatures. A CRI of 90, efficacy of 90 lm/W and lifetime - previously a concern for potential OLED users - up to 40000 hours, makes LG Chem OLED panels the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Sep 01, 2015

Rutronik Expands Franchise Activities

Rutronik widens its activities with two new franchise agreements for C&K products and the former IR portfolio that now belongs to Infineon. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Feb 05, 2013

Mouser Announces Availability of the Award-Winning Cree XLamp® XB-D LEDs

Cree's XB-D LED delivers twice the lumens-per-dollar of other LEDs providing up to 139lm/W in ccol white and 107lm/W in warm white at 350mA @ 85°C Mouser Electronics, Inc. today announced it is stocking the award-winning XLamp® XB-D Series LEDs from Cree. The smallest lighting class LED available, the XB-D was selected as a winner of ECN Readers Choice Tech Awards 2012. Read more »

Business News | Jan 31, 2013

Arrow Makes Avago's Next Generation High Performance, Water Resistant RGB PLCC6 LEDs Available

Avago's new and improved ASMT-YTB7 RGB PLCC6 Black Surface OneLEDs are now available from Arrow Avago's new LEDs combine very well saturated colours with high reliability characteristics that make them a perfect fit for exterior and interior full colour signage, video screens and decorative lighting applications. Read more »

Business News | Sep 05, 2012

NXP's Low-Cost 15W Flyback LED-Driver is Now Available from Arrow Electronics

Block diagram of the NXP SSL21101 low-cost driver IC This non-dimmable, high-efficiency (up to 88%), up to 15W- Flyback or Buck-Boost LED driver is the first member of our digital GreenChip platform. That enables two modes, either High PF Mode with low THD values and a bigger elcap or low ripple mode with small elcaps (majorly EMEA, class C or compliant with IEC61000-3-2 exception clause). Read more »

Business News | Sep 05, 2012

MSC Announces Availability of CE Approved GA007 Series – 7 Watt Power Supply Module

MSC's GA007 series power supplies are very compact and offer high efficiency The entire family of power supply modules with ratings from 3 W to 30 W from YDS now has received CE approval and are immediately available at MSC. The latest addition to this family is the GA007 series that delivers an output power from 6.6 W to 7.8 W, depending on the output voltage. Procurable are all standard output voltages between 3.3 V and 48 V, including many unusual values not available as catalogue products elsewhere, further ±5 V to ±24 V and +5 V with +12 V, +15 V or +24 V. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Nov 19, 2012

Freeway Lighting Solutions - A New Company Offering a Total LED Lighting Solution for Customers in Europe

At electronica in Munich, Freeway Lighting Solutions has signed the Franchised Distribution agreement with Seoul Semiconductor Freeway Lighting Solutions, a new division of the Rebound Group, is a franchised distributor offering a comprehensive range of LEDs, including COB solutions, thermal products, optics, connectors and a range of LED driver products, all from world class manufacturers. By selecting key partners and carrying in-depth stock, European customers will benefit from a total product focus and support, from the initial concept to the finished design and more. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Jul 24, 2013

MSC Announces Availability of Cree's New High-Performance Ceramic Mid-Power LEDs

The new mid-power LEDs from Cree XLamp XH series are particularly characterized by their innovative, carrier-based ceramic material and are now available at MSC. XH LEDs are optimized for fluorescent-replacement-lighting applications, such as troffers and panel lights, where high efficacy, lifetime and smooth appearance are critical. Read more »


New Name. New breakthroughs. All LED.

New Name. New breakthroughs. All LED. SMART Global Holdings, Inc. today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Cree, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:CREE) Cree LED Products business unit (“Cree LED”). Read more »


Lumileds' News LUXEON 2835N 3V-LED Extends the Mid-Power Performance Curve

Lumileds' News LUXEON 2835N 3V-LED Extends the Mid-Power Performance Curve Lumileds announced the new LUXEON 2835N, which fills in the performance gap between the LUXEON 2835C and the LUXEON 2835 HE. The three variants are relatively close in performance at 65 mA – LUXEON 2835N delivers 204 lumens per Watt – as current increases, real differences in both light output and ... Read more »


XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs – Cree's New Flagship Horticulture LED

XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs – Cree's New Flagship Horticulture LED Cree's XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs deliver improved efficiency, best in class sulfur resistance and better system level reliability through switching and dimming cycles. With the S Line versions, Cree delivers high-power LED technology that is optimized for both general and horticulture ... Read more »