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Parking Lots | Smart Lighting + IoT | Lighting Applications | May 19, 2016

Inteligent LED Lighting System for Efficient Parking Concepts

Inteligent LED Lighting System for Efficient Parking Concepts Lighting plays a key role in parking management in two important aspects: the cost, including consumption and maintenance, and users experience, which results in customer’s loyalty. That’s why LED lighting is a key technology for parking lighting because it gets a better lighting for each parking lot while reducing the energy use and, therefore, the cost. Read more »

Street Lighting | Lighting Applications | Outdoor Applications | Jan 14, 2014

Cree LED Technology Lands at Munich Airport

Munich Airport MUNICH -- Cree, a market leader in LED lighting solutions, is providing LED technology to power the apron and exterior lighting systems of Munich Airport (FMG), the seventh largest international hub in Europe, serving 38 million passengers per year. Cree collaborated with ewo, a manufacturer of high-quality lighting systems for public areas, whose F32 flood lights are replacing high-pressure sodium lamps in the airport’s high mast systems. The F32 was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing apron lighting at Munich Airport, and each one is illuminated by as many as 288 Cree® XLamp® XT-E LEDs. Read more »

Art + Museum Lighting | News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Nov 04, 2013

Osram Illuminates the Sistine Chapel with a New LED Solution

Osram names its solution for the Sistine Chapel their lighting masterpiece The light manufacturer Osram is equipping the Sistine Chapel in Rome with a new type of LED solution. After 500 years, the art-historically outstanding works can now be viewed to a level of precision unique until now, and the especially art-conserving installation enables significantly higher illuminance values. In addition, 60% less power is consumed compared to the existing lighting installation. "Art presents the most demanding requirements on light. Following the globally unique lighting solution in the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich, the world-renowned frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are now being subjected to the same extremely high lighting specifications, once again underlining the authority of Osram as integrated lighting expert operating in accordance with maximum specifications," stated Peter Laier, Osram’s Chief Technology Officer and executive board member responsible for the company’s general lighting business. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Oct 15, 2013

Venice Achieves Milestone in Energy Efficency While Maintaining Beauty and Character of Historic Luminaires

Rialto area with luminaires All along the canal-ways and on the grounds of the famous Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, vintage luminaires have been upgraded to LED lighting to reduce energy usage by over 80 percent while maintaining the look and feel of a bygone era. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Sep 10, 2013

NASA Headquarters Launches New Energy-Efficient Cree LED Lighting

As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the NASA Headquarter, owned by the federal government who is the largest energy consumer in the U.S., has been equipped with more than 1,300 Cree CR22™ architectural LED troffers to reduce energy consumption, to improve light quality and to make the building more environmentally friendly The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headquarters, a leased facility in Washington, D.C., has been outfitted with energy-saving CR Series LED Troffers by Cree, Inc. The high-performance LED installation is part of a renovation to maximize energy savings of the 600,000 square-foot building. More than 1,300 Cree CR22™ architectural LED troffers have been installed, and Piedmont Office Realty Trust, owners of the NASA headquarters building, expects the new fixtures to deliver energy savings of 52 percent over the previously installed T8 fluorescent fixtures. An additional 5,200 Cree® CR22 troffers are planned to complete the lighting upgrade. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Aug 30, 2013

SLT Asia Installs Southeast Asia's Largest Commercial OLED Installation

SLT Asia's OLED installation at Providence KL uses Philips Lumiblade GL26 tiles (inset) to providing a unique lighting solution SLT Asia, bespoke entertainment solutions specialist, has completed the largest Organic LED (OLED) installation in Southeast Asia. The dazzling display of 1,680 Philips Lumiblade GL26 tiles was installed in Providence, the Kuala Lumpur VIP club which opened in July. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 07, 2013

ETC Source Four LED™ Lights World’s Longest Viking Ship

The 120-foot Viking warship of the Danish fleet from around 1025 AD is illuminated with ETC Source Four LED™ luminaires Around 1025 AD, a fierce 120-foot Viking warship of the Danish fleet rode the northern waves. Excavated in 1997 from a Roskilde fjord bed, the ship has now been partly restored. A massive steel skeleton has been built around its wooden remains. Roskilde 6 makes a new ‘voyage,’ in the National Museum of Denmark’s exhibit Viking, June 22nd-November 17th, 2013. ETC’s Source Four LED™ fixtures, controlled by an ETC Ion® console and Unison Paradigm® system, bring the vessel to light. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Mar 01, 2013

LED Hotel Lighting Sets-Off Stunning Swarovski Crystal and Saves $138,000 a Year

Carved into a granite cliff in British Columbia, Sparkling Hill Resort is celebrated for its modern flair and creative use of Swarovski Crystal Carved into a granite cliff in the North Okanagan in close proximity to Vernon, British Columbia, Sparkling Hill Resort is celebrated for its organic and modern flair—notably its creative use of $10 million in Swarovski Crystal elements that provide an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Setting its sights on newly engaging, more energy-efficient LED hotel lighting, the European-influenced resort and wellness center recently specified 2,500 GE LED replacement lamps for its award-winning facility. The switch means an annual 828,000 kilowatt hours (kWhs) energy reduction at Sparkling Hill and will equate to $1.3 million in total lighting cost savings over 10 years. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Mar 01, 2013

Contemporary Lighting Art by Zumtobel at the New Re-Opened Kunstkammer Wien

One of Austria's most important cultural projects is the reopening of the Kunstkammer (lit-erally, chambers of art and natural wonders) in Vienna After having been closed for more than 10 years, the Kunstkammer was presented to the public again on 1 March, with the explicit goal of making the history of the Habsburg collection and its most important figureheads known to an interested contemporary audience. The highest conservation requirements, content-related didactic criteria, but also emotional factors played an equally essential role for the new presentation of the Kunstkammer. Yet, the 2,200 exhibits included in the collection could not be more different in nature: among the highlights are outstanding works of the goldsmith’s art, such as the famous Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini, first-rate specimens of sculpture, such as the Krumau Madonna, masterly bronze statuettes, filigree ivory objects, but also precious clocks, games and scientific instruments. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Feb 27, 2013

Intelligent LED Illumination Concept for an Exclusive Room Atmosphere

Stylish and bright rooms are the result of the new lighting concept of the SCALA Turm Hotel dilitronics GmbH makes the rooms of the recently opened SCALA Turm Hotel (a 4-star hotel) dazzlingly shine: The experts of the high-tech company of Jena developed a sophisticated illumination concept for the second tallest hotel in Germany based completely on LED technique and digital control components. Light stripes integrated into ceilings and walls can produce a broad color spectrum, allowing for room atmospheres according to one's individual wishes. By implementing the dilitronics company's complete package, which includes drivers for dimming and controlling the colors as well as the power supply units and luminaires, the SCALA Turm Hotel can count on a modern and, at the same time, energy-saving system of illumination. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Feb 12, 2013

Marl International Transforms Sports Hall at Top School with LED Lighting

The new lights offers cost savings and clearly improves the appearance Marl International has transformed the sports hall at one of the North of England’s most prestigious independent schools, Abbey Gate College, Cheshire, by installing LED lighting that improved the hall environment, and provided much brighter and more even lighting that comes on instantly. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Feb 12, 2013

Grah Lighting Products to Illuminate Ski Track in Norway

The new lighting illuminates the ski track in winter months on average six hours a day Environmentally friendly LED technology is suitable for installation in nature, hence Grah Lighting’s products will illuminate cross-country ski track in Northern Europe. Cutting-edge technology will enable the usage of ski track in long winter evenings. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Dec 14, 2012

JTC Extends "LED Challenge" Project at Singapore's CleanTech Park

JTC ’s CleanTech Park is aimed at positioning Singapore as a global test-bed and the preferred site for early adoption of green technology products and solutions for urbanised settings. The masterplan for CleanTech Park was launched in February 2010. In line with the CleanTech Park’s vision, JTC initiated the “Living Lab” Programme which aims at engaging external partners and the CleanTech Park community to test-bed “yet to commercialise” sustainable solutions at Singapore’s first eco-business park. Read more »

News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Oct 09, 2012

Ardo UK Mobile Racking Facility Reduces Annual Lighting-Related Energy Costs by 97% With Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System

Digital Lumens provides a broad range of Intelligent Light Engines (ILEs) for highbay and midbay applications to realize huge energy saving Digital Lumens today announced that Ardo UK, a leading supplier of high-quality frozen fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates (potato, rice and pasta), has upgraded an 80,000-cubic-meter mobile racking cold storage facility in Kent, England to the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, saving 97% of its lighting-related energy costs annually. The system combines wirelessly networked intelligent LED fixtures with LightRules lighting management software to provide Ardo UK with massive energy savings -- more than 795,656 kWhs of lighting and refrigeration annually -- while eliminating more than 427.7 metric tons of CO2. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Jul 06, 2012

Zumtobel and the City Council of Zurich Investigate Performance of T5/T16 Lamps and an LED System in a Field-Test

Overall result of the corridor lighting investigation, fluorescent lamps versus LEDs In collaboration with Zumtobel, the City Council of Zurich converted an existing lighting installation into an LED-only installation and compared the latter with an identical conventional solution used for the same application. Read more »


Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution

Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution Edison Opto offers customized UVA + White and UVC solutions for continuous disinfection to reduce bacteria and airborne viruses. In the wake of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the people’s need for anti-epidemic, sterilization, and anti-virus products has escalated, ranging from portable ... Read more »


J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter

J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter J Series 2835 3V G Class LEDs combine high efficacy and superior value in an industry-standard package. Optimized for both horticulture and general illumination applications where color quality is critical, these LEDs are valued for their high efficacy and uniform appearance in applications such as ... Read more »


LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED

LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED Lumileds, innovator of the original 5050 LED, has expanded its range of options to meet manufacturers’ needs for differentiated solutions addressing cost, efficacy, and power. The new LUXEON 5050 HE LED directly addresses the increasing demand for solar and off-grid solutions, renewable power ... Read more »


NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München

NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München LED manufacturer NICHIA, a specialist in highly efficient lighting, Human Centric Lighting and the imitation of natural light, will participate in the Munich Lichtwoche 2021 from 5 to 12 November with a light installation, two presentations and a discussion on the topic of UV-C. The light ... Read more »