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Lighting Applications | Oct 20, 2010

SPAR Opens First LED-only Lighting Supermarkets in Vienna and Murau

Even from outside, the SPAR supermarket in Vienna presents an ecological appearance: the accessible roof is in stunning contrast to traditional supermarket buildings. With its new shop concept, SPAR Austria has set an example: almost at the same time, SPAR’s first climate-protection supermarkets were opened in Murau and on Vienna’s Engerthstrasse, featuring a lighting solution by Zumtobel that is completely based on LEDs. For these supermarkets, Zumtobel had developed a uniform lighting concept based on LED luminaires only: general lighting in the two supermarkets is ensured by the Tecton LED continuous-row lighting system, which was presented for the first time at Light+Building 2010. The LED version of this tried-and-tested product by Zumtobel offers high lighting quality combined with efficient light sources that are nearly maintenance-free. Even the shelves, the side rooms and the outdoor areas are illuminated by LED products only. In combination with other innovative structural measures, the branches will save 50% of energy and up to 80 t of CO2. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 31, 2010

New Lighting Solution for Hamburg’s Museum of Art and Industry

The new entrance area of Hamburg’s Museum of Art and Industry welcomes visitors with a friendly atmosphere and facilitates orientation. The suspended Supersystem provides appropriate accent lighting. At the refurbished Museum of Art and Industry, the multifunctional Supersystem LED lighting system works at its best: paintings and sculptures are highlighted in all their facets by its attractive, brilliant light. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 18, 2010

Spacecannon´s LED Custom Fixtures Make Helix Bridge Gleam in Beautiful Light

10,000 High Efficiency LEDs in custom fixtures make Helix Bridge gleam in a beautiful light. The futuristic Helix Bridge marks an important step in the development of Marina Bay and has become a milestone for Singapore, both from an engineering and architectural point of view, as the first example of using a double helix structural solution for a bridge. At present, nothing compares to this structure. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 17, 2010

Enfis to Light up Asian Games NBA Stadium in Guangzhou, China

Design concept for the stadium exterior lighting. Enfis Group has secured the contract to supply LED arrays and drivers for the NBA Stadium under construction in Guangzhou, China for this November’s Asian games. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 13, 2010

Europe's First All-LED Industrial Plant Opens in The Netherlands

cree_xlamp-mpl_sm-jpg The LED lighting revolution achieved another victory with the opening of an industrial plant lit exclusively with LEDs. Located in Etten Leur, the Netherlands, the full-service consumer products packaging plant is owned and operated by Kompak. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Jul 01, 2010

Toshiba LEDs To Light Up the Louvre Museum - Toshiba and Louvre Sign a Partnership Agreement

The Louvre Museum: The Napoléon Court and the Pyramids. Toshiba Corporation announced that it has concluded that it will help to light up one of the world's most popular museums under a partnership agreement with the Louvre Museum in its lighting renovation project. Under the agreement, Toshiba will support lighting renovations in some of the museums most visited public spaces with provision of its state-of-the art LED lighting and renovation costs. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Dec 17, 2009

Energy-Saving LED Showcases Shed New Light on Denmark’s Crown Jewels

ino_led_sm-jpg New solid-state showcase fixtures utilizing LUXEON® Rebel LEDs are changing the way that Denmark’s Rosenborg Castle lights its popular collection of crown jewels and decorative objects, enabling an 80% energy savings as well as a dramatic reduction in incandescent-generated heat that threatened to damage the royal relics. Read more »

| Dec 14, 2009

Traxon supported PLDA's International Lighting Event - Lighting Alingsås, 2009 in Sweden

trax_mesh_sm-jpg Traxon’s cutting-edge, Red Dot Award winning Mesh RGB was successfully used to demonstrate the lighting design concept “fun landscape” at this year’s international Lighting event. Read more »

| Dec 10, 2009

Philips Celebrates 10 Years of Lighting Times Square Ball

The once-more reworked Times Square Ball. Philips Electronics proudly announces that the 2009-2010 holiday season marks the company’s 10th anniversary as the official Lighting Partner to the world-famous Times Square Ball. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Nov 05, 2009

MULTIFORM Creates a Fountain of Magic

Solo Mio Fountain Multiform Lighting were recently contacted by Environetics, suppliers of ‘Magic Fountain’ systems, who were intending to use their MultiPac 4 channel DMX dimmer to control fountain pumps and lighting in their new ‘Solo Mio’ sound activated plus interactive fountain systems. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Nov 02, 2009

Enfis and Cooper Lighting Come Together to Deliver Visionary Lighting Solution for Iconic Structure in Abu Dhabi

A total of 208,800 LEDs were used on the project making it one of the largest LED projects in the world. It’s brand new. It can be seen from miles around. It’s an architectural landmark that embodies key influences and inspirations from ancient Islamic art and traditions, melded with the artistry and geometries associated with speed, movement and spectacle. Its visual impact is all made possible by leading-edge LED technology. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Oct 07, 2009

First Highway Service Area with LED Lighting in Germany

lum_led_leuchte_walsleben_sm-jpg Since some weeks travelers on highway A24 between Berlin and Hamburg, Germany will be enlightened about one hour north of Berlin. The service area on one side of the highway is shining brilliantly whereas the one on the opposite side is showing the muddy and shadowy light drivers are used to since many years. Here a pilot project is demonstrating the highly visible difference between today and tomorrow. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Sep 07, 2009

Portuguese Cities Expand Installation of Luxeon LED based Street Lights

phil_port_street_lights_sm-jpg The implementation of efficient, attractive LED street lighting in Portugal has gathered pace over the summer as EnergiaViva has completed installations of the new UrbanLED street light in ten towns and cities. Installation work in a further 20 Portuguese municipalities is expected to have been completed this fall. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 26, 2009

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' Reception Building Is Lit Entirely by LEDs

The reception building of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg (Germany) is one of the first buildings in Germany that is lit completely by LEDs inside and out (Source: OSRAM). The new, freestanding reception building at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ head office in Regensburg (Germany) shows the variety of applications of light-emitting diodes (LEDs); all the lighting functions are handled by LEDs. Read more »

Lighting Applications | Aug 11, 2009

Insta Shown in a Favourable Light

insta_instalight_2022_sm-jpg Entering the luminous lobby, the visitor immediately understands that Insta knows how to deal with light. With its removal into the new development centre Hohe Steinert in Lüdenscheid, Insta has extended the modern production building of 2002. Read more »


Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution

Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution Edison Opto offers customized UVA + White and UVC solutions for continuous disinfection to reduce bacteria and airborne viruses. In the wake of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the people’s need for anti-epidemic, sterilization, and anti-virus products has escalated, ranging from portable ... Read more »


J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter

J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter J Series 2835 3V G Class LEDs combine high efficacy and superior value in an industry-standard package. Optimized for both horticulture and general illumination applications where color quality is critical, these LEDs are valued for their high efficacy and uniform appearance in applications such as ... Read more »


LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED

LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED Lumileds, innovator of the original 5050 LED, has expanded its range of options to meet manufacturers’ needs for differentiated solutions addressing cost, efficacy, and power. The new LUXEON 5050 HE LED directly addresses the increasing demand for solar and off-grid solutions, renewable power ... Read more »


NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München

NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München LED manufacturer NICHIA, a specialist in highly efficient lighting, Human Centric Lighting and the imitation of natural light, will participate in the Munich Lichtwoche 2021 from 5 to 12 November with a light installation, two presentations and a discussion on the topic of UV-C. The light ... Read more »