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IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 30, 2010
Color Kinetics and High End Systems announce licensing agreement
Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) and High End Systems Inc., respective industry leaders in LED and entertainment lighting systems, today announced a global licensing agreement that reflects a continuing surge in the use of LED sources for stage and event lighting. High End Systems will license Color Kinetics' patent portfolio to develop its first line of products incorporating multicolor LEDs. The initial offering will uniquely combine conventional sources with LEDs for accent purposes. Read more »
IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 29, 2010
Nichia and Luminus Enter Cross Licensing and Manufacturing Partnership
Nichia Corporation and Luminus Devices Inc., today announced an alliance based on cross-licensing of intellectual property, technology sharing, and a manufacturing partnership. The two companies have agreed to combine their expertise and resources in order to bring to the market a new breed of high power white LEDs. Read more »
IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Dec 30, 1969
Flip-chip light emitting diode with high light-emitting efficiency
Flip-chip light emitting diode with high light-emitting efficiency A flip-chip light emitting diode with high light-emitting efficiency is disclosed. The LED includes a transparent conductive layer, an oxide layer, a reflective metal layer, a conductive layer, and a protective diffusion layer sequentially disposed over a p-type semiconductor layer. Thereby, light emitting from a light-emitting layer toward the p-type semiconductor layer is reflected and penetrating a transparent substrate and emitting outwards. Thus the problem of light shielded from the flip-chip type LED is solved and the light-emitting efficiency is improved. Furthermore, the present invention disposes the LED chip in a face-down orientation on a conductive substrate by flip-chip technology so as to enhance heat-dissipation efficiency of the LED. Read more »