Products | LED Fixtures | Aug 10, 2015

Excellent Lighting Conditions for Excellent Visibility

All ShinyU products have in common their excellent thermal design for a long reliable lifetime Shinyu 150 W of Long-distance Spotlight with a unique optical design, by using only 16 units of 150 W each for total 2400 W projection lamp at a distance of over 120 m which can light up with no dark spot for 200 m of the sports filed. It also does not waste any of the luminous efficiency, in the same space the same units of the lamp were used are less than the traditional energy saving lamps. More, comparing the traditional lamp, Shinyu 150W achieving the cost saving for more than 6 times. ... Read more »

Products | Lamps | Jul 22, 2015

Soraa Launches World’s First 4-Degree AR111 LED Lamp

Soraa expandes its popular AR11 lamp series by 4-degree spot light version Designed to precisely and beautifully light small objects and spaces, Soraa, the world leader in GaN-on-GaN™ LED technology, launched today the first full visible spectrum 4-degree AR111 LED lamp. The ANSI size standard, 6 W AR111 4D LED lamp has outstanding peak intensity; flawless beam definition and edges; exceptional color (CRI of 95 and R9 of 95) and whiteness rendering; and is customizable with the company’s Snap System. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Jul 22, 2015

Digital Lumens Unveils Direct/Indirect Intelligent High Bay LED Fixtures

The single light bars of Digital Lumens' DLE high bay luminaire series (e.g. 4-bar version DLE 48) may be inverted for indirect lighting Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, today unveiled its high bay to offer both direct and indirect lighting capabilities in a single fixture, as well as LightRules 2.11, a new release of the company’s award-winning lighting and energy management software. Read more »

* | Products | LED Fixtures | Jun 30, 2015

Stanley Electric – Unique 3 Degree Beam Angle LED Projector with Various CCT and Single Color

Stanley's new  LED Projector has many applications in archirectural lighting to create striking scenes Stanley Electric Co., Ltd, of Japan, is pleased to announce the addition of single colour red, green, amber and blue, as well as new CCT versions in 2200 K, 3000 K and 4000 K, to the previously released LLM0545A in 5000 K. This groundbreaking unit, using specially designed ultra-narrow beam optics, makes it possible to illuminate objects at large distances, while requiring only around 22 W of power, in a unit weighing less than 4.5 kg. Read more »

Products | Lamps | May 06, 2015

LUX Introduces the Only Dimmable, UL Certified, LED Filament Bulbs

In partnership with Lattice Power, LUX Technology Group's unique LED filament bulbs replicate the warm glow of an incandescent bulb LUX Technology Group, Inc. introduces the only dimmable filament LED light bulb. With its beautiful all-glass design, it looks stunning and emits the same warm light as an incandescent bulb with all the benefits of an LED including long life and efficiency. The filament LEDs offer 90 percent energy savings and excellent efficacy of over 135 lumens per watt, so you no longer have to sacrifice design for efficiency. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Apr 30, 2015

ALT Introduces Suspended Fixture with Contemporary Design

Alt's new LED T8 fixture incorporates all the quality features for which ALT products are well known Taiwanese high power LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) introduces a suspended LED T8 fixture that exhibits of slim and simple elegance, along with an impeccable internal LED heat-dissipation design optimized for illumination and its output consistency. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Apr 29, 2015

Cree Reinvents Light Experience with Its Cutting-Edge WaveMax Technology LED Optical Platform

Cree's new WaveMax™ technology based LN Series promises exceptional efficacy, high quality lighting and a sleek, architectural design Cree, Inc.ushers in a new era of LED lighting with the introduction of Cree WaveMax™ Technology, an optical breakthrough that enables next generation light experiences. Challenging the possibilities of today’s lighting, the waveguide platform features a revolutionary combination of control, uniformity and efficiency to deliver a superior visual experience in new form factors that are intelligent in both design and function – achieved only through Cree® LED technology. Read more »

Products | Lamps | Apr 20, 2015

Green Creative Releases Direct Plug and Play T8 U-Bent Dir LED Tube

Green Creative claims that their new T8 U-Bent Dir LED tube truly replaces a fluorescent tube in look and performance Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces the launch of its first T8 U-Bent 16W Dir LED tube. Part of Green Creative’s new Titianium LED Series 4.0, the T8 U-Bent 16 W Dir tube was designed to match the form factor and light output of the fluorescent U-Bent tube it is replacing. The T8 U-Bent Dir tube is also compatible with Instant Start ballasts so no rewiring is required during installation. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Apr 17, 2015

Meteor Lighting Debuts Whiz Bidirectional High Bay LED Luminaire

Meteor Lighting's Whiz Bidirectional high bay LED luminaire offers upward and downward light control Meteor Lighting has a new addition to the popular Whiz Series, the Whiz Bidirectional. It is one of the first LED high bay luminaire to deliver upward and downward lighting control for simultaneous illumination of ceiling and floor in 150 W and 250 W. Majority of LED fixtures on the market cannot deliver both up and down light, which in turn could obscure a grand ceiling, becoming an issue for architects and lighting designers. To rectify this problem, Meteor developed Whiz Bidirectional to ... Read more »

Products | Lamps | Apr 01, 2015

Green Creative Releases 75W and 100W Replacement A-Lamps Suitable for Enclosed Fixtures

The suitability in enclosed fixtures is the most significant feature of Green Creative's latest addition to their A-lamps portfolio Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces the launch of its first 75 W and 100 W replacement A-lamps. Part of Green Creative’s new Titanium LED Series 4.0, the Energy Star® certified A19 12 W and A21 17 W lamps feature a fully omnidirectional design. Like many other Green Creative products, these A-lamps are designed for use in totally enclosed fixtures without affecting performance or lifetime. Read more »

Products | Lamps | Mar 27, 2015

Soraa's New PAR20 LED Lamp for Perfect Lighting Design

Many lighting designers prefer PAR20 lamps for their installations because they recognize them to have the perfect size Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced today that it has added to its full visible spectrum LED product portfolio a PAR20 lamp with incredibly high CBCP, flawless beam definition and edges, and outstanding color and whiteness rendering. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the PAR20 features the company’s Point Source Optics™ and Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) Color™ and VP₃ White™ technologies—providing a superior replacement for 75 W to 90 W ... Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 16, 2015

Lumibright Introduces Grain Series LED Spots

Lumibright's Grain series LED fixtures impose especially  because of the combinitaion of an elegant and compact body with high performance and long lifetime Grain series has been designed and developed with LED sharp chip with an elegant and compact body which gives 50,000 hours of stylish lighting. In this series, it offers many options in terms of the model and type of spot light which is most useful in indoor lighting recommended for various applications in your bedroom, kitchen, washroom, living room or study room. It is an easy to use ceiling recessed spotlight, available in fixed as well as adjustable fixture to focus the light in your ... Read more »

* | Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 16, 2015

Willighting Releases an IP65 LED Flood Light With High Brightness

55 W LED flood light in IP65 Willighting launched a high brightness led flood light in IP65. Adopting Bridgelux/Epistar chip and Meanwell driver with UL to ensure high quality. Read more »

* | Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 13, 2015

Shanghai Winsun Electronic launches URG < 19 COB Down Light

Winsun URG < 19 COB Down Light, Superior Anti-glare design & smart dim low to 5%, comforts and protects your eyes well, powered by Nichia COB LED, 3/4/6/8 inch abundant size Shanghai Winsun, a professional LED lighting designer and manufacturer who specialize in indoor use led lighting products, recently proud to announce the launch of new innovative COB Down Light series, whose UGR<19 and smart dimmable can lowest to 5% with almost all leading edge, trailing edge dimmers or dimming systems. Perfect Anti-Glare design with UGR<19 testing reports, provide uniformity and avoid spot effect, comforts and protects your eyes well. Read more »

Products | LED Fixtures | Mar 12, 2015

Verbatim Launches Zero Flicker, Anti-Glare LED Ceiling Panels

Verbatim's new LED ceiling panels offer low glare, high luminous flux, and are EN60598-1 compliant Verbatim has launched a set of high performance zero flicker LED ceiling panels available with two different diffusers: a prismatic version to produce soft, diffuse lighting that avoids uncomfortable glare in workspace areas and a high lumen output option for use in corridors and hallways. Read more »