Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 15, 2014

ALTLED Top-Quality Customized T8 Tubes

ALTLEDs latest T8 tubes are available with different optics satisfying any requirement ALT, Aeon Lighting Technology provides total lighting solution, made to fulfill all your needs. Offering the brightest and absolutely the best quality LED T8 tubes in the industry, ALT aims to provide customization services for our worldwide customers. From 1ft-10ft, HPF, high CRI, 6 lens types, and for any type of application area suitable for T8 tubes, ALT will be able to fulfill your requests and needs. They are bright enough to be used as traditional high/low bay lighting which consumes about 2-3 times electricity. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 31, 2014

Philips Introduces OneSpace, a Luminous Ceiling Predicted by Isaac Asimov 50 Years Ago

Already in 1964, the professor of biochemistry Isaac Asimov predicted “By 2014, electroluminescent panels will be in common use, and ceilings and walls will glow softly...’’ Philips, the global leader in lighting, will reveal an innovative luminous panel that can cover a whole ceiling with homogenous white light. The panel will be displayed at Light + Building, the world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building services technology in Frankfurt (March 30 – April 4, 2014). Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 31, 2014

Osram's Lightify Exploits the Diverse Options of Light

Lightify contains almost everything that light is able to do today With Lightify, Osram for the first time presents a lighting system at Light+Building 2014 that enables users to exploit a wide range of lighting possibilities using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Lightify simply integrates into existing WLAN networks, and users are able to set a wide diversity of light atmospheres. "Connected light is yet another important step for us towards the digital light era. With Lightify we have transformed an idea into an innovation for end consumers and professional users that contains almost everything that light is able to do today" said Peter Laier, Osram's Chief Technology Officer and executive board member responsible for the company's general illumination business. Lightify will be available from the start of the coming lighting season in Germany and other European markets. Read more »

Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 31, 2014

Light Cloud Series by NITEKO: The New Frontier on Smart Lighting Management

From Niteko and Acotel cooperation born the Light Cloud Fixture series, the new frontier in remote lighting control Thanks to Light Cloud series is possible to manage by remote every Niteko illumination point with several functional advantages as turning ON/OFF management and lighting level control, allowing to reduce consumption when it is possible to reduce the luminous flux ( sunrise and sunset, good weather conditions, low presence of car / pedestrians, etc.). Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 28, 2014

Soraa Announces Simply Perfect™ PAR and AR111 Lamps for Light+Building

Like all other Soraa lamps these new products also feature 3-phosphor LEDs with violet pump Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, today announced a full range of LED AR111, PAR30, and PAR38 lamps that will be available to ship in late Q2. All Soraa lamps feature 3-phosphor LEDs with violet pump that enable benefits such as Point Source Optics for beautiful, uniform beams of high intensity, Violet 3-Phosphor (VP³) Natural White and VP³ Full-spectrum Vivid Color, which reveal the magic of whiteness and colors in every environment. Now, Soraa’s Simply Perfect™ Light is available in a portfolio of larger form factors essential for retail, hospitality and residential applications. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 28, 2014

Samsung Debuts New Smart Bluetooth Controllable LED Bulb at Light + Building 2014

Samsung's new Smart Bulb will be available for B2C and B2B markets, whereby B2B customers can also deploy Zigbee Samsung Electronics announced it will launch a range of LED lamp solutions at Light + Building 2014, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and technology, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany from 30 March to 4 April 2014. The highlight is a Smart Bulb thet includes Bluetooth controllable LED lighting designed for the future. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 28, 2014

New Color Temperature Adjustable LED MR16 Lamp Smoothly Mimics Halogen Dimming

The second generation of Ledzworld's “Color Temperature Adjusted” (CTA®) dimming technology allows a CCT range from 2700 K down to 1600 K while adjustments can be made to meet customers’ specific demands Ledzworld, the innovator behind the top brands in commercial LED lighting, will display at Light + Building next week a breakthrough color temperature adjustable LED MR16 lamp that perfectly emulates the color tones of halogen light bulbs when dimmed. Now users can create the right color temperature ambiance through dimming while enjoying the energy-efficient and long-lasting benefits of LED lighting. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 26, 2014

Lextar to Unveil Novel LED Point-Light Candle Lamp at Light+Building

Lextar Electronics Corp. announces its LED point-light candle lamp based on its significant advances made recently in light source design. This new candle lamp illuminates objects from a small pointed light source. It spreads outward in all directions as wide as nearly 360 degree, giving identically glowing effects to the starlight. The Company will debut this new product at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” from March 30th through April 4th. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 26, 2014

Light Efficient Design Introduces Compact Lamp LED Retrofit Solution

Light Efficient Design's new LED-8039 is available in 3000 K, 4200 K, and 5700 K Light Efficient Design introduces the LED-8039, a compact LED retrofit lamp that replaces 70W HID lamps. Measuring less than 6 inches tall and less than 3 inches wide, the LED-8039 is suitable for applications such as walkways and steps, and can squeeze into spots that other lamps can’t. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 25, 2014

Verbatim Release Innovative Optics for Improved LED Lamp Performance

Some of Verbatim's new optics are the Mirageball (right) used in A lamps (left) and the dichroic-effect optics of the new MR16 lamps (center) With just under a week to go before the start of the trade show Light+Building, Verbatim announce they will unveil a number of LED lamp innovations from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation: a dichroic-effect MR16 LED lamp; advanced omnidirectional optics for Classic A lamps; and the development of a range of true-colour flame candle lamps utilizing VxRGB technology. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 19, 2014

New Green Creative Universal Voltage PAR38 19 W LED Lamp

Green Creative recommends the PAR38 19 W 277 V as a HID retrofit solution, also for wet locations Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer is proud to announce the launch of the PAR38 19 W 277 V directional lamp. Part of Green Creative’s PAR Series, this UL classified lamp runs on 120-277 VAC, making it one of the few universal voltage PAR38s available today. This 19 W energy-efficient LED lamp replaces a 120W halogen, allowing end users to save more than 85% on electricity costs. The PAR38 19 W 277 V also makes a great HID retrofit solution by turning on instantly, lasting 40,000 hours and requiring no ballast upkeep or maintenance costs. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 18, 2014

Lextar Next-Generation Ultra-Slim Direct-Lit LED Panel Light - Just 28 mm Thick

Lextar's new direct-lit LED panel light is ultra slim. - Just 28 mm thick, a 40% slimmer than other comparable products Lextar Electronics Corp. will release an ultra slim direct-lit panel light. Only 28 mm in thickness, this new product is free from the stereotypically bulky exterior of its comparable products. Besides, it minimized the number of LED thanks to Lextar’s state-of-the-art direct-lit backlighting technology. Lextar’s new ultra-slim direct-lit panel light features low glare, creating a new alternative for customers who value both aesthetics and light quality. The Company will debut this new product at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” from March 30th through April 4th ,2014. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 14, 2014

Cree Introduces 100 W,1600 lm LED Replacement Bulb Smashing $20 Price Barrier

Cree's new 100-watt LED Bulb delivers 1600 lumens while consuming just 18 watts In just one year, the Cree® LED Bulb has become the best-selling LED bulb in America, enabling more than $1 billion* in lifetime energy savings for consumers. Cree, Inc. and The Home Depot® are continuing the successful formula of delivering innovative products at a price that gives consumers more reasons to replace their energy-wasting incandescent bulbs by lowering the prices of the Cree LED Bulb product line by as much as 23 percent. To further drive adoption and expand the market, Cree is also introducing the first 100-watt replacement LED bulb to look and light like a light bulb. The new 100-watt Cree LED Bulb delivers no-compromise LED light at a breakthrough price of just $19.97—the lowest-priced 100-watt LED replacement bulb. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 07, 2014

UGetLight to Introduce New Liquid Cooled Led Bulbs at Light+Building 2014 in Germany

UGetLight's latest liquid-cooled LED bulbs to be relased at Light+Building cover 6, 8 and 12 W A19 lamps of different CCTs from 3000 K to 6500 K Beijing UgetLight Co.,Ltd (Ugetlight) is taking advantage of led replacement trends under worldwide incandescent lamps bans by introducing its new generation of led-“UGL” liquid-colored led bulbs at Light +Building 2014 (Booth #10.1-G61) which will be held during March 30 to April 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Adopted liquid cooling patent technology, liquid cold LED light is now considered as the best replacement of traditional incandescent lamps. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 21, 2014

Cree Extends Breakthrough XSP Series Street Light Performance to Outdoor Area Lighting

Cree XSP Series Area LED luminaire and XSPW Wall Pack LED luminaires said to reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to MH-luminaires Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) is expanding its outdoor lighting portfolio with the new XSP Series Area LED luminaire and the XSPW™ Wall Pack LED luminaire, which cut energy consumption by 65 percent* and nearly eliminate maintenance costs to easily replace the millions of outdated HID luminaires currently installed in North America. Leveraging the breakthrough innovations from the industry-changing Cree® XSP Series LED street light, the Cree XSP Series Area LED luminaire and the XSPW Wall Pack LED luminaire provide unmatched performance at an affordable price that makes the switch to LED lighting the clear choice. Read more »


Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter

Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter NEW NOW: OSRAM’s standalone solution for emergency lighting testing, reporting and maintenance. Meet the QBM DALI EL-T CONV, a converter transforming existing DALI emergency luminaires into wireless ones, all controlled by the same lighting system. Its benefits? Allowing you to design all the ... Read more »


Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use

Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use Rapid advancements in the field of solid-state lighting have presented opportunities for the use of LED-based systems for calibrations typically performed with lamp-based sources. Their highly efficient and long-lived performance, rapid power up, and compact size have made LED-based sources an ... Read more »


LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules: LUXroll (UL Listed)

LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules:  LUXroll (UL Listed) The Indirect Costs of Using Rigid Boards Make Switching to Flexible LED Modules a Compelling Choice. Read more »


New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio

New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio Lumileds added cyan, its eighth color, to the LUXEON Rubix high-power LED family enabling multi-color driven systems to produce very high CRI white light that is so important in entertainment lighting. Adding the cyan LED fills a significant wavelength gap between blue and green in a system and ... Read more »


New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022

New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022 Frankfurt am Main, January 10, 2022. As the pandemic situation continues to develop very dynamically, Messe Frankfurt is postponing the world's leading trade fair for light and building technology to autumn 2022. Last December, intensive discussions with customers and cooperation partners had ... Read more »