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IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 17, 2008

Toyoda Gosei has a license from Dr. Neumark for the '499 patent

Concerning the matter of the complaint filed with the United States International Trade Commission (the “ITC”) by Dr. Gertrude Neumark Rothschild (“Dr. Neumark”) of New York State, U.S.A., on February 20, 2008, seeking a block on imports, etc., of short-wavelength LEDs, etc., based on U.S. patent No. 5252499 (“the ’499 patent”) held by Dr. Neumark, please be informed as follows. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 10, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor Signs License Agreement with Professor Neumark Rothschild

Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers, signed a license agreement with Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild of the United States in early April 2008. Professor Neumark Rothschild, formerly with Columbia University, filed a complaint in the United States International Trade Commission (US ITC) against 34 companies on February 19, 2008. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Mar 26, 2008

Intematix Adds Latest Phosphor Patent Award to Growing IP Portfolio

Intematix Corp. a leading innovator of advanced materials solutions and provider of patent-backed merchant phosphor products for solid state lighting applications, today announced the addition of US Patent Number 7,311,858 for silicate based yellow-green phosphors to its growing intellectual property portfolio. Yellow-green phosphors are typically combined with a blue LED emitter to produce energy efficient solid state white lighting in a growing variety of applications. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Mar 26, 2008

PHILIPS SSLS Licenses Patent Portfolio to Renaissance Lighting

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, the new entity formed by Philips' acquisition of Color Kinetics, and Renaissance Lighting have completed a licensing agreement that provides Renaissance Lighting with access to Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions' worldwide patent portfolio. The agreement enables Renaissance Lighting to offer its own intelligent LED lighting products, as well as to use Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions' core technology in other new product development. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Mar 26, 2008

ITC Investigation on Products Suspected to Infringe Professor Neumark's LED/LD Patent

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has voted to institute an investigation of certain short-wavelength light emitting diodes, laser diodes, and products containing same. The products at issue in this investigation are short-wavelength (e.g., blue, violet) LEDs and laser diodes that are used in products such as hand-held mobile devices, instrument panels, billboards, traffic lights, HD DVD players (e.g., Blu-ray disc players), and data storage devices. 30 companies are affected by the investigation. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Feb 28, 2008

Cree Granted Patent on LED with Current Confinement Structure and Surface Roughening

Cross section of one general embodiment of the invention Cree, a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors that enhance the value of LED solid-state lighting products by significantly increasing their energy performance, has got granted patent number US7,335,920B2, dealing with enhancement of LED efficiency. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Feb 22, 2008

Catalyst Granted Patent on Switching Architecture for LED Lighting Products

Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ:CATS) a supplier of analog, mixed-signal and non-volatile memory semiconductors, announced it has received a patent for a unique step-down switching regulator circuit architecture applicable to step-down regulators for driving high brightness LEDs. The patent, titled “LED current bias control using step-down regulator” (patent number 7,323,828), was developed to simplify the design of high brightness LED lighting in emerging household, commercial and automotive lighting applications. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Feb 20, 2008

Light Emitting Diode Light Source with Heat Transfer Means

Basic System of the "Light emitting diode light source with heat transfer means" High brightness LEDs are mounted directly on a heat pipe or are mounted on a substrate, which is mounted on the heat pipe. The heat pipe can be a common electrode for the LEDs mounted on the heat pipe. Multiple heat pipes can be arranged so that the LED arrays form a light recycling cavity to emit and reflect light. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Feb 11, 2008

OSRAM Adds Another Renowned Manufacturer to Its List of Licensees

OSRAM has granted a license, in return for an appropriate fee, to PerkinElmer Inc., the American supplier of precision and photonic components, that allows it to manufacture and market white LEDs with conversion technology. The patent for this technology is held by the OSRAM subsidiary OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jan 29, 2008

Monolithic multi-color, multi-quantum well semiconductor LED

Structure of the invented multi-color semiconductor light emitting diode (LED) A monolithic, multi-color semiconductor light emitting diode (LED) is formed with a multi-bandgap, multi-quantum well (MQW) active light emitting region which emits light at spaced-apart wavelength bands or regions ranging from UV to red. The MQW active light emitting region comprises a MQW layer stack including n quantum barriers which space apart n−1 quantum wells. Embodiments include those wherein the MQW layer stack includes quantum wells of at least two different bandgaps for emitting light of two different wavelengths, e.g., in the blue or green regions and in at least one other region, and the intensities of the emissions are adjusted to provide a preselected color of combined light emission, preferably white light.m barrier, a 3rd green quantum well, a quantum barrier, a 1st blue quantum well, a quantum barrier, a 2nd blue quantum well, and a quantum barrier. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jan 07, 2008

Patent Dispute - Next Round: A Lawsuit Is Filed Against Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. for Defamation

Nichia Corporation announced today that it filed a lawsuit in the Seoul Central District Court seeking compensation for damages for defamation against Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Seoul Semiconductor”). Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jan 07, 2008

Patent Dispute - Next Round: Seoul Semiconductor filed a defamation lawsuit against Nichia

Seoul Semiconductor announced today that it has filed a defamation lawsuit against Nichia Corporation for Nichia’s false statements about N.D. Cal Case (“Design Case”) with Central District Court in Seoul, Korea. Seoul Semiconductor’s suit against Nichia, filed on January 7, 2008, seeks compensation for damages for defamation in the amount of 0.5 billion Korean won (approximately US$531,000). Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Dec 07, 2007

Nexxus Lighting Issued New Patent for Submersible LED Lighting Technology

Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (NASDAQ CAPITAL:NEXS), a world leader in advanced lighting technology, including solid-state LED and fiber optic lighting systems and controls used in commercial, architectural, signage, swimming pool and retail lighting, today announced that it has been issued a new patent related to its LED lighting technology. US patent number 7,303,301 is for a unique method of heat sinking an LED light engine in a lighting fixture when it is submerged in a body of water. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Dec 05, 2007

Seoul Semiconductor files a Complaint against Nichia with U.S.I.T.C.

Seoul Semiconductor Corp. filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) alleging that Nichia Corporation engaged in unfair trade practices through the importation and sales of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based laser diode products that infringe Seoul Semiconductor's U.S. Patent No. 5,321,713 ('713 patent). Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Nov 14, 2007


Seoul Semiconductor has substantially prevailed at U.S. Design Case. - Found Not Liable for Damages on 3 of 4 Nichia Corporation’s U.S. Design Patents. Seoul Semicondutor files patent infringement suit against Nichia in the US. - It is pertaining to its patent covering all of Nichia's LED products. Read more »


NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München

NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München LED manufacturer NICHIA, a specialist in highly efficient lighting, Human Centric Lighting and the imitation of natural light, will participate in the Munich Lichtwoche 2021 from 5 to 12 November with a light installation, two presentations and a discussion on the topic of UV-C. The light ... Read more »


deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light – Good Life in Wintertime, November 3, 2021

deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light – Good Life in Wintertime,  November 3, 2021 The Good Light Group, together with the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), the Daylight Academy (DLA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and Luger Research (LR), are organizing and presenting the “Good Light – Good Life” lectures. The webinar ... Read more »