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IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Sep 24, 2008

OSRAM and Philips conclude LED cross-license agreement for LED technologies in luminaires

LED luminaire manufacturers can now use key components from OSRAM without having to pay license fees to Philips because OSRAM has acquired special rights from Philips. Luminaire manufacturers are therefore released from the costs resulting from the LED luminaire license program recently published by Philips. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Sep 22, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor Expresses Confidence that it Is Not Infringing Nichia's Patent

Seoul Semiconductor (hereafter "Seoul") officially announced it had the means to establish its non-infringement of any valid claim in a lawsuit brought by Nichia Corporation (hereafter "Nichia") in the English High Court, in which Nichia asserts that Nichia asserts through their website and press release that Seoul's Acriche products infringe its patented "annealing" technology. Regarding this lawsuit, Seoul believes it has sufficient prior art to have Nichia's patent revoked as it is invalid. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Sep 17, 2008

Nichia Initiates U.K. Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Seoul Semiconductor based on the “Annealing Patent”

Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) filed a new action for infringement and damages in the U.K. against Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Seoul Semiconductor”; incorporated in Korea) and other(s) based on the EP(UK) 0 541,373 patent, “Method of Manufacturing P-type Compound Semiconductor,”(the Annealing Patent) which is one of Nichia’s most important patents and relates to a thermal annealing method for manufacturing a p type GaN-based semiconductor. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Aug 27, 2008

Korean Court Finds Seoul Semiconductor Liable for Defamation

Nichia Corporation announced today that the Seoul Central District Court rendered a decision that Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is liable for defamation, and ordered Seoul Semiconductor to pay Nichia a damages amount of KRW 10,000,000, as well as take appropriate corrective measures to restore Nichia’s reputation. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Aug 21, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor Confident that Latest Lawsuit by Nichia Lacks Merit

Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. ("Seoul"), a leading Korean light emitting diode (LED) manufacturer, announced that it plans to vigorously defend a lawsuit filed by Nichia Corporation ( "Nichia") in the Eastern District of Michigan claiming infringement of US patent 6,870,191. After review of Nichia's '191 patent, Seoul believes that Nichia's lawsuit lacks merit and that the patent's LED substrate is patterned with a protruded and recessed trapezoid, which is different from Seoul's products. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Aug 19, 2008

Nichia Brings US Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Seoul Semiconductor

Nichia Corporation ("Nichia") announced today that it filed a patent infringement suit on August 18, 2008, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan against Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. ("SSC"), a Korean company, its U.S. subsidiary, Seoul Semiconductor, Inc. and its U.S. distributor, Avnet, Inc, seeking an injunction from future infringements and an award of damages. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 18, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor’s Position to Nichia's Lawsuit Against Acriche Products

Seoul Semiconductor has a confident position to Nichia's assertion regarding to patent infringement because Acriche uses different technology from Nichia’s patent range. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 09, 2008

Nichia Initiates DE Lawsuit Against Seoul Semiconductor's Acriche Products

Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany against a Korean company, Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. (“Seoul Semiconductor”), a German subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH, and its German distributor, Conrad Electronic SE seeking injunctive relief and compensation for damages. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 09, 2008

Method for manufacturing super bright light emitting diode of nanorod array having InGaN quantum well

Cross section of one general embodiment of the invention and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) photography An GaN light emitting diode (LED) having a nanorod (or, nanowire) structure is disclosed. The GaN LED employs GaN nanorods in which a n-type GaN nanorod, an InGaN quantum well and a p-type GaN nanorod are subsequently formed in a longitudinal direction by inserting the InGaN quantum well into a p-n junction interface of the p-n junction GaN nanorod. In addition, a plurality of such GaN nanorods are arranged in an array so as to provide an LED having much greater brightness and higher light emission efficiency than a conventional laminated-film GaN LED. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 08, 2008

Luminus Devices Collects Ten More Patents - Now has 21 Patents Issued, with 120 Applications Pending

Luminus Devices, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of PhlatLight® (Photonic Lattice) LEDs that are used in display and lighting applications, today announced it has received its 21st United States patent for its PhlatLight technology. This rapidly growing patent portfolio highlights Luminus Devices’ technology leadership in the LED industry. And with 120 additional patents pending in the United States and foreign countries, Luminus will continue its leadership in solid state lighting innovation. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jul 03, 2008

Philips Introduces Licensing Program for LED-based Luminaires

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Today Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) introduces a patent licensing program for LED-based luminaires used in the general illumination, architectural and theatrical markets. It is Philips’ policy to share its intellectual property for basic control inventions for LED-based luminaires through licensing. This Philips IP addresses the basic control technologies required in a broad range of LED lighting applications. This new program extends the former Color Kinetics licensing program to enable faster growth of the Solid State Lighting market. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | May 29, 2008

Cree and Toyoda Gosei Sign Patent Agreement

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Toyoda Gosei providing the companies (including wholly owned affiliates) with access to each other’s patented LED chip and packaged LED technology (including white LED technology). Toyoda Gosei and Cree have agreed in the future to discuss “have made” rights for LED chips. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | May 22, 2008

Three wavelength led structure

Three wavelength led structure with two dice according to the present invention. A three wavelength light emitting diode (LED) structure utilizes a blue light LED chip and a green light LED chip as light sources, and a red fluorescent layer is used as a light transition layer. By adjusting the number of the blue light LED chip and the green light LED chip and the dosage of the chemical substances in the red fluorescent layer, the present invention can produce a white light LED which is adjustable in color temperature, a neutral color LED whose color is changeable, or can produce a LED whose light color changes with time. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | May 21, 2008

Judge Chesney Denies Fees for "Side View LED Design Patent Infringement" to Nichia

In the side view LED design patent infringement litigation between Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. (“Seoul”) and Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”), Judge Chesney of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an "Order Denying Plaintiff's [Nichia's] Motion for Finding of Exceptional Case and Award Attorney's Fees." By the motion, Nichia sought approximately $2.5 million in fees against Seoul. In her order, Judge Chesney ruled that it "would not be appropriate" to award fees to Nichia and that the case was not exceptional. Read more »

IP, Reports & Roadmaps | May 09, 2008

Epistar Joins Group of Licensees of Gertrude Neumark Rothschild

Epistar Corporation obtained a worldwide license from Dr. Neumark for the ’499 Patent as well as Dr. Neumark’s United States Patent No. 4,904,618, issued February 27, 1990. Read more »


Economical and Enduring: New Solutions for Outdoor Lighting

Economical and Enduring: New Solutions for Outdoor Lighting Areas and sports facility lighting with conventional technology is always linked to high power consumption. Our new PrevaLED Brick HP HE LED module and OT 2DIM P7 High Power drivers combine optimal performance in reliability and lifetime, with maximum energy efficiency. Read more »


deLIGHTed Talks: The Right Light at the Right Time – Bright Days, Dark Nights

deLIGHTed Talks: The Right Light at the Right Time – Bright Days, Dark Nights The Good Light Group, together with the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), the Daylight Academy (DLA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and Luger Research (LR), are organizing and presenting the “The Right Light at the Right Time – Bright Days, ... Read more »