Products | White High Power LEDs | Jul 03, 2015

Osram Opto Improves Oslon SSL 80 and SSL 150 High-Performance LEDs

The powerful new generation of Osram Oslon SSL LEDs integrated in spotlights for professional indoor lighting Osram Opto Semiconductors has unveiled the new generation of Oslon SSL 80 and SSL 150 with proven reliability and outstanding efficiency. These new LEDs offer improved performance and low thermal resistance, thereby extending the range of operating conditions in customer applications. Read more »

Products | Quantum Dots | Jun 26, 2015

Quantum Materials Increases Manufacturing Capacity for High-Heat Tolerant QDX™ Quantum Dots

Quantum Materials expands into new lab space, ramps up second patented continuous-flow production line, reaches QDX™ heat resistance to 260 degrees Celsius and ships QDX™ trial orders to six of the leading global display and television manufacturers Quantum Materials Corp announced that it has met target expansion of its lab and manufacturing operations on schedule in response to increased demand for the Company's recently -launched line of heat-resistant QDX™ Quantum Dots. The Company announced a planned quadrupling of its lab space in November 2014 and intent to bring a second patented continuous-flow Quantum Dot production online by June 2015 and has successfully executed upon this planned capacity expansion. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Jun 15, 2015

Lumileds Shows Lifetime Data for the LUXEON 3535L Mid Power LEDs

Lumileds Luxeon LED Lumileds releases LM-80 milestone for LUXEON 3535L, enabling L90 fixture life of over 1 decade. Read more »

Products | Quantum Dots | Jun 02, 2015

Quantum Materials Announces QDX™ Class Quantum Dots

Quantum Materials QDX Quantum Dots are characterized by an improved molecular stability allowing higher working temperatures Leading North American quantum dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp. today launched their new QDX™ class of high-stability Cadmium-free quantum dots at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2015 International Symposium in San Jose, CA. QDX™ Quantum Dot production is underway on Quantum Materials' patented continuous-flow production system and assessment quantities have already shipped to the Company's largest potential customers. Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | * | Jun 02, 2015

Lumileds Luxeon CoB Compact Range for Most Cost-Effective Single Source, Retrofit and Directional Lamps

The Luxeon CoB Compact Range delivers ultimate “punch” and efficacy for retrofit lamps and spotlights of 1000 lm Lumileds launches its most cost effective line of chip-on-board (CoB) LED arrays with industry-leading punch and efficacy. The Luxeon CoB Compact Range further strengthens Lumileds’ lead in the CoB category enabling the most cost competitive solutions for PAR, GU10 and MR16 lamps. This line of arrays is also distinct in that the same optic can be used for both a 35W equivalent and a 50W equivalent GU10 or MR16 lamp, thereby reducing system cost and development effort to the manufacturer. Read more »

* | Products | White High Power LEDs | Jun 01, 2015

Cree’s New High-Intensity Class of LEDs More than Doubles Performance

Based on Cree's SC5 Technology™, the new the XP-L doubles the candelas compared to the previously highest-performing single-die XP-L LED Cree announces the new XLamp® XP-L High Intensity LED, the first single-die LED to deliver over 100,000 candelas with a 50-mm diameter optic at 10 watts. The XP-L High-Intensity LED delivers more than double the candelas than the industry’s previous highest-performing single-die XP-L LED through the same optic. Using the same 3.45-mm x 3.45-mm XP-L package, the new LEDs allow lighting manufacturers to boost performance, reduce size and lower system cost for track, outdoor and stadium ... Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs | May 28, 2015

Osram Develops High-Power Duris S 10 LED as an Alternative to Low-Lumen COBs

The new Duris S 10 versions from Osram Opto Semiconductors are interesting alternatives to low-power-CoB LEDs Duris S 10 is the latest addition to the Chip Array SMD family (CAS) from Osram Opto Semiconductors. This new LED is characterized by high efficiency, high light output and uniform color appearance. Efficient SMD technology (surface mounted device) makes assembly simple. These properties lead to significant cost savings in system and optic design, which may be as high as 30 percent depending on the particular customer application. The new Duris has a compact footprint and is available in two ... Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | May 27, 2015

With Five Tailored White LEDs, Sharp Lights Path to Success for Retailers

Sharp's new Tailored White CoB LEDs and modules have been specially designed for four grocery applications targeted at the product categories meat, bread, fresh fish and vegetables Sharp Devices Europe has launched a new line of Tailored White LEDs as part of its Mega Zenigata platform. The new models are available as COB LEDs or integrated Intermo modules. Separate LEDs have been specially designed for four grocery applications targeted at the product categories meat, bread, fresh fish and vegetables. The 3000 K retail version rounds out Sharp’s new family of dedicated-purpose, high-CRI LEDs for retailers, giving sparkling whites as well as vibrant colours. Read more »

Products | LED Modules | May 11, 2015

Bridgelux Launches New Integrated Smart Module LED Array with Open Platform Technology

Bridgelux Xenio™solution brings together Bridgelux’s hardware and Harvard’s EyeNut technology to deliver individual control with individual modules, wirelessly Bridgelux, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies, debuted the first of its integrated smart module suite of products at the 2015 Light Fair International Conference in New York. Bridgelux’s Xenio product is compatible with a greater variety of standards, protocols and other technologies to ensure ease of integration, greater value and future functionality. With the launch of its first smart lighting product, Bridgelux is leading the industry’s evolution to ... Read more »

Products | LED Modules | May 07, 2015

Xicato’s XTM 9 mm LES Makes Narrow Beams and High Center Beam Intensities a Reality

Xicato’s new XTM 9 mm LES allows for designs with narrow beam angles and high center beam intensities Xicato, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources, announced today that it has expanded its XTM product portfolio. The new module features a 9 mm light-emitting surface (LES) that enables the narrow beam angles and high center beam intensities that lighting designers require, especially for retail, hospitality, and museum applications. Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs | May 06, 2015

LeDiamond Opto Expands Double Side Emitting LED Product Portfolio

LeDiamond Opto's new Tesla 1010 can be used to design double side emitting luminaires LeDiamond Opto Corp, a leading double side emitting LED manufacturer from Taiwan, has announced its new Tesla 1010 module today. Tesla 1010 (Dimension: 7.3 x 2.2 x 1.1 LxWxH) is a round shape double-side emitting LED product which is suitable for lighting fixtures that need direct and indirect lighting output, such as mini pendant or wall lamp. Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | May 06, 2015

Luminus Announces Ultra High Density COBs to Compete Metal Halide in Retail Spot Applications

Luminus' XNova COB series gets new ultra high density array family members Luminus, Inc., a global manufacturer of high-performance LEDs, announced today a new family of ultra high density chip on board (COB) arrays designed to replace ceramic metal halide technology commonly used in spot lights for retail lighting. The new “XH” series COBs are available in a variety of standard light emitting surface (LES) diameters. Read more »

Products | White LEDs | May 05, 2015

Osram Presents Duris S2 “Borderless” LED as a Fluorescent Tube Replacement

The new Duris S 2 from Osram Opto Semiconductors, which is the smallest LED in this product family, is ideal for replacing fluorescent tubes Osram Opto Semiconductors is extending its Duris product portfolio with a compact version without a classic package. The Duris S2 is in the low to middle output range and offers a high typical luminous efficacy of 160 lm/W, excellent color homogeneity and color stability. It is therefore capable of achieving homogeneous illumination in LED products designed as replacements for fluorescent tubes. Read more »

Products | White CSP LEDs | May 05, 2015

Samsung Electronics Unveils Ultra-Compact LED Chip Scale Packaging Technology

Samsung’s second generation CSP technology LEDs are approximately 30 percent smaller than the first generation and allow the generation of 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 arrays Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced component solutions, today introduced advanced chip scale packaging (CSP) technology for use in a diversity of LED lighting applications at Lightfair International 2015, being held in New York, May 5-7. Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs | May 04, 2015

Litecool Introduces Patent Pending Lumen Block™ PCB-Free LED Package

Litecool’s Lumen Block™ is an LED package that doesn’t require any circuit board enhances performance and reduces costs for luminaire manufacturers Litecool, a leading innovator in LED packaging and thermal performance, announced today that it has filed a patent on a PCB-free LED package known as Lumen Block™ which will be available soon. This new technology enables the assembly of LED arrays with no circuit board putting the LED package directly on the heat sink for ultimate thermal performance and cost reduction. Read more »

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