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Products | White High Power Array-LED | Apr 15, 2014

Philips Lumileds Unveils Most Affordable, Most Efficient LED Arrays for PAR Lamps

Philips Lumileds' new LUXEON CoB 1202 arrays for PAR38 equivalent lamps and spotlights deliver the industry’s highest efficacy at lowest cost Today Philips Lumileds delivers the most affordable chip-on-board (CoB) arrays for PAR38 equivalent lamps, which achieve 10% or greater efficacy than competing solutions. Also ideal for spotlights, LUXEON CoB 1202 has a typical efficacy of 115 lm/W, and it varies from 95-130 lm/W depending on color temperature and CRI of the array. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Apr 09, 2014

Luminus Launched Mid Power LED Product Line at Light+Building

At Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Luminus Devices' new XNOVA mid power LEDs were on display At Light+Building, Luminus Devices Inc., a global manufacturer of high performance LEDs, announced the release to mass production of the new XNOVA line of mid power LEDs developed for the general lighting market, ideal for replacement lamps and luminaires. Read more »

Products | White LEDs | Mar 31, 2014

Lextar to Debut White Chip LED

Lextar’s new White Chip technology involves a substrate-free flip chip and phosphor molding process Lextar Electronics Corp., a vertically integrated LED company, announced packaging-free “White Chip” to demonstrate its new achievement in LED technology. This new White Chip LED will make its debut at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” until April 4th . It is demonstrated by various LED lamps, including 50-watt halogen equivalent GU10 LED spot lamp, point-light candle lamp, and omni-directional LED tube featuring ultra high efficiency. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 28, 2014

Luxeon 3535 2D Mid-Power LED Update Boosts Performance by 10%

Philips Lumileds especially improved the performance of the 2700 K / CRI 90 versions of their popular Luxeon 3535 2D The Luxeon 3535 2D has increased its typical flux output by 10%, delivering optimized performance in combination with the Quality of Light needed for distributed light source applications. Specifically, for Luxeon 3535 2D 2700K 90 CRI parts, typical flux levels have increased from 55 lumens to 61 lumens. Simultaneously, typical voltage has been lowered - resulting in an efficacy increase of more than 10%. This increase in performance will drive the adoption of LED lighting for consumer bulbs, ... Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | Products | White LEDs | Mar 27, 2014

Samsung Introduces Versatile New Flip Chip LED Packages and Modules

Samsung presents Flip Chip On Module (FCOM) for cost efficient high efficacy lighting solutions Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced component solutions, today introduced a new lineup of flip chip LED packages and modules offering enhanced design flexibility and a high degree of reliability. The new offerings, for use in leading-edge LED lighting such as LED bulbs, MR/PAR and downlights, will be available in the market during the second quarter of this year. Read more »

Products | White LEDs | Mar 27, 2014

Toshiba Shrinks Package Size of White LEDs for Lighting Applications

Toshiba's GaN-on-Si based new LEDs for general lighting applications reduce mounting area by 90% Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched a new series of ultra-small chip scale package white LEDs for lighting applications that can reduce the mounting area by 90% compared to conventional 3.0 x 1.4 mm package products[1]. The new TL1WK series LEDs have been designed as light sources for general lighting, including straight tube lights, light bulbs and ceiling lights. Read more »

Products | White LEDs | Mar 26, 2014

Lextar Release High Power LED-Glow Series

Lextar's new series of mid & high power Glow-LEDs is characterized by high efficacy at low costs Lextar has new line up – the “Glow” series, including 3030 and 5050, applicable to several applications for indoor lighting, as well as office and commercial lighting. Glow series show extremely life performance, it could widely replace traditional ceramic LED for indoor application, but much lower cost. Consider different driver design, Glow series also have several versions under different operating voltage. Lextar Glow series make your design simple and effective. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 26, 2014

Honglitronic Launches Flip-Chip Packaging LEDs X-CHIP 2016 for Backlighting

Honglitronic's X-CHIP 2016 for backlighting adopts advanced flip-chip packaging technologies Under the rapid growth of backlight products, Honglitronic has launched its new LED model “X-CHIP 2016”, high power versions of 1W and 3W LEDs with ultimate cost effectiveness. It is designed for various backlight applications, especially TV backlighting, tablet panel backlighting and flashlight of cell phones etc. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 25, 2014

Toshiba Launches 1 W and 0.6 W White LEDs for LED Lighting

Toshiba's latest white LEDs are utilizing gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) process technology Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced the launch of two new series of white LEDs, the 3.5 x 3.5 mm lens package 1 W type TL1L2 series, and the 3.0 x 3.0 mm flat package 0.6 W type TL3GB series. Both have been developed as light sources for general lighting applications (including light bulbs, base lights, down lights and ceiling lights), street lights and floodlights. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 25, 2014

Philips Lumileds LUXEON 3020 Crosses the 1,000 lm/$ Threshold - Creates New, Affordable Opportunities in Mass Lighting Market

Philips Lumileds' LUXEON 3020 is a hot color targeted leading lm/$ 3V LED in QFN package Philips Lumileds continues its celebration of Mid-Power March with the launch of the reliable and cost effective LUXEON 3020 emitter. This LED solution will drive a variety of long-awaited commercial LED lighting fixtures into the mass market, including lamps and troffers. “The LUXEON 3020 is the most affordable of all our mid-power LEDs, delivering over 1,000 lumens per dollar. This product will inspire the market with the next generation of high quality, efficient and attractively priced LED ... Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs | Mar 25, 2014

LG Innotek’s New High Power LED Improves Efficacy by 30% up to 167 lm/W

LG Innotek's “next-gen” vertical chip technology based new high power LED shows up to 167lm/W efficacy which equals 30% improvement LG Innotek announces the release of a new high power LED technology, with a 30% lumen efficacy improvement over its previous products. The proprietary “next-gen” vertical chip technology boasts up to 167lm/W, now positioned as one of the world’s best performing High Power LED’s. This represents a 30% improvement in performance versus previous high power products, Read more »

Products | White High Power LEDs | Mar 25, 2014

New Cree® High-Density Discrete LED Delivers Industry’s Highest Performance

Cree's new XB-H LED can enable luminaires that use the same size footprint XB-D LED to triple their light output at the same efficacy With an output of more than 500 lumens at 1.5A in a 2.45x2.45mm package, the Cree XLamp® XB-H LED is the brightest discrete in our High-Density class of LEDs, delivering a breakthrough combination of lumen output and efficacy in a small package. Delivering industry’s highest optical control factor, the XB-H LED enables performance improvements, smaller and less expensive systems and new lighting solutions previously impossible. Read more »

Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 24, 2014

Seoul Semiconductor's New Acrich MJT 2525 Series Offers Unmatched Lumen Density

SSC's new Acriche MJT 2525 series is a mid-power package with leading performance and lumen density Seoul Semiconductor, a global leader in LED technology, on March 24th has announced the release of a new generation of LEDs, Acrich MJT 2525 series, with industry leading performance and lumen density in the mid-power class. The new mid-power product family of the 2525 series offers a compact symmetrical package with dimensions of 2.5mm x 2.5mm and wide beam angles making these LEDs ideal for applications that require uniform illumination. At the heart of this new package is the ... Read more »

Products | White High Power Array-LED | Mar 21, 2014

Osram Opto Promises Twice the Light from Half the Surface for the New Soleriq P 9

Osram Opto's  Soleriq P 9 offers a luminous flux of 2000 lm and a luminous efficacy of 100 lm/W from a light-emitting surface with a diameter of 9 mm	For the first time, Osram is offering a chip-on-board LED, the Soleriq P 9, which is suitable for compact powerful spotlights such as the ones used in retail outlets and museums. The latest member of the Osram Soleriq family produces 2000 lumen from a surface with a diameter of only nine millimeters. Compared with the existing Soleriq S 13, that is twice as much light from an area half the size. Just one of the new light emitting diodes is enough to replace a 35 W HID lamp for spotlighting. Read more »

Products | White LEDs | Mar 19, 2014

SemiLEDs ReadyWhite Technology EV-W LEDs Deliver High CCT Uniformity to Low Profile Packages

SemiLEDs' high-output, high-consistency unpackaged white chips (inset) support the development of creative new LED packages, especially lower-profile implementations SemiLEDs Corporation, a global provider of vertical LED technology solutions, today announced sampling and volume availability of the EV-W series of white LED chips, providing LED packagers with a vastly increased range of capabilities while lowering production costs. The new EV-W chips incorporate SemiLEDs’ proprietary ReadyWhite™ phosphor technology, which delivers a highly uniform phosphor coating across the emitter surface, greatly increasing color precision and uniformity. Read more »

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