Products, Materials & Tools | Apr 25, 2012

Caledon Controls announces World’s Least Expensive Printed Circuit Board

Caledon Controls Ltd. has through a collaborative effort between them, Vast Films and Triangle Labs created the worlds least expensive interconnect structure (PCB). They announced recently. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 15, 2012

Molex Showcases innovative LED Array Holders and Flexi-Mate Connector System at Light + Building 2012

Molex’s LED Array Holders will simplify the LED installation process, while Flexi-Mate Connector System (image above) is an industry first solution that provides a full range of both board-to-board and wire-to-board connectivity Molex Incorporated will demonstrate and showcase innovative LED Array Holders for both Citizen and Sharp energy-efficient LED Arrays and its Flexi-Mate™ Connector System for office luminaires at this year’s Light + Building – Europe’s largest trade fair for lighting and intelligent buildings. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 07, 2012

Celcion™ Thick Film Material System that Outperforms Traditional MCPBCs

Celcion™ is a thick film material system that outperforms traditional MCPBCs Heraeus Celcion™ is a Thick Film Materials System designed to build circuits directly onto aluminum substrates. Traditionally, MCPCBs are constructed using a subtractive process, taking time and wasting costly material. Celcion, however, is an additive process, using material only where it's needed, resulting in reduced processing steps and less material consumption. Celcion has been independently verified to deliver industry-leading thermal connectivity and high dielectric breakdown strength. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 23, 2012

TE Connectivity Solderless LED Socket for Nichia COB-L Series LEDs

The most recent member in TE's solderless LED sockets is for the Nichia COB-L Series LEDs TE Connectivity announces a new addition to its solderless LED socket series -- the Type NL2 socket for quick termination of NICHIA COB-L LEDs. This new offering, which provides a reliable mechanical and electrical connection of an LED onto a heat sink, enhances TE’s existing broad portfolio of solderless LED sockets. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 09, 2011

AVX Develops Ultra-low Profile LED Lighting Connectors for Fluorescent Light Retrofit & Replacement

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has developed two new series of connectors for LED lighting systems that maintain the same luminosity and light intensity as florescent strip lights. The standard length of most fluorescent lights is 1.2m, and currently it is impossible to reflow-mount LEDs on such a long printed circuit board placed in the fitting. As a result, the lighting strip is divided into shorter lengths joined by connectors. AVX’s new 9608 Series LED lighting connector and 9609 Series LED backlight connectors feature the lowest profile in the industry at 1.4mm, which minimizes the spacing between PCBs and allows for even light distribution. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | May 24, 2011

TE CONNECTIVITY’S Popular Family of NECTOR S Line Connectors Received UL Approval for North American Lighting Market

TE's NECTOR S line connectors support plug-and-play functionality for the power connection for small luminaires that are built into furniture TE Connectivity announced that its family of NECTOR S line connectors – formerly known as 7.5mm Mini HVL power connectors – which is designed for commercial refrigeration, indoor and architectural lighting applications, has received UL approval and is ready for sale in the North American lighting market. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | May 19, 2011

Molex Showcases Solder-Free LED Array Holders for Bridgelux ES Arrays and Cree's XLamp* MP-L and CXA2011 Arrays

Molex' new LED array holders for Bridgelux’s ES Arrays (top) and Cree XLamp MP-L and CXA20 Arrays (below) Lightfair 2011 - Molex solderless LED array holders eliminate the need for hand or SMT soldering, reducing installation time and costs. These new products create a solderless mechanical and electrical connection between LED array and power source to simplify the installation process and provide field serviceable benefits. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 23, 2011

Tyco Electronics Launches Solderless LED Socket for Philips Lumileds Luxeon™ S LEDs

Tyco Electronics expands its solderless LED socket product range with a version for Philips Lumileds Luxeon™ S LEDs Tyco Electronics (TE), a global leader in engineered electronic components and solutions, launches the solderless LED socket, Type LS, designed specifically for use with the new Philips Lumileds LUXEON™ S LED. Debuting at Strategies In Light 2011 in Santa Clara, California, the new product offers a solderless termination that complements this newly-released lighting-class LED by Philips Lumileds. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 02, 2010

Tyco Electronic's Solderless Socket Solution Now Ready for Shipping

Tyco Electronics' Solderless LED Scoket Type CM for simple mounting of Cree's XLAMP MP-L. Tyco Electronics (TE), a global leader in engineered electronic components and solutions, releases the solderless LED socket, Type CM (see also LpO News - May 26, 2010) , for easy integration of the new Cree XLamp® MP-L™ multichip LED into light fixtures. Introduced as a development program at LIGHTFAIR® International 2010, the product family is now available for production orders. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jul 01, 2010

AGC Releases Glass-ceramics Substrate for High-power LED Lighting

Features of AGC’s glass-ceramics substrates. In July 2010, AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) will start sales of a new glass-ceramics substrate that enables high-brightness and high-durability for LED lighting. This new glass-ceramics substrate will expand LED applications in the lighting and illumination sector, including 3D televisions and automotive lighting, in which high-power output is increasingly in demand. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | May 06, 2010

Tyco Electronics Unveils solderless Socket Solution for the New Cree XLAMP® MP-L™

The Solderless LED Socket provides a rapid termination solution for the XLamp MP-L™. Tyco Electronics, a global leader in engineered electronic components and solutions, has launched the Solderless LED Socket, Type CM, for easy integration of the new Cree XLamp® MP-L™ multichip LED into light fixtures. The new innovation will be showcased for the very first time at LIGHTFAIR International 2010 in Las Vegas, May 12-14. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 16, 2010

TYCO Electronics releases ROHS-Compliant IDC SSL Connectors for Quick, Tool-Less Termination of Discrete Wires

Tyco's ROHS-Compliant IDC SSL Connetors for Quick, Tool-Less Termination of Discrete Wires. Tyco Electronics today released the new IDC SSL connector for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED printed circuit boards (PCBs). The product terminates 18 through 24 AWG solid and stranded wire utilizing insulation displacement technology to eliminate the labor-intensive task of pre-stripping wires and soldering. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 15, 2010

AVX Expands LED Lighting Connector Family To Include Board-to-Board Versions

avx_ssl_connectors_9159series_sm-jpg AVX Corporation has expanded its wire-to-board connector product offering to include board-to-board connectors designed for the LED lighting industry. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 12, 2010

Screw-Down Jumper Assembly and G13 Style SMT Assembly for LED Applications

Tyco's board-to-board screw-down jumper assembly and G13 style SMT assembly. Tyco Electronics has launched a new board-to-board screw-down jumper assembly for use in LED lighting strips, lighting controls, and channel lettering, and a new RoHS-compliant G13 style surface mount (SMT) assembly and end-cap cover for the solid state lighting (SSL) industry. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 30, 2009

New MR16 Form Factor Holder For Hexagonal Star Board LEDs

tyco_mr16_holder_sm-jpg The "Star Board" LED Pixel Holder from Tyco Electronics makes it fast and easy to integrate high-intensity LED packages into fixtures. The holder simplifies application by addressing electrical, thermal and mechanical needs in a single solution -- without solder. Read more »