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Rich document Samsung Introduces Second Generation Chip-on-Board Packages for Spotlights and Other Directional Lighting
Samsung Electronics announced its second generation of D-series chip-on-board (COB) LED packages. The second generation features the industry’s highest light efficacy in COB lineups and is suitable for directional lighting applications such as multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs, parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamps, spotlights, downlights and high bay lights.
Rich document New EPIC President: Benno Oderkerk, Co-Founder & CEO of AVANTES
Benno Oderkerk, Co-Founder & CEO of AVANTES, has been appointed President of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). An entrepreneur, Benno brings to the association his experience of growing a company and raising the level of professionalism that is expected from a leading organization. “EPIC is on a mission to build a strong network of trusted experts and leaders. I am proud to join an association which feedback from those who interact with praise the high level of professionalism of the organization and the knowledge of the staff.” said Benno. EPIC is indeed strongly engaged and connected with industry, last year the staff visited 96 companies getting to know the competences of the members, discussing their challenges, and engaging them in the 21 workshops and events organized in 2016. EPIC staff were invited to actively participate in 21 events and they attended 28 events. “I am proud to be part of such an active organization, that acts on behalf of all of us for the competitiveness of the photonics industry.” concludes Benno as newly appointed President of the association.
Rich document SMD Push-to-Fix (P2F) by BJB. Solderable Mounting Elements for LED Boards
BJB has developed the solderable Push-to-Fix(P2F) SMD fixing element for an especially simple and quick mounting of LED boards in luminaire housings. It is suitable for Low- and Midpower LED-Boards in linear and flat luminaires. The outstanding feature of it is the pre-attachment of the spring clip, which takes place by means of a solder plate during the SMD mounting process. During the final installation, the board is then fixed in the luminaire housing by a simple click. This can be performed by hand as well as automatically.
Rich document RealAudio document Intertek Launches Horticultural Lighting Certification Program
Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the launch of its certification program for lighting products, including LED luminaires, used in horticultural or agricultural applications. The Horticultural Lighting Certification Program, which is the first of its kind in the industry, will leverage the Company’s lighting expertise to help manufacturers develop innovative, high-performance products for an emerging industry.
Rich document object code White Paper: Shaping LED Diffuser Performance with Polycarbonate Materials
The LED lighting market continues to grow, yet consumers are accustomed to the soft white diffused light from incandescent bulbs. To speed up adoption, manufacturers are utilizing plastic materials containing diffusion additives to offset harsh LED illumination and eliminate hot spots. It’s important to choose the correct diffusion plastic to meet to meet transmission, color and UL requirements. In this paper, we examine how plastic selection, a diffusion package and color help designers achieve the desired look for their application.
Rich document Joint Position Paper by LightingEurope and the IALD on Human Centric Lighting
Light has been known for a long time to enable sight, safety and orientation. However, light is not limited to facilitate vision, it has the potential to achieve far more than this. Science has shown that light facilitates powerful non-visual effects on humans. Light has the ability to improve cognitive performance, it can energize, increase alertness or ease relaxation. It can improve mood, as well as stabilize the sleep-wake cycle of people. Therefore, it can be understood that light impacts people’s wellbeing and performance. In fact, the true value of light lies in the combination of excellent visual, biological and emotional effects of light. LightingEurope uses the terminology “Human Centric Lighting” for lighting that brings such benefits to the users. A product or system can only be “Human Centric” within the context of people, time and space, thus within a specific application. Therefore, Human Centric Lighting requires the integration of these effects in the lighting design.
Rich document chemical/x-pdb LightingEurope Board Appoints New President
The LightingEurope Executive Board has appointed Peter Hunt as new President for a term of 2 years. Peter is COO of the UK Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and CEO of Lumicom, the UK WEEE Compliance Scheme for the lighting industry.
Rich document Octet Stream Lifetime Calculation of White HP-LEDs from 16,000 Hours Aging Data
Accurate models are a relevant tool for correctly calculating the so-called useful lifetime predictions of LED lighting products. Until recently, only the efficiency decay and related reduced lumen output was taken into account. Max Wagner, Research Assistant, TU Darmstadt, and his co-authors, Alexander Herzog, Hristo Ganev, and Prof. Tran Quoc Khanh asked themselves if there are other lifetime limiting factors that can be modelled and predicted. Their findings showed that color shift might be more critical and in the following, propose a method to simulate and predict this behavior.
Rich document LIFUD Launches NEW Generation LED DALI Push Driver
Applications: LED indoor lighting, LED decorative lighting, LED residential lighting, LED office lighting and LED commercial lighting etc.
Rich document MOSO High Reliable & Flexible Programmable Outdoor LED Driver
DM-5KV & CM-10KV surge immunity, fully glue-potted IP67 for -40℃ to +60℃ dry/wet/damp conditions, supporting universal 90-305Vac input, MOSO, one of the most influential and well-known new energy enterprises in China, dedicates to provide the efficient, intelligent and safe outdoor LED power supply solutions by introducing its programmable LDP series worldwide.

Future Lighting Solutions Launches Offline Lighting System Selector Mobile App for iOS and Android

Future Lighting Solutions Launches Offline Lighting System Selector Mobile App for iOS and Android Future Lighting Solutions (FLS), a leading provider of solid-state lighting, engineering expertise and design tools, is proud to announce the launch of their new offline Lighting System Selector for iOS and Android devices. Read more »


Researchers from Hokkaido University Let Europium Shine Brighter

Researchers from Hokkaido University Let Europium Shine Brighter A stacked nanocarbon antenna makes a rare earth element shine 5 times more brightly than previous designs, with applications in molecular light-emitting devices. - The europium Eu(III) complex with nanocarbon antenna emitting fine red light. Read more »


Zhaga Summit – September 23rd in Bregenz

Zhaga Summit – September 23rd in Bregenz Luger Research and Zhaga are proud to announce that the 2020 LpS/TiL conference will host a Zhaga Summit. This one-day event will provide application-driven introductions to the latest Zhaga standards, review their market reception, and solicit inputs from the specifier community through workshops. Read more »


CIE Announces Availability of New Documentation: Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources

CIE Announces Availability of New Documentation: Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources The new CIE International Standard S 025-SP1/E:2019 is a supplement to CIE S 025:2015 Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules specifies the requirements for measurement of electrical, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of OLED luminaires and OLED light sources. These sources ... Read more »


Care, Caution & Awareness Are Needed When Using LED Lights

Care, Caution & Awareness Are Needed When Using LED Lights Kyra Xavia is a researcher, educator and investigative journalist based in New Zealand. Her roles as general secretary of the Light and Lighting Research Consortium (LLRC), delegate for the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), New Zealand Ambassador for Women in Lighting 2019, and co-leader of ... Read more »