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Rich document Lumibright Intoduces Versatile Magneto Combo Series
Lumibright's Magneto has revolutionized track systems providing flexibility to combine them in a variety of ways. Insets are installed using magnets on a patented slider enabling to adjust the beam angle to highlight desired objects in every detail with optimal light quality. Magneto track light have unique distribution technology with independent patented innovation design in strong magnetic adsorption installations and optical module cellular lighting functions.
Rich document text/texmacs New GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch FLICKER Spectrometer Captures Flicker Measurements
With new LED lighting applications, the problem of flicker in slow-motion video has resurfaced. There was a time when this was a very common phenomenon with fluorescent lighting, but as technical improvements were made to the ballasts, the problem was largely eliminated. Today the main source of such flicker is LED lighting with particular drivers supplying power to the lights. At sports facilities, having optimal illumination and minimal flicker in the lights are important factors to consider when installing LED lighting. The lighting at FC Chelsea's famous Stamford Bridge stadium (Fulham, London, England) was recently replaced with LED lighting that creates unique illumination effects and dazzeling light displays.
Rich document RealAudio document MechaTronix Eyes Outdoor LED Market Revealing Next Industrial Cooler Platform
Just shortly after the launch of the 2x2MX, the next standardization in outdoor light engines is a fact. This time Lumileds, Ledil and MechaTronix joined forces to create a 2x6 emitter platform for outdoor use. The scope of this LED platform ranges from integration in street lights over high mast applications to industrial high bays. The heart is the Lumileds Luxeon XR-TX, sitting on the MechaTronix CoolBlock® 2x6 LX and covered by the Ledil Strada IP 2x6. Result… an ultra-compact waterproof LED engine, thermally validated, easy to assemble with off-the-shelf available components creating up to 4000 lumen.
Rich document Lemonbeat Combines DALI and Ethernet Technologies with Its Own IoT Ecosystem
Dortmund-based company Lemonbeat GmbH - the developer behind the IoT infrastructure technology of the same name - is expanding its portfolio, adding interfaces for "DALI", the international standard for lighting controls in building automation, as well as cabled Ethernet technologies. The company will also be exhibiting from 24-28 April at the Hannover Messe trade fair at Stand A10 in Hall 16.
Rich document Fulham Launches Lumoseries 150 W LED Driver
Designed for 230 V higher output luminaires such as high bays used in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the new 150 W LumoSeries LED driver like others in the LumoSeries range, features the lowest in-rush current in the industry which means that more drivers and luminaires can be operated on a single circuit, thus reducing the cost of installation with fewer circuit panels and less wire to run.
Rich document First LightingEurope Summit – An Outstanding Figure in the Lighting Branch, Hands Over His Responsibilities
Diederik de Stoppelaar, one of the most influential and esteemed personalities in the lighting branch, has retired and passed over his responsibilities to Ourania Georgoutsakou. One of his last activities was initiating the first LightingEurope Summit, a one-day program, where a number of respected and eloquent lecturers were invited to speak. The venue, The Steigenberg Wiltcher's, in Brussels, was a good choice for this first of its kind event. About 150 lighting specialists, friends, and colleagues of Diederik de Stoppelaar attended the conference and farewell event.
Rich document C source code National Lighting Bureau: AMA Lighting Recommendations are Based on Wrong Metric
The American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) warnings about too much “blue light” at night are seriously flawed: The AMA developed them using a measuring tool that does not measure the specific kind of “blue light” the AMA is concerned about. Nonetheless, according to speakers at the National Lighting Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum, some jurisdictions and public-transportation departments nationwide believe, mistakenly, that they will reduce human-health risks by adopting the AMA’s recommendations. Making matters worse, when applied to street and roadway lighting, the AMA recommendations could erode public safety by diminishing driver and pedestrian visibility, while also reducing energy efficiency or increasing energy costs.
Rich document Fischer Offers New LED Heatsinks with Integrated Mounting Hole Pattern
Wrongly the LED is often designated as a cold radiator and gives the impression that no further cooling is necessary. In reality only approx. 35 % of the used electrical energy is converted to light output according to the latest LED technology. The remaining amount of energy develops a heat loss in analogy to common semi-conductor elements which necessarily has to be emitted to the ambient air by means of an effective thermal management. Specifically on that point company Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG extends the wide range of products on innovative LED heatsinks.
Rich document D source code Cree’s Second Gen XLamp® XHP70.2 Extreme High Power LED
Cree’s XLamp XHP70.2 LED, the second generation of the highest output Extreme High Power LED delivers up to 9% more lumens and 18% higher LPW than the first XHP70 LED. The XHP70.2 provides up to 58% higher lumen density than the closest competitor LED of the same size, enabling smaller luminaires and better optical control for high-lumen lighting applications. The XHP70.2 features the same 7.0x7.0 mm footprint and provides an easy drop-in upgrade for existing XHP70 designs.
Rich document New High-Performance Optical Silicones from Dow Corning
Dow Corning Corporation is launching a new family of moldable optical silicones that give LED lighting designers and manufacturers greater freedom. Enabling innovative lighting designs and providing new solutions, these advanced materials are part of an award-winning, expanding portfolio of high-performance moldable optical silicones.

Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good'

Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good' At Light + Building 2020 held in Frankfurt, Nichia – the leader in high-performance LED solutions – reveals it will present at least three complementary technologies to improve the delivery of light quality under an over-arching banner of 'Light so Good'. Read more »


Zhaga Summit – September 23rd in Bregenz

Zhaga Summit – September 23rd in Bregenz Luger Research and Zhaga are proud to announce that the 2020 LpS/TiL conference will host a Zhaga Summit. This one-day event will provide application-driven introductions to the latest Zhaga standards, review their market reception, and solicit inputs from the specifier community through workshops. Read more »


Research Confirms that Light Pollution Can Suppress Melatonin Production in Humans and Animals

Research Confirms that Light Pollution Can Suppress Melatonin Production in Humans and Animals Melatonin sets the internal clock. Researchers from IGB in an international team have analyzed data on the impact of light pollution on melatonin formation in humans and vertebrates. They found that even the low light intensities of urban skyglow can suppress melatonin production. Melatonin ... Read more »


CIE Announces Availability of New Documentation: Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources

CIE Announces Availability of New Documentation: Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources The new CIE International Standard S 025-SP1/E:2019 is a supplement to CIE S 025:2015 Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules specifies the requirements for measurement of electrical, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of OLED luminaires and OLED light sources. These sources ... Read more »


Care, Caution & Awareness Are Needed When Using LED Lights

Care, Caution & Awareness Are Needed When Using LED Lights Kyra Xavia is a researcher, educator and investigative journalist based in New Zealand. Her roles as general secretary of the Light and Lighting Research Consortium (LLRC), delegate for the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), New Zealand Ambassador for Women in Lighting 2019, and co-leader of ... Read more »