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Rich document GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SR Series Heatsinks of 300 mm Diameter
GlacialTech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces a new series heatsinks using stamping technology with a patented process suitable for high wattage LED bay light applications from 250 W to 500 W. The new Igloo SR series heatsink expands its models of 300 mm diameter: the multiple chips version (Igloo SR250-3M, Igloo SR300-3M, Igloo SR400HP-3M, Igloo SR500HP-3M) and the single CoB version (Igloo SR250HP-3S, Igloo SR300HP-3S, Igloo SR400HP-3S, Igloo SR500HP-3S).
Rich document D source code Tracing the Light Inside an LED
The performance of white LEDs can be improved, based on better knowledge of the absorption and scattering of light inside the LED. A new method, developed by the University of Twente in The Netherlands and Philips Lighting, can lead to efficiency improvement and powerful design tools.
Rich document Nanoparticles Could Spur Better LEDs, Invisibility Cloaks
In an advance that could boost the efficiency of LED lighting by 50 percent and even pave the way for invisibility cloaking devices, a team of University of Michigan researchers has developed a new technique that peppers metallic nanoparticles into semiconductors.
Rich document RealAudio document McWong Introduces Versatile Smart Sensor Control Platform
McWong International, a leading lighting and controls solutions provider, is expanding its PacWave® portfolio with the introduction of a new smart sensor control platform. The solution encompasses a range of occupancy and motion sensors, dimming power packs, fixture controllers, and mobile apps (Android and iOS) for remote configuration of sensor and dimming settings. The company anticipates future platform releases that will expand user interface capabilities as well as additional components. Engineered for compatibility with Bluetooth® standards, the platform provides exceptional versatility and future scalability.
Rich document Lumileds Transforms High Power Category with 1,700 Lumen Single Die LED
Lumileds today revealed its highest flux density LED yet, the Luxeon V. Redefining the possibilities of light in a compact 4.0x4.0 mm footprint, Luxeon V can be driven harder than other LEDs in its class due to revolutionary new die and packaging technologies. Luxeon V produces more than 1,700 lumens at 5700 K and 70 CRI (4.8 A) – 50% higher output than competing LEDs.
Rich document Technology Challenges in Professional Tunnel Lighting Applications
The guide for tunnel lighting CIE 088:2004 is the most established international standard for the illumination of road tunnels. However, Switzerland’s ASTRA (Bundesamt für Strassen) and the ASFINAG in Austria both provide guidelines that go well beyond these requirements. Maximilian Herzig, Product and Key Account Manager Lighting at SWAREFLEX GmbH shows solutions to satisfy these requirements and explains why the commonly used value of "lumen per watt" is not a perfect method of evaluating system performance and efficiency.
Rich document TE's Lumawise Drive LED Holder Type Z50 Solves a Common LED Driver Problem
TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, introduces the Lumawise drive LED Holder Type Z50 for chip-on-board (COB) LEDs. The new Lumawise drive LED Holder Type Z50, used in track and spot lighting, integrates DC/DC driver and the holder into a single package that enables lighting designers to develop compact, better-looking and more cost-effective lighting products.
Rich document LEDiL Introduces Hekla - Proprietary Sockets and Solderless Connectors
LEDiL’s new solderless Hekla connectors are made to provide the best possible compatibility and functionality with our products. The innovative design features two Push-in connectors (pre-installed in the connector assembly) that will transform the same socket into a solderless connector; giving you the possibility to decide whether or not to solder the LEDs.
Rich document Luger Research Creates an Active Network to Secure the Future of Innovation in Lighting: The First Meeting Will Take Place at the LpS 2017
Luger Research establishes the first scientific lighting partnership network for research experts and leaders in the lighting industry. The scientific partnership has been created to form an active network that will strengthen and build the connections between universities, research laboratories and industry. The scientific partnership’s mission is to enable and secure the continued development of innovation in lighting technology.
Rich document text/texmacs CIE Research Strategy on Defining New Calibration Sources and Illuminants
In photometry and radiometry, traceability of measurements requires appropriate calibration sources and transfer detectors. A major challenge is the technological revolution of lighting products towards LED lighting and the ban of incandescent lamps. This raises concern about the availability of incandescent photometric standard lamps in the future while the prices of such standard lamps are already increasing. In addition, calibration conditions should ideally be chosen to be as close as possible to the measurement conditions. Furthermore, the number of LED lighting measurements in laboratories and in the field has significantly increased, while the calibration of photometers is still done using incandescentbased standards. Therefore, it is important to investigate the pros and cons of replacement of conventional standard lamps with new solid-state technology. Peter Blattner and Tony Bergen, Division 2 Director and Secretary respectively, explain how CIE has defined the research topic “New Calibration Sources and Illuminants for Photometry, Colorimetry, and Radiometry” to address these concerns.

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost

Industry Leading LUXEON 5050 LED Gets Performance Boost Streetlights and high-bay fixtures require high flux and efficacy to meet the ever-increasing demands for system efficiency and energy cost reduction for these applications. Today, LUXEON 5050 LEDs received an upgrade in both flux and efficacy. Typical performance is now 675 lm with 172 lm/W in ... Read more »


Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability

Cree® XLamp® XM-L3 LEDs – More Output & Reliability The XLamp® XM-L3 LED delivers a massive 55% upgrade in maximum light output over the XM L2 LED, providing a single-die LED point source for precise optical control. The XM-L3 LED shares the same mechanical and optical footprint as the original XM-L® and XM-L2 LEDs, providing a seamless upgrade path ... Read more »


Ledvance Extends Its BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms

Ledvance Extends Its  BIOLUX HCL Range that Supports Circadian Rhythms Ledvance have launched a new range of BIOLUX HCL products which are tailored to the specific demands of healthcare environments. The new products provide biologically optimized day-night lighting which reflects natural circadian rhythms to benefit both patients and medical staff, improving sleep ... Read more »