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Commentary | Feb 15, 2016

Design Beyond Traditional Form Follows Function

Design Beyond Traditional Form Follows Function Today design is omnipresent. But what is design? “Design” was first coined by the American architect, Louis Sullivan, to mean that the style of architecture should reflect its purpose; applicable for buildings and constructions and later on attributable to products and objects. Read more »

LpR Article

3-Pad LED Flip Chip COB

3-Pad LED Flip Chip COB Wafer level packaging and flip chip design are the most recent trends in LED manufacturing and packaging. These LED types are perfectly suited for producing COB modules. This combination already promises better thermal performance than standard SMD package based products. However, there is still room for improvements. Pao Chen, Director of Research and Development at Flip Chip Opto shows how a 3-pad flip chip LED further reduces thermal resistance, allows higher power and can help to reduce costs. Read more »

Commentary | Jan 01, 2016

Can We Have That, Please? What We, As a Manufacturer of Lamps, Are Looking For by Axel Schmid, Ingo Maurer GmbH

Can We Have That, Please? What We, As a Manufacturer of Lamps, Are Looking For  by Axel Schmid,  Ingo Maurer GmbH Many things have happened since the blue and the white LEDs were introduced to the market. It was, and still is, an exciting time for us as a manufacturer of lamps and light objects. Read more »

Technologies | LpR Article

Solving the Phase-Cut Dimming Challenge

(a) Analog controlled LED dimming. (b) Digital controlled LED dimming. (c) DimMasterTM controlled LED dimming The evolution of dimmable LED lighting is an ongoing subject and phase-cut dimming is often dissatisfactory. While some weaknesses may be acceptable in residential applications, they are definitely not acceptable in professional applications. Stage lighting, studio lighting, TV and movie lighting set the highest standards. Craig Sharp and Bill Trzyna, Research & Design Engineers at CCI Power Supplies LLC discuss which developments helped to overcome limiting obstacles and led to a solution that also satisfies stringent requirements. Read more »

Trends | LpR Article

Making Light Work – Light Sources for Modern Lighting Requirements

Flexible OLEDs are a technology lighting manufacturers and lighting designers are hoping will mature Solid state light sources are the core of modern lighting installations. To get in the right mood for the IYL 2015, Dr. James Gourlay, Chief Technology Officer with Design LED Products, looks at the ways to make LED lighting more efficient, satisfy user demands and to bring SSL design to the next evolutionary level. Read more »

Trends | LpR Article

LEDs are Revolutionizing Light – The Past and Future of Lighting

Experts agree that intelligent lighting modules like this Xicato XIM module that offers additional features and which can be integrated in the IoT will soon be an integral part of our technical lives Light is a basic part of life as such and modern living relies on artificial light. Lighting is a constantly developing, even accelerating technology, with LEDs representing the current zenith. On the occasion of the beginning of the IYL 2015, Stephan Wegstein representing VESTEL, a leading contract manufacturer in Turkey, has been asked to explain the challenges this poses and how suitable strategies and technologies can assist in staying on top of developments. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Dec 01, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dr. Jy Bhardwaj, Lumileds, CTO

Dr. Jy Bhardwaj Dr. Jy Bhardwaj, CTO at Lumileds, held a keynote speech at the 5th LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2015) on September 22nd in Bregenz. He talked about “Trends and Challenges for System Integration” and pointed out further steps and phases of how lighting technologies will evolve. Arno Grabher-Meyer and Siegfried Luger talked with Dr. Bhardwaj about his view on embedded lighting, color LED technologies, substrate and light source technologies. Read more »

Quality | LpR Article

Guidance on Specifying Solid State Lighting Luminaires

The CIE x/y color space with the Planckian locus and CCT values Certification marks of renowned test institutes are useful tools for end users to easily estimate the quality of a product. They are also a good marketing tool for manufacturers to generate user trust and confidence in a product or the brand. The authors, Jaap Nuesink and Michael Schoof from DEKRA Certification B.V. explain what is needed and which parameters have to be covered in order to be certified, ending up in a guideline of how to qualify for the DEKRA Solid State Lighting Certification Mark. Read more »

Interview | News-Spot | Nov 26, 2015

Interview with Nick Farraway, Vice President EMEA at Cree

Nick Farraway and Katharina Fink Cree, Inc. provides lighting-class light emitting diode (LED), lighting, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications in the United States, China, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and internationally. Its Lighting Products segment offers LED lighting systems and bulbs for use in settings, such as office and retail space, restaurants and hospitality, schools and universities, manufacturing, healthcare, airports, municipal, residential, street lighting and parking structures, and other applications This segment sells its products to distributors, retailers, and customers. The company’s LED Products segment provides blue and green LED chip products for use in various applications, including video screens, gaming displays, function indicator lights and automotive backlights, headlamps, and directional indicators. It also offers XLamp LED components and LED modules for lighting applications; and surface mount and through-hole packaged LED products for video, signage, general illumination, transportation, gaming, and specialty lighting applications. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Interview | Nov 23, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Andreas Weisl, SSC Europe, Vice-President

Andreas Weisl Seoul Semiconductor has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and invests more than 10% of its annual revenue in LED research and development. On average, Seoul Semiconductor applies for more than 600 patents every year. Currently, the company holds more than 10,000 LED patents, including patents in core LED technologies such as Acrich, Acrich MJT, nPola, TV Direct Backlight Technology, UV, and many more. Seoul Semiconductor’s extensive patent portfolio in LED technology includes epitaxial growth, fabrication, packaging, and system application of LED technology. LED professional talked with Andreas Weisl, Vice-President of Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH about their business, technologies and solutions. Read more »

Commentary | Nov 16, 2015

Lighting Beyond Illumination by Dr. Heinz Seyringer, zumtobel group

Dr. Heinz Seyringer Currently, lighting is at the same point the mobile phones were when the first additional features beyond the actual phone service were introduced. There are many new possibilities arising but nobody knows which of them will be the killer apps of tomorrow. Read more »

Technologies | LpR Article

Street Lighting Evolution through LED Technology

SMI technologies with astronomical response has automatic changeover to lower light levels Standard electronics is usually based on a relatively simple straight-forward technology. Outdoor lighting is more challenging in several aspects, especially robustness. This is also true for the electronics. Sandra Solán, R & D Manager from ELT Electronic Division has studied this technology in depth. To celebrate the IYL 2015 she will explain technical advances, benefits, strengths and technical challenges of current and future street lighting systems for an electronics manufacturer. Read more »

Technologies | LpR Article

A New Approach to the Design of Driverless AC LED Light Engines

Example of a sub 5 W driverless LED light engine Driverless AC LED light engines have now become a commonplace item of commerce in the lighting industry. Nearly all of them use high voltage integrated circuit switching chips to intelligently change the number of LEDs in a string during a power line cycle so that the voltage of the LED string matches the instantaneous power line voltage. However, customers are demanding higher efficiency, lower cost, and especially a reduction in the flicker content of the emitted light. Peter W. Shackle, president of the consulting company, Photalume, describes some new circuits for AC LED light engines [1] that provide a non-dimming solution with reduced cost, increased efficiency and better light quality as perceived by the human eye. Read more »

Research | LpR Article

LED Office Lighting for Improved Well-Being and Performance

Study design The influence of artificial light in industry has been a topic of conversation for a while now but opportunities provided by LED lighting have made this subject even more important. Katrin Möller, Junior Researcher at the Competence Center Light, her research partners, Vincent Grote from the Human Research Institut, and Birthe Tralau from Zumtobel Lighting, investigated the effects of LED and fluorescent lamp lighting on human well-being and performance in an office environment, in a comparative laboratory study. Read more »

Leading Article | LpR Article

2015 Year of (LED) Light

While industry has largely concentrated on developing retrofit LED lamps that integrate into existing infrastructure, new applications are emerging that allow engineers, designers and industry to explore the potential of SSL technologies The advent of artificial lighting has revolutionized society. 2015, in particular, will go a long way in establishing solid-state light-based technologies as a vital area of innovation for the 21st century. Dr. Amrita Prasad from LED professional gives an overview of the technical evolution of (LED) lighting and how this may have triggered UNESCO’s decision to make 2015 the Year of Light. Read more »


Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter

Emergency Lighting Just Got Smarter NEW NOW: OSRAM’s standalone solution for emergency lighting testing, reporting and maintenance. Meet the QBM DALI EL-T CONV, a converter transforming existing DALI emergency luminaires into wireless ones, all controlled by the same lighting system. Its benefits? Allowing you to design all the ... Read more »


Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use

Continuous versus Discrete Calibration Sources: Consideration for Use Rapid advancements in the field of solid-state lighting have presented opportunities for the use of LED-based systems for calibrations typically performed with lamp-based sources. Their highly efficient and long-lived performance, rapid power up, and compact size have made LED-based sources an ... Read more »


LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules: LUXroll (UL Listed)

LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules:  LUXroll (UL Listed) The Indirect Costs of Using Rigid Boards Make Switching to Flexible LED Modules a Compelling Choice. Read more »


New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio

New LUXEON Rubix Cyan LED Enables 96-98 CRI Across CCT Range in Color Driven Solutions for Entertainment, Stage, and Studio Lumileds added cyan, its eighth color, to the LUXEON Rubix high-power LED family enabling multi-color driven systems to produce very high CRI white light that is so important in entertainment lighting. Adding the cyan LED fills a significant wavelength gap between blue and green in a system and ... Read more »


New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022

New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022 Frankfurt am Main, January 10, 2022. As the pandemic situation continues to develop very dynamically, Messe Frankfurt is postponing the world's leading trade fair for light and building technology to autumn 2022. Last December, intensive discussions with customers and cooperation partners had ... Read more »