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Cree’s New CXA2 LED Arrays Enable System Cost Savings of up to 60 Percent

Cree's CXA2 now also incorporates SC5 technology to further boosts performance and reliability to a new level Cree’s new CXA2 LED arrays deliver up to 33% higher efficacy in the same form factors as earlier arrays. This improvement in lumen density enables better performance and radically reduces system size and cost. The new chip-on-board (COB) LEDs allow lighting manufacturers to rapidly deliver more innovative solutions for track, downlight and outdoor lighting. With the new CXA2 LED arrays, lighting manufacturers can achieve the same or better performance with a smaller LES compared to earlier products. Read more »

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ProLight Introduced the High Current LED

ProLight Opto's E series packages are made of an eutectic material with very high thermal conductivity that allows for high power solutions without compromising efficacy and lifetime ProLight, a Taiwan high power LED packaging house, introduced the latest E series products which can be driven to higher drive current. E series adopts ProLight’s patented High Thermal Eutectic Technology. The eutectic material that is commonly used is Au-Sn, the thermal conductivity is around 58 W/mK, but ProLight have developed the high thermal dissipating eutectic material, which have thermal conductivity over 160 W/mK. This unique eutectic can reduce heat resistance and drive LED by higher current to optimize lumens. Read more »

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Samsung’s High-power LED Package Optimized for Outdoor Lighting – LH351B and LH351Z

Samsung's LH351B and LH351Z hig hperformance LEDs are based on Samsumg's PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) flip chip technology Samsung Electronics reinforced its high-power LED line-up with the LH351B and the LH351Z. The LH351B features high efficacy (161 lm/W @ 5000 K, Ra70+, 85°C, 350 mA) with color stability. The advantage of LH351Z is optimal cost performance with 150 lm/W (@ 5000 K, Ra70+, 85°C, 350 mA) light efficacy. These packages are optimized for outdoor lighting applications, such as street lights and security lights that are used for extended periods of time, in which efficiency and reliability are crucial. The compact light source makes it easy to design second optic lens solutions, making it suitable for street lighting with complex designs for distribution of high-density lighting. Read more »

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Change Your Game. Change Your Bottom Line. Reduce Systems Costs up to 40% with CREE® XLAMP® XHP LEDs

Cree's XHP50 & XHP70 Cree XHP LEDs provide twice the lumen output and improved reliability compared to previous LEDs of the same size to reduce system costs up to 40%. Read more »

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Honglitronic 100W CoB Approved IESNA LM-80 Test

Application for Honglitronic's IESNA LM-80 approved 100W CoB are outdoor lighting, such as high bay, street light, flood light Honglitronic recently announced, the 100 W CoB of LT005 had passed the IESNA LM-80 7000 hrs test. The data report shows that, LT005FW (100 W, 3000 K, Ra ≥ 80, 3500 mA), test temperature 100°C, Average. Lumen Maintenance at 7000 hours: 95.76%; Average Chromaticity Shift at 7000 hours(Δu’v’): 0.0032. Reported L70: >39,000hours, Calculated L70: 47,000hours. Honglitronic’s COB LT005 is one of the biggest power led packaging (100 W), which approved the IESNA LM-80 and meet the requirements of energy star in the world. Read more »

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Shenzhen Alite Full PC T8 LED Tube Light

The Alite Full PC T8 led tube light comes with TUV, CE, and ROHS certifications, and 4 Year warranty Shenzhen Alite Co., Ltd recently launched its New Generation Full PC T8 led tube series, Which quality are more stable and high light efficiency. Popularly used for Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Home Lighting etc.. Options include 600mm and 1200mm , which with CCT from 3000K to 6500K. With TUV CE ROHS certifications and 4 Year warranty. Read more »

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Standardized 150 W Outdoor LED Driver

Fuhua Electronic's 150 W outdoor LED driver offers a 3 in 1 dimming function UE’s standardized 150 W series outdoor LED driver covers a wide output range of 22-214 VDC and 0.7-4.17 A, and protest against short circuit, over current, over voltage, over load and over temperature. This series of LED driver is also designed based on waterproof IP67 and MTBF 50,000 hours, with efficiency more than 93% and standby power lower than 0.5 W, which is compliant with ERP2016. Read more »

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Bicom Optics LED Lenses

Bicom Optics manufactures a broad range of different LED optics Over the past year, Bicom Optics made many successful developments that we want to showcase in 2015. We have a lot of new lenses, bulb covers and reflectors this year with different angles, shapes and sizes. Because of this, we meet all of our customer’s requirements. We use UV-stabilized optical PC and optical PMMA for our products which allow for up to 90% light efficiency. Read more »

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NACTUS from KHATOD: Even more… SMART…. Solutions

Khatod's NACTUS series got 8 new family members NACTUS SMART is a square module - 55.88 mm side – made up of 4 optics. Designed for LEDs of latest generation, from 100 lm/W to 300 lm/W. Every model has individual photometry and performs a typical lighting pattern. Offers countless opportunities to customize your lighting fixtures. Use modules of the same type or mix different models in the same structure to create lighting fixtures of desired dimensions and configurations. On request, available IP protected with integrated silicone gasket. Read more »

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Willighting Releases Super Bright Flexible SMD4014 LED Strip with Infineon IC

 White, nature white and warm white could be available Willighting releases a new and super bright flexible SMD4014 strip. With constant current Infineon IC driver, the leds’ brightness will be higher, about 3500 lm/m in white and won’t be changed anything when the input voltage changes a little. What’s more, the LEDs on the strip can’t be seen when the strip is in a state of work which is another special advantage compare to other strips. The PCB could be gold-layered to avoid any oxidation. Read more »

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DALI and 0-10V Dimmable LED Panel

Alite’s panel features product details in special structure, seamless connection and rear panel fixed by aluminum bars makes a more perfect light performance Shenzhen Alite Co., Ltd recently launched its new generation LED light panel series, Which are more stable, unique design and a more wider range of applications. Such as commercial lighting, residential lighting, hospitality lighting and industrial lighting, etc.. Multiple choice of size and power, 300*300 mm in 20 W, 600*600 mm, 620*620 mm and 1200*300 mm in 45 W, 1200*600 mm in 70 W, which with CCT from 3000 K to 6500 K and recessed mounted, surface mounted or suspended. All the panels are with 5 year warranty. Read more »

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Samsung’s 1W-Level High-Luminance Mid-Power LED Package, LM302A

Samsung Electronics introduced the LM302A, a new 1 W high-luminance, mid-power LED package The LM302A offers light efficacy of 124 lm/W at 3000 K CCT and of 133 lm/W at 5000 K CCT featuring a compact form factor of 3.0 x 3.0 mm with EMC packaging. With the higher light efficacy compared to conventional packages, the LM302A is taking the place of 1W-level of high power LED packages. Samsung provides a full line-up of LM302A from 2700 K to 6500 K CCT with a CRI over 80 for indoor and special lighting applications such as bulbs, downlights and shop. Read more »

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Cree® SC5 Technology™ Platform Doubles Light Output to Radically Lower System Cost

Cree's SC5 technology features significant advancements in epitaxial structure, chip architecture and an advanced light conversion system optimized for best thermal and optical performance Cree’s new groundbreaking SC5 Technology™ Platform powers the next generation of lighting with the introduction of Extreme High Power LEDs that reduce system costs by up to 40% in most lighting applications. The SC5 Technology Platform achieves unparalleled lumen density and longer lifetime at higher operating temperatures than previous LED technology, which can significantly reduce thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level. Read more »

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Lifud Commercial Emergency LED Driver LF-GSPxxxYB Series

Lifud's LF-GSPxxxYB series with itswide input voltage range is designed for commercial emergency LED lighting Shenzhen Ledfriend Optoelectronics Co., Ltd recently launched its commercial emergency LED drivers LF-GSPxxxYB series which integrates the LED driver together with the battery control part. Ledfriend emergency LED driver responses more quickly and has higher efficiency. And the emergency current can is adjustable from 1~100% by Ledfriend engineers. Also the installation is much simpler and this helps customers to save a lot of labor cost. Read more »

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Bicom LED Lenses

Bicom Optics provides various types of optics for virtually any LED application Time is flying. Bicom Optics has achieved fruitful results in past days. We have developed lots of new lenses, bulb covers and reflectors this year. With the different angles, shapes and sizes, our products can meet customers’ requirements in all fields. There will be used UV-stabilized optical PC and optical PMMA material. These will cause the light efficiency up to 90%. Read more »

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Stanley Electric Release 1 Watt Ice Blue LED

The extreme color temperature of Stanley's "Ice Blue" LED gives clear objects, such as glass, diamonds or water a special appearance Stanley Electric Co.,Ltd, a leading LED manufacturing professional from Japan, has released the new color of Ice Blue in 1 watt type LED. Stanley Ice blue color (from our GSPW1651N series) is ideal for lighting up clear objects, such as glass, diamonds, water, and etc. Because it has a high color temperature of 22100K which enhances the appearance of the objects from the emitting color. This emitting color would be suitable for shop displays or aquariums to appeal to the customers’ eyes. Read more »

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ProLight Introduces 6 W Venti 3535 Single Chip Package (Driven up to 1.5A)

Prolight's new Venti 3535 LED can be driven with up to 1.5A providing excellent efficacy and lumen output Taiwan high power LED packaging house, ProLight Opto, have introduced Venti 3535 single chip package which can be driven up to 1.5A. Different to other LED packaging house’s preference to the flip chip technology, ProLight have developed its own high thermal dissipating eutectic technology, which allow standard LED chip to be able to drive to 1.5A and obtain highest lumen output. Read more »

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STOCK & SHOP Lenses from Khatod: Nice to Meet You! I Am The Perfect Match for Mid-Power LEDs

Khatod introduces STOCK & SHOP Lenses for any Lighting System using mid-power LEDs 30-Optic Arrays designed for Mid-Power LEDs. Available in different beam angles, among which the double-asymmetrical beam is perfect for lighting double-shelf-aisle areas: performs uniform double-sided beam while avoiding the glare effect in the middle of the aisle. Ideal for Industrial, Commercial and Office spaces that increasingly require solutions able to guarantee high efficiency, energy saving, total respect for the environment and safety rules. Read more »

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New Generation of High-Power LEDs to Achieve Lowest System Cost

Cree's new generation of XLamp® MH-B high-power LEDs are designed to achieve better performance and lowest system cost The XLamp® MH-B LED is a new generation of high-power LEDs delivering more effective ways to achieve low-cost systems than mid-power (MP) LEDs. The MH-B LED is able to operate at higher temperatures than MP LEDs, with no reduction in rated lifetime, enabling an impressive 60% reduction in heat-sink size and cost. The MH-B uses 26x fewer LEDs than MP LEDs to achieve the same performance, and is optimized to simplify LED system application designs for directional and semi-directional applications. Read more »

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ProLight Launched 3030 HV LED

Prolight Opto's latest high voltage (HV) LEDs in 3030 and 3535 packages Opto, have been devoted its R&D on developing the best AC-HV LED technology. We will showcase our high voltage (HV) LED in 3030 and 3535 package size at the 2014 HK International Lighting Fair. Read more »

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Retail Spaces Take on New, Inviting Look with Revolutionary Philips Lumileds CrispWhite Technology

CrispWhite Technology brings a completely new look to retail settings, with its unique ability to highlight bright whites while also revealing the richest colors found in clothing, paints and other goods Philips Lumileds recently launched its proprietary CrispWhite Technology, yet another quality of light breakthrough in its portfolio, making whites appear vivid and bright while colors appear saturated. LUXEON CoB arrays with CrispWhite Technology are game-changing for retail downlights and spotlights, resulting in more inviting and attractive displays. Read more »

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Cree® XLamp® XP-L LED Is the Industry’s Brightest and Most Efficient Single-Die LED

Cree's XLamp® XP-L in a 3.45 x 3.45 mm package can deliver up to 1226 lm. Driven at 350 mA it achieves 200 lumens per watt Cree XLamp® XP-L LEDs are the first commercially available single-die LED to achieve breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 LPW at 350 mA. Delivering up to 1226 lumens in a 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm package, the XP-L LED enables an immediate performance increase of 50 percent or more as a drop-in upgrade for XP-G based lighting designs. As the brightest member of the industry’s only family of high-density class discrete LEDs, the XP-L LED redefines performance, cost and size of LED lighting. Read more »

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Light Cloud Series by NITEKO: The New Frontier on Smart Lighting Management

From Niteko and Acotel cooperation born the Light Cloud Fixture series, the new frontier in remote lighting control Thanks to Light Cloud series is possible to manage by remote every Niteko illumination point with several functional advantages as turning ON/OFF management and lighting level control, allowing to reduce consumption when it is possible to reduce the luminous flux ( sunrise and sunset, good weather conditions, low presence of car / pedestrians, etc.). Read more »

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New and Improved LUXEON M

Philips-Lumileds' latest Luxeon M is said to be the brightes, most uniform and highest efficacy multi-die emitter Luxeon M with ground breaking flux, efficacy and flexibility - more than 1400 lumens at >120lm/W - enabling cost effective systems by reducing emitter count, driver, optics, and assembly costs. Coupled with exceptional optical uniformity and flux density, three voltage options (11.2V, 5.6 V and 2.8V) put high performance within reach with “off the shelf” drivers, further improving system efficiency and cost. Read more »


Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market

Nationstar Overall Layout in UV LED Market In August 2018, Nationstar set up the Non-visual Light Source Business Division, focusing on IR LED, UV LED, animal and plant lighting. Nationstar has been fully laid out on UVA/UVB/UVC. Since 2016, Nationstar has launched near-ultraviolet LED, deep-ultraviolet LED and modules, with wide wavelength ... Read more »


High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll ... Read more »