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Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 17, 2013

illumia®plus - Labsphere Improves illumia® Light Measurement Systems

Labsphere's illumia®plus measurement system extends functionality and adds flexibility to the well-introduced illumia® technology Labsphere's newly designed systems build upon Labsphere’s industry-leading illumia® technology with enhanced design for system modularity and innovative software capabilities. Lighting manufacturers can choose the functionality needed now, and take advantage of the flexibility to add on modules as business requirements and global standards change. Systems ship with Labsphere’s mobile Integral™ LM light measurement software, allowing users to access their systems from anywhere and in any language with robust data acquisition and reporting capabilities. Also available is the API (application programming interface) capability so users can use the illumia®plus with existing software programs such as LabVIEW. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 16, 2013

Acal BFi Presents the New LightSpion - Measuring Light with Ease

The LightSpionTM even makes it easy to support new EU regulations by calculating measurements according to the required regulations via a simple click The portable Viso LightSpionTM light measurement system, exclusive available at Acal BFi, enables you to fully measure any light source within a few seconds. Simply measure lumen, beam angle, CRI, colour temperature and lumen per watt with no expert knowledge required. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 03, 2013

EJ Thermal's New High Power LED Reliability Test Systems Solution Offers Higher Precision Temperature Control and Flexibility

EJ Thermal's new LM-80 qualified LED reliability test systems offer improved testing performance, flexibility, and temperature accuracy EJ Thermal Technologies Inc., a company following in the footsteps of the former EJ Systems Inc., a major supplier of high performance reliability test systems, has introduced a line of three new LM-80 qualified LED reliability test systems. The HyrdoTower, the Hydropac II and Hydropac IV systems are designed for use by LED manufacturing and packaging companies and are geared to to improve testing performance, flexibility, and temperature accuracy. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2013

Pro-Lite Announce New Update to Konica Minolta CL-500A

With this firmware update, Konica Minolta's CL-500A can now display MacAdam SDCM levels Pro-Lite Technology are now offering a firmware update for the Konica Minolta CL-500A, a compact and portable Illuminance Spectrophotometer that’s capable of measuring next generation light sources such as LEDs and EL illuminations with spectral precision. The latest update allows the CL-500A to measure both photopic and scotopic lux levels and also allows the colour difference between LEDs to be plotted as MacAdam Ellipses in a CIE colour space diagram. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 10, 2013

Lambda Research Corporation Introduces opsira robogonio to the US LED Lighting Community

Lambda Research now provides opsira's robogonio, which allows a complete source characterization for optical and illumination design, to the US LED lighting community Lambda Research Corporation, the leading designer and manufacturer of illumination and optical design software, announces the introduction of the robogonio from opsira, the first multi-functional goniometer that incorporates 6-axis measurement of angular-dependent photo- and radiometric parameters to combine the advantages of different conventional goniometer types into one device. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 13, 2013

GL Optic Announces World’s First Smart Spectrometer for Reliable Measurement of LED Luminous Flux

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch is the ultimate handheld tool for measuring and analyzing light parameters The Android-based GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch spectrometer from GL Optic is an innovative spectral instrument featuring intuitive operation for mobile light measurement in the visible spectrum. In addition to the many performance features of previous models, the GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch also measures luminous flux (lumen) from LEDs and other light sources. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 22, 2013

Radiant Zemax Launches World's Fastest, Most Accurate High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter

Radiant Zemax's new highly accurate ProMetric I colorimeters are available with 8 and 16 megapixel sensors Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of light and color test and measurement systems and optical and illumination design software, has today introduced ProMetric® I, the latest in the companys industry-leading line of imaging colorimeters. ProMetric I is engineered to meet the strict testing requirements of high-volume production lines for flat panel displays (FPDs), illuminated keyboards, and LED lighting products. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 07, 2013

On-Site Integrating Sphere Calibrations Is a New Service from Labsphere

Labspheres new service assures spectral radiance accuracy, and finally saves time and money Labsphere can now perform on-site calibration services directly at customer facilities for all brands of integrating sphere Uniform Source Systems. The cost-effective service includes a professional assessment of the overall system condition, re-lamping the sphere with before and after measurements, optional power supply calibration and Labsphere’s certified calibration with National Institute of Standards and Technology-traceable measurements. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 02, 2013

Radiant Zemax Announces the Release of its Near-Field Measurement and Imaging Colorimeter Systems

Radiant Zemax's Near-Field Measurement System (NFMS) and its next-generation ProMetric® G family are a great leap foreward in LED measurement technology Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of light and color test and measurement systems and optical and illumination design software, today announced the release of its Near-Field Measurement System (NFMS) with its next-generation ProMetric® G family of imaging colorimeters. The NFMS system provides a cost effective and space efficient method to perform highly accurate near-field measurements on LED and other large light sources and luminaires. With this latest announcement, the ProMetric G imaging colorimeter combines with the NFMS system, enabling more flexibility, higher accuracy and higher resolution measurements. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 19, 2013

Kulicke & Soffa Launches New LED Package Singulation Blades - OptoTMceramic & OptoTMPCB

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. announced the launch of its new OptoTMceramic and OptoTMPCB Package Singulation Blades for the LED market which significantly improve LED package singulation quality, precision and productivity, by providing improved stability and longer blade life. Highlighted features of the new OptoTM blades include: attractive cost of ownership through consistently longer blade life, 100% pre-dressed to shorten on-site dressing steps, and an optional kerf control feature to meet special application requirements. Significant UPH improvement has been observed in some applications by enabling higher feed speeds. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 14, 2013

AMEC Enters Solid-State Lighting Market with MOCVD Platform for HB-LEDs Production

AMEC enters the SSL business with the Prismo D-Blue MOCVD tool At SEMICON China next week, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. (AMEC) will make its Solid-State Lighting (SSL) market debut with a new multi-reactor Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) cluster tool. The Prismo D-Blue™ MOCVD platform enables high-volume manufacturing of sophisticated GaN, InGaN and AlGaN ultrathin layered structures required for high-brightness LEDs. With precise parameter control, full automation and an unusually compact design, it's a new-generation MOCVD tool built for today's LED manufacturing must-haves: high productivity, high yields and lowest possible cost-of-ownership. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 07, 2013

Pro-Lite's New Innovative Lux-Meter Measures Both Scotopic and Photopic Light Levels

Pro-Lite Technology's new portable luxmeter offers both metering of photopic and scotopic illuminance Pro-Lite Technology Ltd, one of the UK’s most recognised light measurement equipment suppliers, has announced the release of the portable SL-3101 photometer which measures both photopic and scotopic illuminance and also automatically computes the S:P ratio of the light source under test. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 07, 2013

New Benchtop Multi-Point Analyser Offers Faster, Easier Inspection of LEDs

Micro-Epsilon's new benchtop multi-point measurement systems are intended to enable faster, easier inspection of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a series of benchtop multi-point measurement systems that enable faster, easier inspection of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The colorCONTROL MFA series starts with a basic version that offers five measuring channels. The colorCONTROL MFA-5 is extremely compact and can verify the colour, intensity and colour temperature (in Kelvin) of up to five LEDs simultaneously. The measuring system is modular and so can be extended by adding extra MFA-E modules in batches of five channels, up to a maximum of 20 modules (i.e. 100 channels). Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 04, 2013

Sharp „LED Evaluation Kit” - Evaluation of Mega Zenigata LEDs

With its “LED Evaluation Kit”, Sharp has developed a new powerful marketing tool for the Mega ZENIGATA which allows customers to easily test the Sharp LEDs for later use in the desired application. The evaluation kits are available for all power output classes of Mega ZENIGATA LEDs (15 W, 25 W, 35 W, 50 W). The “LED Evaluation Kit” includes not only the desired Mega LED ZENIGATA but also all the necessary accessory components, such as mechanically prefabricated heat sinks, thermal paste, and the appropriate power supply, so that the customer can quickly test the LED in its desired application. As technical assistance, each kit comes with a short instruction manual for installation. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 25, 2013

Osram Presents Brilliant Mix Universal Controller for Fast Evaluation, Development and Demonstration

Osram's Universal Controller enables the user to implement Brilliant Mix applications quickly and easily without needing any special control know-how The Brilliant Mix LED color mixing concept from Osram Opto Semiconductors is now even easier to control thanks to the new Brilliant Mix Universal controller from Elec-Con technology. The controller is available in a standard version – with or without a sensor – and in a customized version. It can be adapted to current building systems standards, such as DALI, KNX and EIB. The controller concept has been developed as part of the LED Light for you network. Read more »


NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München

NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München LED manufacturer NICHIA, a specialist in highly efficient lighting, Human Centric Lighting and the imitation of natural light, will participate in the Munich Lichtwoche 2021 from 5 to 12 November with a light installation, two presentations and a discussion on the topic of UV-C. The light ... Read more »


deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light – Good Life in Wintertime, November 3, 2021

deLIGHTed Talks: Good Light – Good Life in Wintertime,  November 3, 2021 The Good Light Group, together with the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), the Daylight Academy (DLA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and Luger Research (LR), are organizing and presenting the “Good Light – Good Life” lectures. The webinar ... Read more »