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Bicom Optics LED Lenses

Bicom Optics manufactures a broad range of different LED optics Over the past year, Bicom Optics made many successful developments that we want to showcase in 2015. We have a lot of new lenses, bulb covers and reflectors this year with different angles, shapes and sizes. Because of this, we meet all of our customer’s requirements. We use UV-stabilized optical PC and optical PMMA for our products which allow for up to 90% light efficiency. Read more »

Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 03, 2014

NACTUS from KHATOD: Even more… SMART…. Solutions

Khatod's NACTUS series got 8 new family members NACTUS SMART is a square module - 55.88 mm side – made up of 4 optics. Designed for LEDs of latest generation, from 100 lm/W to 300 lm/W. Every model has individual photometry and performs a typical lighting pattern. Offers countless opportunities to customize your lighting fixtures. Use modules of the same type or mix different models in the same structure to create lighting fixtures of desired dimensions and configurations. On request, available IP protected with integrated silicone gasket. Read more »

Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 10, 2014

Bicom LED Lenses

Bicom Optics provides various types of optics for virtually any LED application Time is flying. Bicom Optics has achieved fruitful results in past days. We have developed lots of new lenses, bulb covers and reflectors this year. With the different angles, shapes and sizes, our products can meet customers’ requirements in all fields. There will be used UV-stabilized optical PC and optical PMMA material. These will cause the light efficiency up to 90%. Read more »

Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 15, 2014

STOCK & SHOP Lenses from Khatod: Nice to Meet You! I Am The Perfect Match for Mid-Power LEDs

Khatod introduces STOCK & SHOP Lenses for any Lighting System using mid-power LEDs 30-Optic Arrays designed for Mid-Power LEDs. Available in different beam angles, among which the double-asymmetrical beam is perfect for lighting double-shelf-aisle areas: performs uniform double-sided beam while avoiding the glare effect in the middle of the aisle. Ideal for Industrial, Commercial and Office spaces that increasingly require solutions able to guarantee high efficiency, energy saving, total respect for the environment and safety rules. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 30, 2014

Product Lauch at LpS 2014 - LUXeXceL’s 3D Printing Process for Optics Achieves the Next Level

At LpS 2014, LUXeXceL demonstartes for the first time on a fair the capability of manufacturing printet optics of up to 20 mm height LUXeXceL Group, worlds only additive manufacturer of optical components, today announces both the launch of a new additive manufacturing platform that delivers high speed and precision as well as the introduction of a new clear material “LUX-Opticlear”, allowing high quality optics manufacturing up to 20 mm in height. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 30, 2014

Auer Lighting Product Launch at LpS 2014 - Light Guides Made from Suprax® 8488 Borosilicate Glass

Auer Lighting's borosilicate glass light guides - here some off-the-shelf examples - can easily withstand the high temperatures caused by high power LEDs that can irreversibly damage PMMA products Beyond our already well known capabilities, Auer Lighting is proud to introduce the injection molding technology for advanced glass optics. This ground breaking technology enables Auer Lighting to produce light guides made from glass with added design features. Glass light guides are used in applications with high-power LEDs, e.g. automotive and stage lighting. They help to achieve the desired light distribution and color mixing. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 22, 2014

LEDiL Introduces New Products

Just one example of LEDiL's new products - the Florence-1R-Maxi-WG which is available in different versions LEDiL announced the release of two new optic types; one for street lighting and another for interior architectural lighting; furthermore a modular linear multiholder for Tina and Tina2 lenses. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 04, 2014

LUXeXceL’s Printed Optics Are Now also Available for Outdoor Applications

From applications in the solar market to the outdoor lighting market, all becomes possible with the new outdoor finishing for the 3D printed optics from Luxexcel LUXeXceL, world’s only 3D printing service for optical components, today announces the introduction of outdoor coating as a finishing for their LUX Standard material. With this outdoor finishing Luxexcel makes it possible to use the printed optical parts in the outdoor environment. The coating protects against the influence of sunlight (UV) and rapid temperature changes (thermal shocks -15°C and +60°C). The protection is guaranteed for at least 3 years. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 26, 2014

LEDiL Introduces Winnie for Compact MR16 Designs

Winnie, LEDiLs latest optics, is especially designed for high quality MR16 applications The new Winnie family from LEDiL features unique folded TIR design which substantially reduces height compared to traditional collimating optical designs. Winnie features convenient MR16 size for a range of luminaire or retrofit designs and can be used with heat sinks pre-drilled for Zhaga compatible light engines. Highly efficient design, typical efficiency close to 90%. The spot version has a beam angle of around 20 degrees, subject to the LES size. Medium and wide flood beams to follow soon. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 02, 2014

SIO3 Silicone Lenses - A Major Breakthrough in the World of Solid State Lighting Comes from Khatod

Kathod's new range of silicone lenses for COB LEDs offers several advantages like reduced yellowing effect, ultraviolet (UV) stability, and can resist temperature peaks of up to 200°C The World's first range of silicone lenses for CoB LEDs. Free form lenses, optimized for most popular HB and COB LEDs. Boast cutting-edge engineering and customized cold-injection molding for silicone processing for optical use. Preserve and enhance the typical characteristics of silicone. Fit for Street and Area Lighting applications, Indoor and Outdoor; comply with IESNA and ME3a standards. Beam Angles: 1 roto-symmetrical, 3 asymmetrical, 1 axially symmetrical in x, y (rectangular spot). Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 22, 2014

Forge Europa Offers Its Clients to Expert-Customize LED Optics as Part of the A-LED Service

With this new service to customising LED optics, Forge Europe helps to achieve optimal lighting performance Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique LED optic as part of the development and volume manufacture of your complete LED lighting solution, with Forge Europa.Forge Europa can generate a target light distribution specification, provide optic simulation and deliver production quality optic prototypes to validate a design before committing to tooling. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | May 19, 2014

Khatod Kristall Lenses: Ultra Clear – Excellent Performance – Immediate Mounting on the PCB

Khatod introduces Kristall Lenses for COB LEDs with excellent luminous flux and high uniformity in light distribution TIR Lenses – 78, 90 to 110 mm extra large diameter. Made of Optical Grade PC, boast high purity and perfect transparency. Able to envelop the COB LEDs, guide virtually all of the radiated light toward the target. Extensive range of beams: Narrow, Medium and Wide angles. Excellent luminous performance and uniformity in light distribution. The exclusive twist & lock system with customized adaptors from Khatod allows easy mounting onto the COB LEDs. Any application in Area Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 23, 2014

Non-Linear Curved and Flexible Light Guides from GLT for more Complex Designs

GLT's non-linear curved light extraction technologies enable the design of more complex flexible light guides Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), the world leader in edge-lit, LED-based light guides, has increased their capabilities to include non-linear curved light extraction technologies, enabling the design of more complex light guides. Read more »

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Just one out of the big number of Bicom's recently released new lenses In the Chinese year of the horse, Bicom Optics will continue to make breakthroughs in the area of LED lenses. Recently, Bicom Optics launched a number of new lenses with different shapes and sizes that match many different LEDs and use UV stabilized optical grad PC. They have an efficiency of up to 90%. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 31, 2014

Carclo Introduces Exclusive New Mid Power Array Freeform Optics To Replace LPS Lamps

Carclo's new mid power array optics supports the common 5630 and similar packages to allow the production of cost effective LPS lamp replacement products With Carclo Optics’ expertise in designing and manufacturing technically difficult optical solutions, they have now created an exclusive Mid Power Array. This is a large compact 84 freeform array built specifically for the common 5630 and similar packages that produces an asymmetric beam pattern for the use of an LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) replacement system. Read more »


Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution

Edison Opto UVA + White & UVC Series Customize Design Solution Edison Opto offers customized UVA + White and UVC solutions for continuous disinfection to reduce bacteria and airborne viruses. In the wake of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the people’s need for anti-epidemic, sterilization, and anti-virus products has escalated, ranging from portable ... Read more »


J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter

J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter J Series 2835 3V G Class LEDs combine high efficacy and superior value in an industry-standard package. Optimized for both horticulture and general illumination applications where color quality is critical, these LEDs are valued for their high efficacy and uniform appearance in applications such as ... Read more »


LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED

LUXEON 5050 HE Delivers Higher Efficacy in a High-power LED Lumileds, innovator of the original 5050 LED, has expanded its range of options to meet manufacturers’ needs for differentiated solutions addressing cost, efficacy, and power. The new LUXEON 5050 HE LED directly addresses the increasing demand for solar and off-grid solutions, renewable power ... Read more »


NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München

NICHIA LED Technology Presented at LICHTWOCHE München LED manufacturer NICHIA, a specialist in highly efficient lighting, Human Centric Lighting and the imitation of natural light, will participate in the Munich Lichtwoche 2021 from 5 to 12 November with a light installation, two presentations and a discussion on the topic of UV-C. The light ... Read more »